In All Honesty: Is It Time to Grow Up?

IMG_20170904_140736_219There are several attributes a person could be proud to have as a quality. One of the greatest things, of course, is love. I know I have often written about integrity as well. A very important attribute to have is to be honest. One huge reason is that lying is detested by God. Since God lives inside of us, we actually detest ourselves when we lie. Its a scourge to one’s own soul and looks pretty ugly inside and out. Since God can not lie it is obviously something that comes out of ego and often pride.

Being honest does not mean to spill out every detail of our lives like lava spewing from a volcano. It means to walk in enough integrity to be honest to those we love concerning things that are deeply important. For instance, withholding something from someone because we know it will hurt them is not integrity. If we know it will hurt them, then its something that should not be done. Right?

Yet, being honest when we have done something that has hurt someone is admirable. I know it can be very hard to do, but even in the light that it might be hurtful, it gives opportunity to clear the air and allow forgiveness to take place. I want to emphasize being honest about a hurtful deed does not excuse you from it. The other party could very easily be harmed and will need time to process what has been heard or done.

Obviously, along with not doing hurtful things, to not lie in the first place is the better choice. I remember when I was little lying to my mom. Oh boy, did I ever wish I never did that! She had some sort of “Mama” sense of knowing when things are not above board. Disappointing “Mama” was not a fun feeling. It’s not so fun disappointing our Creator either, and even more so. Just like when I lied to Mama, lying to someone eats a hole in the soul. No lie goes unaccounted for. The eyes of God see everything from the inside out.

Honesty is definitely a virtue. Repentant honesty is even more virtuous. God loves a humble heart and it does the soul good to be remorseful and repentant for mistakes we have made in life, especially those that cost others in the form of heartache and heartbreak.

Do you have something to get off your chest? Believe me, you know it when you do, because the insides of you will eat at you until you do. Blocking things out and stuffing them down will not help you in the long run. Your lack of honesty will eventually weigh heavy upon your chest until it either begins to harm you or you have to become honest about it.

Sometimes God will expose a lie. I do know some who could never lie and not get caught! What can I say? Its like some are just on a short leash when it comes to those things. Bottom line, maturity speaks the truth. Maturity speaks our own truth when our heart needs to speak up. Facing life is a part of growing up and it makes no difference what our actual age is. We all grow at different paces.

Let me put this out there for you:

“Today I will try a cup of honesty and will repent of a lie I have been hiding. Forgive me Father for hurting your heart, hurting others, and for hurting myself. Give me the strength to be honest about how I feel, what I have done, or the lie I have kept inside. Please heal those I have harmed and release us from a lie that has had us bound, Amen”

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, LLC.

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 




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