How To Respect Relationship Boundaries: Female to Female

Relationships of any kind are hard. They are a part of our growth in this world. Everything we do or encounter in this world are “about relationship”. When we master interacting we master just about everything. Do you agree with this?

There is none more sacred than the love relationship between romantic partners, especially when the romance results in marriage. God blesses marriage and asks us to keep it sacred and holy. This means, we work hard to preserve what we have because we cherish the gift we have been given. Marriage is a sacred trust and a gift extended to all of us. God honors and blesses us when we honor marriage.

This does not only mean the two involved should honor the relationship but it also means those outside the marriage should honor it too. Honoring another woman’s marriage should be a no “brainer”, but honestly some women need to be told before they understand this. If we are going to empower one another than we are going to need to respect boundaries. Just in case boundaries need to be clarified, I’m going to give some guidelines that might help you.

  1. Do not engage in meaningful conversation with another woman’s husband behind the scenes even if you both feel it is innocent. This is insanely important ladies. Establishing an emotional connection with a man without his wife present is a real no – no. It is way too easy for a man to begin to lean on you when the marriage is going through a trial. This opens up the doorway to breaking down that marriage. I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to be responsible for another person’s marriage going sour.
  2. Do not give advice to someone’s husband separate from his wife. If a man is looking for advice direct him to his wife, or if he needs someone else, to a professional counselor or a male friend he can trust. Everyone needs someone to talk to but you are not the one he should be going to if it does not include his wife. Be wise and fair my dear. Any good intelligent woman knows that she can not be partial enough to extend marital advice to a husband who is seeking answers. If his wife approves and is present then by all means, knock yourself out. To be a trusted friend is a real great thing. We all need those types of people in our lives.

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