My Top Favorite Influencers for Fashion, Makeup, Anti-Aging and More!

Over time I have been down the road of searching for information on products that are relevant to my age group. As we grow older our choices must adapt and change. These can be choices regarding fashion, make-up, and definitely skin care. As females, we experience so many changes in life. Along life’s highway our need to express ourselves, love ourselves, and even preserve ourselves, becomes a huge focus in our lives.

Below I have listed some of my favorite influencers when it comes to fashion, make-up, and skin care for the mature woman. The order you will find them has nothing to do with placement or rating. They are just chosen by what I have experienced over a period of time watching, listening, and learning from these beautiful women! I am not an expert in these areas, they are!

They do not know I am writing about them, nor was I approached or paid to write about them. They all simply add quality to my life, so I want to display their quality in a venue that I tend to do best: write my blog! I am by far NOT an expert on any of these subjects. I am simply sharing who I have liked and have chosen to spend my time listening to. This is not an entire list but some of the top influencers I have found when I seek out. As a consumer, a woman, and someone to investigates everything, I figure sharing with others is the best thing I can do!

#1 Influencer!

Angie with Hot and Flashy is by far one of the best YouTube influencers and educators there is! I have been back and forth with many of them (as you will see) finding the best of the best! Angie works HARD to give a nice presentation of casual, yet classy, fashion, makeup tips and anti-aging products. She definitely goes the extra mile when it comes to presenting product, exposing the good, not too good, and more! With Angie I find in depth information regarding product ingredients, effectiveness, and performance. I find her honest, educated, and a real treasure when it comes to understanding facial treatments, serums, makeup and anti-aging products. Angie will personally test the durability of her make up choices and record the results. This is so helpful when going to make a purchase! She does trials on both high end and drug store type products and includes fashion from Nordstrom, Amazon and sometimes even Walmart! (This is not an exhaustive list!) Angie is personable, likeable, and very professional. She presently has over 900k followers. Check her out and lets bless her with ONE MILLION!

#2 Influencer

Christie Ressel is more than influencer, she is a fashion extravaganza and educator all in one! She provides information on wardrobe choices, power wardrobe picks, and how to use style to up level our game! She also adds make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel. Her website includes style classes that can be purchased and a style membership for personal style ideas and direction if desired. She addresses and sometimes dresses women of all ages from younger to more mature. Christie’s style is fun, flirty and classy! She has a cute and yet professional personality. She is simply herself and that is a lot! ( I love her jewelry choices!) Her YouTube channel will have more information!

#3 Influencer

Number three is Tania Stephens with 50isnotold. This is a link to her Instagram account. She also has a website with a lot of style information, and clothing links for purchase. Tania obviously works hard at what she does to present the best in style possible. Every outfit Tania displays is modeled perfectly with elegance and professionalism. You will find style from Chico’s, Amazon, J. Crew and sometimes also Walmart (She has added more since my original post!). Tania has a great down home style, beautiful presentations, and a cute personality. You can subscribe to her Instagram account and also her website for frequent updates. Tania has a beautiful website filled with information that obviously dates back a few years! So please go check it out!

#4 Influencer

Beth Djalali has a YouTube channel she calls “Style at a Certain Age. Beth presents beautiful classic style with lovely presentations, information pertaining to the “certain age” woman. She has a website that includes recipes, home interiors, style, and my favorite “Fridays with Oscar”, her German Shepherd. Every now and then she includes a make-up tutorial and other subjects pertaining to the woman of a certain age and style. Beth includes photo shoots at interesting locations with a lot of class and flair. She is personable to listen to and interact with on her YouTube channel. Any woman who watches her channel will suddenly feel a kinship with her as she draws us in with her honest portrayal of style that suits many of us!

It is my hope, wherever you are, you are living your life to the fullest! The most important part of life is the quality of time we spend and not as much the quantity. Endeavor to choose quality and your life will be filled with beauty and excitement! Remember, whether you are choosing style, make-up, or skin care products, to love yourself and acquire your own reflection of inner beauty portrayed on the outside as well!

Loving you form here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

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