Powerful Confidence Through Personal Support : Women Need Women!

Have you ever heard the expression, “No man is an island”? I think most people have. No woman is an island either, nor should she ever be! Granted there are times when we really need to step aside and take some independent personal time away from everything and everyone. We need that mind space to figure out life sometimes. Even Jesus went off on His own to seek, pray, and meditate. I believe that sometimes He just plain needed rest! Hey, don’t we all!

Women grouped together are like a bouquet of wild flowers!
Women grouped together are like a bouquet of wild flowers!

Yet, there is something so ingrained in women that causes us to take great pleasure in congregating! Since the beginning of time, the men went out to hunt to bring back the provision and the women stayed behind tending to the home, the family, and to each other. I’m sure that they all stuck together in order to protect those home fires, and each other, while the men were away. Otherwise the animals might ravage the homestead! I truly believe that women were designed to be in groups and when we don’t congregate we are not as powerful as we are when we do! No doubt about it, women need women.

Can you see the scenario in the village as the men go off to kill their prey? The women put the children to bed then hover over the fire to talk about how they can better secure their families. I am sure during the course of the night the subject of their men came up from time to time. Alright, maybe more than from time to time!

Aren’t we like that though? Don’t we sharpen one another when we stick together, gather together, and work out life together? It is also very true that women can be our worst adversaries as well. Why do we do this when working together makes us much more powerful? This is the deal; there are many more women in the world then men. Women instinctively try to eliminate the competition! Our ingrained fear of being lost in the crowd,  over looked for relationships, or left behind, cause us to work against each other. Just consider how we feel when our men look at another woman in the store! We get ANGRY! Then we take it out on our man, on the woman he looked at, and on other women! This is not the only thing we compete about, but you get my drift! Before you become ashamed of our gender, consider that this is really not our fault. We tend to be protective and territorial about the things we love. God made us this way in order to preserve the family unit and the human race. If we did not care about our loved ones, families, and relationships, then the fiber of our families would break down. We are the glue that holds these things together!

So, what is our answer here? It is very simple. We need to acknowledge that we have this personal possession rivalry, set it aside, and decide that we are more powerful when we work together then when we shove each other aside. Becoming angry over things that we can not help will never get us anywhere. We are more powerful when we are personally supported by one another. Do you agree with me here? I hope so, because I am on a tangent with this. We have to get over ourselves so we can get under our barriers and lift ourselves and each other up!

If you are a woman who really wants to find lasting success, then you have to be one who is an ambassador to women! This is the only way to have the lasting powerful success as well as confidence we are all looking for! Women are great at lifting each other up when we decide we want to be. Consider this; when we help everyone be confident and successful then we all will have that power among us. Our men are wonderful, but they don’t understand us the way we understand each other! We are lifelines to one another!

Are you ready to be an ambassador to other women and what can you personally do in order to sharpen iron with another? We can all achieve powerful confidence through personal support of one another! How do we think that diet and fitness programs work so well? Its the buddy system of personal confidence and success!

Tell me; what ways are you willing to lift up other women as well as yourself? Inquiring minds really want know!

Your ambassador in confidence!

Jenine Marie 

Published by Dr.JenineMarie

Course Creator, Reiki Master Healer/Instructor, Metaphysical Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Author, and owner of Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC DBA Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

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