BLESS the Waiting…God is FAITHFUL!

72e9e9e56ad45df4432b96f328f8ba36It might seem like things are taking a very long time, but it has been my witness, when God has someone wait, there is something AMAZING in store! So, keep your patience and your diligence, because there is something AMAZING in store for you if you stay faithful, prayerful, and PRAISE HIM! You might feel like a sardine, all stuffed up inside of yourself just wiggling around in the oil, BUT GOD is perfecting you in His anointing and that oil will spill out on everyone you touch at His most PERFECT TIMING! So , in the mean time…..PRAISE HIM and wait in His oil because it will be so worth it. You will see!

The Lord will pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh! That is HIS promise! Be ready to receive Him because He will NOT fail you! If you are sick in your body, if your heart is aching, if you are stuck in a bad situation, PRAISE HIM because He is faithful to heal, to bind up your wounds, and deliver you from any situation. You have a God of love, but you also have a GOD of POWER and He will never forsake you.

So, you made a mistake? PRAISE HIM! Let Him fill you to overflowing. Holy Spirit Come! He has a fire for you that will never go out. When others forsake you. When financial woes plague you. He will uplift you, because His ways are higher than all of these things. He is a God of refuge and strength. Proclaim all that He is and you will come to know Him in that way!


Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 

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