Are You Concerned About Rising Gas Prices?

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Rising gas prices. Do we have to go there? (Don’t get me started on the rising cost of food items!) We would have to be living in an episode of “Night of the Living Dead” to not notice the cost of gas has risen just a touch. Well, maybe more than a touch! Can we say “Ouchy” when it comes to paying at the pump these days?

While gas prices have risen everywhere there are statewide areas where prices are a little less than others. After coming back from a road trip that involved crossing several states, I decided to find out just where the price sting is the biggest and where prices remain a little more moderate.

Traffic jam in New Mexico

After experiencing looking at the back of trucks in New Mexico for what seemed like a lifetime, it became obvious how important our cost of fuel has become. America is moving product. I saw trucks from Walmart, Amazon Prime, mattress companies, food products, and more. The rising cost of fuel will always cause the rise in shipping and ultimately products we often pay for.

If you want to know where your state stands within the national average go to Gas Buddy and see it all in color! You can also give MapQuest a try and see how much in mileage it would cost your particular vehicle to travel to certain areas of the USA. If you are on a budget, determining your travel habits will certainly be affected by gasoline costs for any trip. Don’t forget other modes of transportation also use fuel!

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