God’s Love Comes To Me When…

meGods love and blessing comes to me when:
A daughter calls me, and wakes me, late at night and says, “What are you doing”?lol
When my son hugs me and says, “I love you Mama”
When another daughter laughs with me over stupid stuff
When yet another daughter tells me “Mom, you deserve better”
When my sister laughs with me so hard I can’t breathe
When my sister in Christ picks up the phone when I call for prayer even though we both know it is so late and we will both lose sleep
When my friend tells me “You are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life”.
When those in relationships long over, remember me, and say, “I always loved you”
When I feel like I have made the biggest mistake in my life and someone says, “I have always been proud of you”!
God’s love and the greatest miracles are those that the world might not gasp over, but mean the world to me!
God’s love comes to me when I remember all Jesus has done for me. He did not have to, but did it anyway, out of love….
Pastor Jenine Marie Howry
800-421-1765 for prayer

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