Yes, Pruning Can Be HURTFUL and HARD but WORTH IT!


I finally had to do it; I had to prune my pride and joy! Please see my first blog post :

“Woman, the Effects of Coldness, I Have Removed”, says the Lord.”

You can view my video message and photos of this plant before I had to prune it!

Anyway, I was in the process of cutting off all of the bad parts. There were a lot of them! Look what is left! I feel very fortunate to have saved this much from the cold. Again, God started to speak to me. “Don’t you know it is hard on me when I have to prune things from you and from your life?”It’s the only way to bear more growth, and to let the new growth flourish.

John 15:2 “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit.”

I felt a sense of sadness as I had to let go of the beautiful plant I had grown, but it had been in the WRONG environment and the coldness had created a whole lot of “ugly” in this plant. The beauty is still on the inside though. The new growth had to be exposed to the right environment in order to properly grow and not take on more ugly on the inside.

It was painful doing the pruning. As I clipped away from the plant I could feel God’s pain and sadness when He has to do this to us. It’s for our own good, just like with the plant, but it is still hard on Him. I think I could feel it all the way into my inner core mostly because I was relating to when God has to prune me.

We always think of this as a hard process for us, and sometimes even become angry with God. He prunes away people, places, and things. He also prunes away attitudes, bitterness, wrong thinking, and issues that no longer belong inside of us. It’s some form of spiritual surgery He does and it HURTS! 

We rarely think of these things from God’s perspective though. Do you ever ask God how He feels about this pruning and stripping away process? Usually that question does not arise because we are so busy begging Him to stop the process. Or we are angry with Him for even starting the process. We lose faith, question God, get all squirmy, and sometimes even become defiant in His hands!

God wants you to know this is HARD for Him! There is a sense of sadness that comes with stripping away things from you. He knows it is for your own good, but He also knows in the mean time it is going to hurt. You will hurt before you will see the reason and the benefits. God never loves that you are hurting. He is there for you to comfort you if you let Him. First He has to get your eyes off of the process and onto the benefits that are coming because so many blessings are ahead at this point!

Everyone goes through this pruning. We go through it ongoing through life. It is necessary for growth, especially if you have been in the wrong environment. So don’t resist Him! Let Him do His work on you. Believe me, you will know when it is happening. Remember, God does not delight in you feeling sad! He LOVES you and this is for your greater good!


Dear God, Help me to love Your pruning process and to understand that it means I am growing. Life is evolving, and You are changing my inner and outer environment! Thank You Jesus, for loving me! amen.

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