My Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

meI just want to testify. In 1972 I looked out the window of my Mama’s bedroom with tears in my eyes and prayed for this young man named Patrick. He was someone I loved and played with as a child. Sadly, I had to move away from him when I was 13. I asked God if I could marry him, not knowing even how to find him. I had no idea he was looking for me. I wore his ring he gave me when we were only in the sixth grade. A LOT of life happened between then and now but 45 years later I am married to that man. You see, God hears every single prayer. He is FAITHFUL. He knew I had to go through some things to get to where I am. He knew that my husband would have to go through some things to get to where we are. God gave me a promise when I was just a little girl when I prayed in the darkness of my room with tears, that I would marry that little boy one day. I want you to know that it might not look like God is fulfilling your destiny right now, but He has NOT forgotten you! He is FAITHFUL and He will fulfill every single promise He has ever made to you. So be patient, love Him, worship Him and trust Him! He is there for you and He wants to give you His best! I Love you! (That does not mean its EASY. It means its a process)

The Bible tells us that testimony is the spirit of prophesy. Let your faith be strengthened by this one!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


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