Benefits of Castor Oil! Did you know…?

IMG_0288.jpgIn my quest to find the most natural ways of healing and good health, I stumbled upon the benefits of castor oil. Castor oil comes from an extraction of the beans of a plant, or Ricinus communes, otherwise also referred to as Palma Christi (the palm of Christ). Castor oil was highlighted for its healing properties by the late Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was fondly referred to as “the sleeping prophet”.

Once used by the ancient Egyptians for its healing properties, castor oil has shown it can be of benefit for many other reasons as well. Here is a quick list of the benefits of castor oil. (Then I will give you my experience)!

Natural anti-inflammatory – arthritis and puffiness around the eyes, swelling. If taken internally, remember it is a powerful laxative! Castor oil packs can be used for painful joints and arthritis.

Natural anti-fungal – dental use to remove candida build up around tooth roots that cause infection and decay, and also for candida build up in the stomach

Good for hair and scalp. Helps dandruff, scalp issues and has been shown to grow nice thick healthy hair and even eyelashes! Add a small amount to the scalp and let it soak in a few hours or over night. Then wash as usual.

Removes moles and skin tags – add to the mole and put a piece of tape over it daily, or add several times a day. The mole will be removed over time. Can be combined with apple cider vinegar or a mixture of baking soda to make a paste and then tape over the mole to be removed.

Natural moisturizer and skin healer, wrinkle fighter – used in many cosmetic and skin care products.

Helps healing of wounds, and will remove the scar afterwards.

Reduces the look of scars and can actually remove scarring of the skin

Acne treatment – can help heal acne and also take away acne scarring from previous break outs.

Carrier oil Castor oil can be used as a carrier oil by adding essential oils to it in order to dilute the potency of the essential oil, especially when applied to skin.

My Experience

I have to say this first. I have very sensitive skin! I also have seasonal allergies, which is not only hard on my sinus area but also under my eyes due to dry itching eyes and sinus blockages. I found my skin area under my eyes getting very puffy or dried out. No matter what I put on it there was just more irritation. So, I tried castor oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties and for a moisturizer. I just applied a tiny bit of the oil under my eyes and then added a little moisturizer with sun screen allowing the oil to be spread over the rest of my face. Believe me, its thick and only a little bit goes a long way. After THREE days I noticed the puffiness was GONE and my skin has had a nice healthy glow to it. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps dry cracked or chapped lips as well. I use a moisturizer for the sunscreen. Or if a foundation makeup has sunscreen the moisturizer can be skipped all together and avoid some of the added chemicals to the products.

If you try this, please try a little on your face first to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction: although rare. Also, if used as a laxative, please use a tiny amount at a time, maybe start with a quarter to half teaspoon in a protein drink. Too much can cause cramping.

To purchase, look for COLD PRESSED with NO HEXANES. The product in the photo above was purchased at Walmart in the laxative section for only a few dollars!

** Pregnant women should not use castor oil as a laxative. 

**Test the site in a small area to be used before use to rule out any reactions although rare. 

**Not to be used in place of medical advice from your doctor

Loving you from here ,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 


Edgar Cayce: Association for Research and Enlightenment




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