When You Truly Know God’s Royalty, It Will Bring About Your Loyalty

meAs Prophesied Today: Read if you have been in the pit

When you truly know God’s royalty, it will bring about your loyalty #PastorJenine I have not prophesied here too much lately but I had to break through to give this out. Your spirit knows when you have been in the presence of royalty. Your heart is touched when you have been in the presence of royalty. When you know and understand what it is to be present with royalty then your loyalty will be secured. You will know when God has quickened inside of you and that quickening is of a royal essence. You have been drawn into a royal priesthood through Christ. You know this because you have travailed in the presence of the King and He has heard you. His royal staff has guided you through dark places into light spaces and His light has awakened you. You know you are in a passionate loyalty because your heart was touched by a King. When you have exchanged your shredded garment, filled with tears, created by your tears, and you have received the royal robe that Jesus gives to you in exchange. You know royalty. You have touched the grace of God and He has restored you. You WILL be loyal now because you can not UN KNOW this. Now that you know, YOU KNOW. Your heart will always be loyal now because He has revealed Himself to you as He truly is. YOU will never be the same. You are an Esther, raised for such a time as this and you are now out of the pit He found you in. His royalty has touched you and your loyalty will now bring you through. amen

IF THIS IS FOR YOU, IF THIS IS YOU, Then call my toll free number and just leave a recording and proclaim it, seal it. “I HAVE BEEN IN THE PRESENCE OF ROYALTY AND IT HAS TOUCHED MY LOYALTY.”  You have faltered. God has not come against you because of this! Kingdoms are created first through chaos. God is a God who brings order from chaos. If you have had chaos then watch out, because God is ready to bring order to your life as your loyalty becomes stronger in Him. 

Call and leave your message so I can pray for you. 800-421-1765 . 

God bless you for such a time as this!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


  1. Pastor Jenine,
    I was thinking of a similar thing just yesterday. I was remembering what it was like when I have been prompted by God – it is like no other feeling you get. It’s like I know I didn’t just come up with this revelation on my own but the feeling and the motivation is so strong that I can’t ignore it. It has been a while since I have felt that. But when I do, I know it can only be Him!
    Thank you for bringing this out.

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