Is Caffeine Making You Feel Sick?

Avoid-Caffeinated-BeveragesThere are times when I often thought there can be nothing better than the first cup of coffee in the morning. There is a sense of “ahhhh” that some how takes place with it. I always looked forward to that morning moment with God and a good cup of coffee with stevia and some low fat creamer. I think it has been an addiction of mine since I was 15 years old. The strange thing is, I never really completely liked the taste of coffee. It seems to just be that first cup that is so mesmerizing but the following ones never ever tasted as good. Of course there is that idea in our heads that we need a good cup of coffee in the morning to get us started. The honest to goodness truth is that our bodies know how to get started without it. It was not until recently that I started to explore the adverse effects of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Once I read enough about it, I was convinced that the consumption of just one cup of coffee per day was enough to mess up my already struggling metabolism. I came to a point where I was absolutely exhausted inside and out. The fear of what was happening led me to explore a lot of different things that could be effecting my health. Coffee and caffeine was just one of them.

Caffeine can be found in coffee, tea, chocolate, soda drinks, diet aides, and sometimes even pain relief medicines for things such as headaches. (The strange paradox here is the caffeine induced headache)! I’m not real sure why I seem to be more sensitive to it than others but I know I am in that group of caffeine sensitive people. Honestly, after reading how it effects our bodies, I am leaning on the side of cutting it out as much as possible even if I were not sensitive to it.

Here is what happens when a person takes in caffeine:

Caffeine immediately causes brain cells to fire faster and this stimulates the fight or flight reaction in the body by telling the adrenal glands to kick in some energy that is needed to keep the body moving. The adrenal glands then release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone regulates all of the other hormones in the body such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Caffeine “tells” the brain that the body is under stress so the adrenal glands will produce more cortisol to be released. Cortisol triggers the blood pressure and heart rate to rise in preparation for whatever is stressing the body. The problem with this is the adrenal glands are continually in a state of emergency to supply the body and it causes adrenal burnout, anxiety, depression, and unwanted weight gain. Caffeine effects the sleep cycle and also causes the liver to release glucose thinking that the body needs more energy to deal with stress or activity. This makes blood sugar levels spike higher suddenly and then drop to a sudden low. Bottom line, the excess cortisol can make a person gain weight, become more anxious, and experience blood sugar high and lows that are real hard on the bodies system. Caffeine Effects on the Adrenal Function

Tell me: Are you truthfully enjoying that roller coaster?

If you are trying to lose weight consider this: Using caffeine and stimulants for dieting does NOT help you in the long run. Those spiky energy drinks might feel like they give you a boost but in the long run you are ruining your adrenal function. This can actually make you gain weight instead! Nothing is as effective as good old fashioned exercise and a proper diet. Please remember this!

For me this was all a huge eye opener. It sure put a change in my “coffee in the morning” routine. I also stopped drinking tea that has caffeine and eating too much chocolate. I certainly have felt better because of it. (Green tea extract also spikes the heart rate and blood pressure too!) Just a bit of a warning here though. If you think you want to stop consuming anything with caffeine, please figure a way to do this slowly if you consume it often! Caffeine withdrawal can cause the most horrible headache, not to mention other symptoms. I think the headache is the worse part though!

You can make your own choice; I had to. My choice was to feel better because I was struggling with my health. Weigh in all of the positives and negatives about using things with caffeine and make that decision wisely. I guarantee that your body does not need it and will function well without it, including waking up in the morning. You might even wake up feeling more energized because now your adrenals are working better and not over exhausting themselves.

If you want to stop consuming caffeinated things you might even struggle with the emotional attachment to the beverage or food item or you might even struggle with the habit you have created when you consume them!

Let me pray for you for release!

Father God, I lift up this reader and ask that You give wisdom and strength in order to take the first steps to release them from caffeine use. I call out against the addictive influence in Jesus’ name and state “You must leave now”! Please give Your child peace in this decision and grant full restoration of health from any adverse effects that caffeine has created. As always, we love You Father for the wonderful delivering God that You are! Amen.

Thank you for letting me pray for you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

**Thank you to Livestrong for information on the effects of caffeine use.

*** This information is based on research and is not a substitute for medical advice.




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2 thoughts on “Is Caffeine Making You Feel Sick?

  1. I stopped coffee – but green tea is not necessarily bad. It had lots of antioxidants and also had L-theanine, a compound that slows down caffeine. Which means you will experience less of the crash.


    1. Great that you stopped coffee (caffeine). I love Green Tea but products that have Green Tea Extract is a more concentrated form and it speeds the heart rate too much. Im pretty sensitive to stimulants so I have to be careful even with supplements with Green Tea Extract.


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