Humility Prayer for the USA

IMG_20170904_140736_219.jpgDear God have mercy upon us, Your people. We humbly repent of areas we have failed You. Keep us safe as a nation and let Your Holy Spirit arise from within us again . Hold back the flood waters, we pray, and put out the fires that are burning our country. Set up a standard surrounding us as a nation in that nuclear bombs can not threaten us. Keep our government wise and Your people steadfast . Draw us out of complacency and let church bells ring across this nation. Help us to stand firm to put Your word back into schools and prayer back into open spaces. We are Your Holy Bride . Remind us daily to offer salvation to all we encounter so everyone will know You. We repent as Your church and on behalf of our nation. We have fought as a dysfunctional family while allowing our nation to begin to decay. We deeply grieve that we have grieved Your heart. We have lapped up Your blessing while souls have been dying. We deeply regret this Lord. Help us guide this nations eyes back toward you. Let us once again be a nation of open prayer on the highways and byways. We are down on our knees before You. Spare us in the wake of more destruction. Be gracious to us as we humble ourselves and pray. Hold back the flood waters and put out the flames . You have blessed us with the greatest nation on earth. Let us arise and receive Your Christ light once again that You will shine from sea to shining sea! Thank You Lord, for hearing our prayer and for sparing our people. Thank You for allowing us time to minister the gospel to a dying nation, for standing up on behalf of Your statutes, for fighting on our knees and with our breath on behalf of Your word, and for proclaiming Your goodness to a dry and weary land. Water us with Your Spirit, Lord, and let Your Bride receive her shining hour. In Jesus name and heart. Amen and amen

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

State of Texas Director

United States National Prayer Council


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