Why Empaths Are More Intelligent Than Narcissist

I just had to reblog this because it is so very true. One day while I was praying about my past relationships and thinking of them as big mistakes, the Lord spoke to my heart, “The only thing you were guilty of is loving someone who did not appreciate your loving heart”. That was the most freeing statement I ever heard. It set me free and I hope it sets YOU free too!

So Long Sociopath

Likely if you have been unfortunate enough to be fooled or nearly destroyed by a Narcissist or Sociopath you share two  things in common with other victims, one,  you have an amazing heart. That part may not surprise you, of course you have to have a beautiful heart to love such ugly souls.

The other thing you share in common may come as a surprise, you are highly intelligent. Maybe you forgot that, maybe you have been defined by your choice to even involve yourself with such a horrible person instead of understanding that it was not stupidity that led you there but instead a heart of gold and a need to love the unloveable.

I was certain that I was on the lower side of the IQ scale after my relationships and during them. I can not tell you how many times I would pound my steering wheel, tears…

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  1. Wow!!!! So insightful!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Appreciated it – provided such clarity.


    1. I think its very freeing information! We are not flawed, they were or are! 😉

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  2. Erin James says:

    ❤ Not flawed at all, fabulous;)

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