Are We Trying to Teach People to Transform Into the Image of God or the Image of Ourselves?

IMG_20171023_130408Recently, I found myself becoming very frustrated with others “teachings”. It seemed like no matter what I did it was WRONG in someone’s eyes. Bottom line, I know by now to do what I feel God says is right for me but the question of so many conflicted communications haunted me continually. I asked God, “How do we become as One with one another and also One with You if we have so many conflicting ideas?”

The question perplexed me because there hardly seemed to be a way to even come to a happy medium on the subject.  I found myself entrapped in so many “don’ts”. Don’t wear this. Don’t say that. Don’t pray this way. Don’t preach as a woman. Don’t this and don’t that. I found myself in sorrow because it caused me to feel that there was no place I could possibly belong with so many RULES and don’ts.

It was not until I sought God for the answer alone did I truly find my answer in this question. “Are we, as the children of God, transforming ourselves in the image of our Creator or are we attempting to transform one another into each other’s image?” It was harsh to read when I came to the teaching on self righteousness in my doctoral course in spiritual psychology. Basically, this is what it is when God’s children try to change one another into their own image instead of reflecting God’s.

There is only one way to become ONE as Jesus had prayed to the Father. That is to SEE ourselves as ONE. When we judge, criticize, or scrutinize one another we are actually doing it to ourselves. We are all a part of the ONE that Jesus prayed for. We are in conflict. We misunderstand. If we want to reflect the One that Jesus was speaking of then the rules have to go out the window.

Our goal is to transform by the renewing or our minds. This means every part of our own minds. It is about our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. If we don’t, then our subconscious mind will take over and do the driving. Our personal and individual commitment with God is to actively pursue that transformation, not to tell others how they should transform.

We can act as a guide to one another but forcing our views on each other only side steps God. Do we really want to do this? God sees us as One with each other and One with Him. This is the TRUTH. We are the ones who separate ourselves out of our self righteous need to be the one who knows it all. In honesty, we don’t know it all. We know in part. This is what God has said. This is me quoting God, not an idea I brewed myself.

I wonder what would happen if we took the judgement, the rules, the criticism, and the pointing of fingers out of the equation and just saw that we are One as God has made us to be. We are each a unique facet of a beautiful diamond called the people of God. We shine with brilliance in God’s sight. Why can’t we shine with brilliance when we look at one another? Do we have to become so uncomfortable that we are forced to change our view of how we are One? I mean, we can either do things the easy way or the hard way. Its our choice.

Together as ONE. –

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


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