Patching the Holes in Our Holiness

index5It truly seems like our society has forgotten what it is like to be sacred. Our work has become mundane and sometimes appears to be purposeless. We are continually pressed for time and the illusion is that time is running out somehow. Honestly, we have the same exact 24 hours in a day we always had but for some reason we feel pressured to complete our tasks in a lot less time then we used to. Maybe it is the advances in technology. Everything is micro rushed and even our driving is in a hurry.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this busyness we are draining ourselves more than we truly need to. When things are slowed down we tend to remember that they are sacred and appreciate the things and people around us. Its time to breathe ladies! It is time to remember that we are sacred in God’s eyes and the things we do are sacred as well. God’s word tells us to “be holy” because He is a holy God. If God sees our tasks as holy and sacred then we truly should as well. We are powerful when we know that we are holy in spite of our shortcomings simply because of the spark of God inside of us.

Our divine energy is absolutely drained out of us like leaky holes in a colander in our rushing to complete our duties “on time”. Think about this. When was the last time you stopped and took a real good look in appreciation of the things around you? You can not see or experience things you ignore. Do you really want to wake up one day and realize that so much of life has passed you by without truly appreciating that which you put your hands to the plow to create?

If every natural thing in the universe has been created by a holy God then it is all holy. We don’t have to go far to encounter this holiness because it is all around us and also in us all. When we see things as holy our respect will grow for those things as well. It is true that our world has a lot of horrible things going on in it right now. Our societies have forgotten what it is to be holy and respect that which God has made. There are so many evil holes that drain the life out of what has been graciously given.

I challenge you today to take some time for holiness, remembering that holy for us does not mean perfect, it means we belong to God. I also challenge you today to be powerful and slow down the process so you can enjoy the holiness that God created in this world and in one another. Create some powerful acts of kindness today and plug the leaks that drain your God given holiness from you. Your life will be enhanced and your spirit will rise to the occasion!

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry

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