Be a Proverbs 31 Woman!

4090bc77a9f41de80e5c4c5554a6a35bThere is no description of a Godly woman in all of the Bible unlike the one in the book of Proverbs chapter 31. In this small portion of Scripture, God outlines for women some of the keys that create in her a successful and blessed life. Who IS this woman and how can you be one?

She is active! She creates things with her hands, sells them, and buys land. With that land she plants a vineyard and it prospers in her hands to feed her family. She never eats of the bread of idleness. She is strong, and keeps on going even when things are hard. She is giving. She feeds her family and she also gives graciously to those who work for her. Obviously if she has servants, she is well off and financially secure. She provides greatly to the marriage and family.

Her work is completed without hesitation. She knows her role and she does it well. She learns of God, speaks with wisdom, and is charitable to those who are less fortunate. Because she is all of these things, her family, her children and husband call her “blessed” because she IS blessed! She is a woman of nobility in the eyes of God and walks in dignity with her head held high. Her husband has esteem because of her good reputation.

No doubt the Proverbs 31 woman spends time with the Lord, her King. Believe me, you will always tell a woman who spends time with Jesus because her glow, her personality, her actions, her life, will be as bright as the living Son. This does not mean perfect. It means she shines in ways that others take notice and wonder what it is about her that we can not resist?

If you want to be an empowered woman that others arise and call blessed, then take Proverbs 31 and break it down into small segments. Study each line and ask God to perfect it within yourself and you will be as respected, blessed, and prosperous as this noble woman in the Bible!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries        800-421+1765


  1. Oh man. I’ve always wanted to be a virtuous woman. Although, I’m striving to be. Sometimes I feel like a failure. But reading your blog has helped me realize some stuff And then, Ruth kept coming to my mind while I was reading…LOL. That name sure keeps coming up a lot as well as her “Boaz.” Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I’m sure Boaz was a bit nervous as well. He had to allow a closer redeemer an opportunity to redeem Ruth first and then pray to God he declines! That must have been hard. The thing is, though, is the other man did not see the value in Ruth like Boaz did. A “woman’s Boaz” will see her full value from the inside out and will want to respond. (Not saying its easy, lol ) Everything takes faith 😉

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