Ever Find Yourself Around a Bragging Person?

7a1211fa52903d5799b3b94f69797416Psalm 5:5

“Those who brag cannot stand in your sight.”  (God’s Word Translation) 

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who can not stop talking about themselves? Or, have you known a person who continually brings up their accomplishments? Sometimes the person has to word things so they can be seen in a good light to impress others. At this point, if you are rolling your eyes, I’m sure you have. If you have you are in good company with God. People who brag can not even stand in His sight according to the Scripture above.

I truly hated to even continue that Scripture because the rest says that “God hates those who sin”. Please don’t take this as God hates His creation. What it really means is God hates sin, period, and bragging is a sin. Why? It’s because it comes from ego and pride. The Bible tells us that pride comes before a fall. Lucifer was filled with pride. He bragged about himself. He was the most beautiful angel in all of the heavens, creating music for the others to worship with. His prideful attitude and bragging got him into a lot of trouble. He eventually wanted others to worship him and not God.

When people take on this trait they are acting like Lucifer and wanting to be adored, or somehow liked or envied by others. I can see God rolling His eyes right along with us. We can understand how some just feel like they want to be liked and for some reason think that bragging or trying to show themselves in the best light will do the trick, but its a slippery slope. Bragging, talking about one’s self all the time, and trying to be seen in a good light so much that it makes others want to run the other way will only result in an eventual fall.

The Lord loves humility. The meek shall truly inherit the earth. Humility does not draw attention to one’s self, but to, God or to lift up others. The “I got it all going on” mentality is only a smoke screen for a deeply insecure person. You see, no one is ever fooled by the braggart. Usually they do not know that others are rolling their eyes either behind their backs or in their minds. I am not saying this to be cruel, but to point out a character issue that God really can’t stand. Its alright to be happy, to love one’s life, and to smile with confidence, but when that confidence takes the turn into pride it becomes a stench that most all of us want to turn away from. Basically, the person is full of themselves and not full of God. The braggart can not get close to God for this reason, so therefore God calls it sin.

I had a friend who called this syndrome as one who thinks they are “all that and a bag of chips”. I used to laugh at that statement because I had no idea what chips had to do with it but it was funny at the time! It certainly is not fun or funny to be around someone who is so filled with their own image that they could never ever see God’s

If you are surrounded by those who are like this, of course pray. Don’t expect them to just change. You could always try the “drop the bomb and leave approach”. You know, suggest they might be full of themselves and then leave them alone with that thought. Most people who tend to brag really don’t know how much they irritate others around them. They have this, “I am the best of all worlds” kind of attitude. Sometimes it makes them feel powerful and over others who might even be suffering or hurting in some way. Its a false image of power because no one likes it no matter how much the braggart thinks they are impressed.

Let’s call it like it is. Arrogance is obnoxious! This is not going to sound pretty, but bring me a barf bag and make it fast! Before you think this is a bit insulting, look up the passages about how God will spew the haughty out of his mouth! I think God wants a barf bag too! There is no room in heavenly places for bragging or self service. My advice? Turn from their remarks and definitely don’t encourage them! It only feeds their need to be seen and admired. Walk in the other direction. Sooner or later they might get the idea and if not, then God will deal with them because pride always comes before a fall.

This is by no means criticism.  It’s actually soul saving conversation. We don’t want to do anything that causes us to feel far from God. It’s a miserable existence. The “I do better than anyone else” mentality never advances anyone. God gives favor to the humble and the meek in heart. He is close to the broken and to all those who set their admiration on Him and not themselves.

Being around a braggart is like wearing a scratchy sweater. We want to take them off our lives as quickly as we can! Remember, out of the heart the mouth speaks. Its a heart condition and one that can be isolating as much as it is irritating.

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

Voice of Hope Victory and Prayer Center


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