You Were Made for This Time, So Go On and Soar!

photo 3 (4)One afternoon I had walked into a bookstore on a quest to find a book by a specific author. I bumped into someone I knew and had not seen for quite some time. I asked her, “How are you doing”? Her reply was, “Oh I am just fine, just looking around for some inspiration to read until God tells me when to work out my destiny”. At the time, I really was confused as to how to address her with this. The question came to mind, “Why wait”? I pretty much knew this type of situation before. ( I had gone through this myself). I could only assume at the moment that her destiny confused her. I can understand that feeling; been there, done that. I remember not wanting to feel bossy or like I was telling her what to do. I wanted to shout from the roof tops to stop waiting and just go ahead and do what she was created to do!

Aside from the obvious to love one another, love ourselves, and love God, there are specifics that we all have the pleasure to accomplish in this life. It is not hard to find out what those things are. We recognize them because we are absolutely “in love with them”! I remember the very first time I preached a message after I was ordained many years ago. I was so afraid inside and out. I wondered if I had anything that would make any sense, or if I was going to completely flop doing it. I did it anyway because there had been a love planted inside of me to do just that. God knows I had good education! Not only that I was accumulating life experience to add to the messages. My passion for preaching a message that was given to me was so strong that I could not help but press past any anxious nerves I had. I loved it so much!

Let me just interject to you right here and now. You have been created for a time such as this. God planted things inside of you that you love so much! Once you are honest with yourself about what those things are, there is no stopping you, and no reason to wait at all. In this world, we can think of a million things we could be doing, but the very special ones that we are passionate about will not be able to help but bring passion to others. Our glow in it will outshine any fear at all.

I’ve said this to encourage you today. If you are passionate about creating and completing a household that is welcoming and vibrant to others then do that! If you love the thought of opening a new business and always dreamed of doing it, then do it! If you were called to teach and enlighten others, then please give us the benefit of your ideas! I think you get my drift here. When it is something you are so in love with and the thought of it makes you smile from the inside out, then it is something you should be doing right now. This is YOUR time! You have God breathed life inside of you. You have gifts that only you possess and can give of in this world. We all need you, and we need you working your passion.

Don’t you see? Stepping out in what you love elevates us all. When you shine your light, you bring us all light as well. When you glow in your purpose, we all glow a little brighter because of you. Bringing more joy and life into this world is never a mistake, ever.

Rise to the occasion my eagle! You were made to soar. Block out all the resistance and negative thinking about your ability to accomplish your goals. If you love it, and God has given it to you, then you will not fail. You will make mistakes, but you will not fail.

Do you want to solidify your destiny and dream? Tell someone what it is! Speak it out as much as you can and with all the enthusiasm you can muster! Just be wise in the telling. Tell someone who you know will embrace you and who you can trust with your vision. To be blunt, don’t tell negative Nellie down the street when you know she won’t be supportive. Even more intimate, tell yourself daily. I know this sounds strange but procrastination seeps in like a boil and it will stop you if you let it. Speak to it and tell your dream it will come true. Then take one more step after another. I’ve given you the first one, now soar! If you want, you can tell me! Whatever you do, just own it my dear. The more you own it the more you will make it yours. Make sense? I hope so! I want to see you soar!

So, today, close your eyes and imagine that special “thing”. Take it to the next level. What would you do right after you tell someone what it is? One more step darlin’, that is ALL it takes! Just keep repeating that “one more step”. You’ve got this and God has granted it to you, so go girl, go!

Motivationally yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

(Yep, I love being a shepherd out in the pasture of life. That is MY passion! Do me, and yourself proud gals. You won’t regret it, ever)


Published by Dr.JenineMarie

Course Creator, Reiki Master Healer/Instructor, Metaphysical Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Author, and owner of Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC DBA Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

7 thoughts on “You Were Made for This Time, So Go On and Soar!

  1. I love this blog post more than I can put into a comment, Jenine. I feel like you’re writing directly to me. Every word of it.

    And every word spoke to my heart. ❤

    I'm encouraged by it all, and especially these three sentences: "Stepping out in what you love elevates us all. When you shine your light, you bring us all light as well. When you glow in your purpose, we all glow a little brighter because of you."

    You make me think I can really do this thing! Here's to soaring …

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  2. You can Kim, you really really can! There are always hurdles. We know this! Boy do we know. But nothing worth while is ever easy. Sometimes I wish it was. Guess I was really feeling my oats today and the motivational me came pouring on out!


  3. This word freed me in ways I don’t fully understand, for as long as I can remember I have struggled with the fear that if I do what I truly love, it would turn into an idol, or worse not advance the kingdom of God. Anyway, thank you for sharing! I will think about what you have written.


    1. I understand what you are saying. Maybe think of this: if you glorify God in it then He is still supreme regardless. We all have things we do in this life. We create business, we farm, we mind households, we write books, etc. I crochet when I am stressed and I love it! I even sold things I made at one point. But, I also learned to glorify God in it, place Him above it, and if that is done then it can’t help but advance the Kingdom. Our witness is not just in what we do, but how we do it. We can also be bound by things that God never wanted us to be a part of. For instance; at one time I yielded at the insistence that I should sing in the church choir! I don’t have that great of a singing voice but everyone kept telling me to “make a joyful noise”! LOL. Well, I did, and it sure did not seem like it glorified God all that much! Not only that, I am a preacher/teaching minister. Singing in the church choir is a noble thing to do, but God did not intend for me to do it. I did not really like it even though I love singing to God. The insistance that I do had me bound. Honestly I think they had no room for another preacher and were just trying to find ways to keep me from leaving! I understand the heart it was done in. But a person can be bound by doing very noble things or we can glorify God doing things that are in this world that our world needs just as much. If it binds it can’t be a freeing God. If it sets free and it is done “in” God it is glorifying. I hope this helps. I could not think of any other way to explain it! Blessings!

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      1. No, it makes sense. I think it’s a religious attitude that is ingrained in me, being raised in the church as been a life changing but somehow gets twisted. I guess that’s the human part of it as well. Thanks for responding!


        1. I get it. I had some of those issues a long time ago as well and sometimes I still struggle with what is right for me. Part of that struggle caused me to move off to my own just to get perspective. I figured it was better than be miserable and not completely understand why!


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