Morning Affirmation

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“In the quiet and stillness of a winter morning, I find peace in my mind and in my heart. My spirit is glowing with new and growing possibilities. I am in my element in light and in darkness; in winter and in spring.

Fresh ideas flow into my mind as I dream of days to come. In the depth of my dream, I see myself healthy, whole, and thriving. My heart is overcome with joy to fill my day. As I seek to be the greatest expression of love my heart can render.


Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

Glorious Dawn: The Opening Lotus of Love!

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When Darkness Overshadows the Light

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“In a dark time, the eye begins to see.”

-Theodore Roethke

When clouds overtake the sky or when night has swept over one side of the earth, neither hides all of the light. The light is emphasized as it stands out in the darkness. To be in a dark closet with only a pinpoint of light, our focus is on that speck of light. In the same way, dark and difficult times will cause us to focus on the light areas that exist in our lives. Focusing on the light brings brighter areas of life toward us. Whatever we focus upon becomes more prominent. Clarity comes through our telescopic vision. We will see things for what they indeed are and even discover things we never knew were there.

When the clouds seem to cover your day, focus upon the light that shines through them. When dark overtakes part of the earth, see the shining stars giving you a place to hope and dream upon. When a pinpoint of light shines through a darkened closet, give gratitude for that one point of light. It is guiding you home!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

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Hope is a Powerful Motivator to Fulfill Your Dreams!

"If you need a strong motivator, consider hope".
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If you need a strong motivator, consider hope. Hope contains the things we have faith for and desire in our lives. When we dream, we bring our hopes into imagination and design. The construction of our lives can occur within our powerful hopes and dreams. There is nothing more potent than hopeful ideas. Once our thoughts are coupled with actions, hope begins to propel us onward. When speaking our hopes out loud, we take the faith we have for our dreams and put it all into motion. Like our amazing creator, we create with our thoughts, feelings about them, and actions to draw them into fruition. Guaranteed, if you do your part in bringing life to your hopes and dreams, the universal powers that be will come alongside you just like a trusted friend to help you bring those dreams alive!

Take some time today to close your eyes, dream of what you truly desire, hope for those things with all of your heart, and design a plan of action. You will see your dreams come true in a matter of no time at all! Manifesting is not possible without hope! Hope is power. Keep that power within you by exercising it daily and using it with every dream you have in your heart.

Loving you from here!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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Glorious Dawn the Opening Lotus of Love Morning Meditation Video! ENJOY!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

Well Hello!

It just so happens as I went through some boxes containing treasures from the past, I came across my production of a morning meditation called “Glorious Dawn: The Opening Lotus of Love Morning Meditation”! I am so pleased to present the morning meditation to you on my YouTube channel along with a few other meditations I have created.

I have to say the quality of this meditation is better than the others. The production equipment used was much better. Never the less I think they are all effective and pretty enlightening!

This meditation was created in the year 2006 while I was the founder of The Lilac Center for Healing and Enlightenment in Fairfield, CA. I am so happy to have found the CD! This is copywritten content created with music I purchased and own especially for this particular audio! You will notice in one area of the audio I refer to myself as “Priestess Miana” which is an actual name I used when ordained by a metaphysical ordaining body.

I hope you enjoy it, use it daily to up- level the love in your soul and spirit!

As always I am loving you from here!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

Are You Concerned About Rising Gas Prices?

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Rising gas prices. Do we have to go there? (Don’t get me started on the rising cost of food items!) We would have to be living in an episode of “Night of the Living Dead” to not notice the cost of gas has risen just a touch. Well, maybe more than a touch! Can we say “Ouchy” when it comes to paying at the pump these days?

While gas prices have risen everywhere there are statewide areas where prices are a little less than others. After coming back from a road trip that involved crossing several states, I decided to find out just where the price sting is the biggest and where prices remain a little more moderate.

Traffic jam in New Mexico

After experiencing looking at the back of trucks in New Mexico for what seemed like a lifetime, it became obvious how important our cost of fuel has become. America is moving product. I saw trucks from Walmart, Amazon Prime, mattress companies, food products, and more. The rising cost of fuel will always cause the rise in shipping and ultimately products we often pay for.

If you want to know where your state stands within the national average go to Gas Buddy and see it all in color! You can also give MapQuest a try and see how much in mileage it would cost your particular vehicle to travel to certain areas of the USA. If you are on a budget, determining your travel habits will certainly be affected by gasoline costs for any trip. Don’t forget other modes of transportation also use fuel!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Internal and Eternal Healing

There is no doubt, internal healing is work. It’s the most precious work any of us can do in this life. Some wounds are so deep we might not even know they exist until something comes along in the form of life experience and touches a painful part of the soul. Since our soul is eternal with God, all internal healing is also eternal. We will all carry our soul healing or wounds with us when we exit this human form.

As hard as internal healing might seem, it is necessary and important. Internal wounds will spill out into our everyday lives and relationships. Our lives can be driven through our wounds or our healing of them. The choice to heal is all our personal decision. Placing a band-aide on our internal wounds only delays or aborts the process of completed healing. Using outside influences to make things temporarily feel better will not heal anything. Outer stimulation that comes from addictions, denial, or covering by distractions will not assist in soul healing at all. The only thing accomplished by using these means is denying ourselves the blessing of healing and ascending to higher levels of understanding our existence.

Gratitude and love are powerful places to begin the process of internal healing of soul wounds. There is something about a grateful heart that turns our focus in the direction of positive reflection. Gratitude is also a companion. When gratitude spreads out into our internal and external energy field it prepares our foundation for forgiving ourselves and others. Both of the energies of gratitude and forgiveness will naturally draw us into higher love.

The more profound effect is changing our actions naturally which heals our relationship with ourselves, others, God, and our lives. Internal healing is work as I have stated but it is work that is well worth our efforts. I have not even come to the subject of the amount of physical healing that can be accomplished through soul healing.

In order to begin just start at the beginning! Decide. When a decision is made and an intention is set forth the healing work has just begun. Get real with your healing decision and be real with what you need to accomplish. There are many means for internal healing and discovery. It is amazing what can be uncovered by means of meditation, hypnosis, connecting with nature, drawing on God’s love, and the comfort of being in a relationship with yourself.

I have set forth this affirmation to get us all started. “Today, right now, I have decided to heal my soul wounds. I will be grateful for my relationship with myself. I will be grateful for loving myself enough to embark on a healing journey.”

I wish you well on your journey of healing and as always,

I am loving you from here!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Audio/Video Version:

Giving Value to Another

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

Within the borders of love, there are treasures more precious than gold. Our greatest human desires in life are encompassed by these treasures. To give honor to another is to present that person in the greatest light possible. This means to speak highly of them while around them and also while away from them.

To value another is to show that person by your actions what their worth is in your eyes. People don’t only go by words we speak but also the gestures that come alongside those words.

When our actions mirror our praise of another then it shows we value that person and they glow and grow within the value we extend to them. To give someone appreciation is to show them they are special to us. Everyone wants to know they are appreciated in life and that they add to the joy in others’ lives. When another gives to us of themselves; to appreciate their giving is one of the greatest treasures to their sense of hope for today and the future.

Be the greatest gift to another and the gift you receive back will be peace to your heart. A life filled with peace and the highest love is one we can always look back upon and know that we lived our lives well.


Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

The Value of Trusting Yourself

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One of the tell-tale signs of a heart that has been violated or hurt is the tendency to examine everyone that steps their way. TRUST is a valuable gift. It’s even more valuable when we give it to ourselves FIRST. When we trust ourselves we are pledging to honor our own boundaries, create a secure place of presence, and rely on our own capabilities before any other. Love is the area where we tend to get caught up in trust issues. Why wouldn’t we? It’s the most powerful essence there is in the universe! It is GOD essence. When we love and trust ourselves we extend that gift to others. It is THEIR business if they violate our trust and the sacredness of the relationship. If we are on solid ground with ourselves and with God no one and no action from them can shake us. If we don’t do this inner work to heal the breaches caused by others we tend to not trust anyone. That leaves us to lead a lonely and despaired life. Personally, I like to keep my circle small. If I decide to expand from there then I do so. I know when my circle is enlarged beyond my capacity to cope because that looming mistrust comes to grab me again. It’s a simple solution. I go back to my smaller circle of people. I find great value and healing that comes from smaller interactions with others. Don’t forget to build your foundation for yourself first before questioning the hearts of others. Examination of a heart is their own business and God’s business.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Your Impression Through Expression

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Our expressions and communications tell others a lot about us. During a spiritual guidance or coaching session, I pay close attention to an individual’s expressions of their face, body movements, eye movements, and stature. If I am on the phone with someone, I listen carefully for the tone of their voice when it changes and discern in visions what their heart might be experiencing. Added to these things, I listen for the expressions of a person’s heart. Usually, I can tell pretty quickly where they are blocked.

Your expressions of emotion, love, fear, or conflict tell others where you are in your life path or how you feel about them. For instance, you can say, “I love you,” and it will be interpreted according to the tone of your voice when you say it. If it is passionate, the other person will know they are deeply in your heart. If your voice and tone are similar to general conversation, the other will know your connection is more on the level of a friend.

We create many different relationships in this life, and we speak to them in language that comes from our tongues and expressional nonverbal language. Have you ever been in front of someone and said nothing at all but completely understood how they feel about you? This is an example of expressional language or communication. Our words are important, but without the power we give them, they are merely dry words without our expressions.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Love Has High Frequency for Manifesting

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When we consider love in an earthly sense, we think of romance. Our minds drift to slow dances, long kisses, dating, and marriage. These are wonderful and meant to be! Yet, love also has a frequency and can be considered the frequency of the miraculous! According to The Om Shoppe, love has a frequency of about 528Hz. Our universe buzzes on vibratory frequencies. When we amp the love frequency, we create magical miracles!

If you want to become aware of your love frequency, pay close attention to your heart center. When feeling love, it will have a sense of expansion. You might breathe a little faster, feel your heart in your chest, and it gives a sense of being filled with ecstasy. This is the moment of creation. It is desire, passion, and pulses of miraculous creative energy. Meditate on your heart center for a time and consider someone or something you love and desire. Your creative abilities become amped up higher to send or produce from the miraculous love energy you emit into the universe.

The universe receives this message as your thoughts project and sends love along with your desires. With faster than lightning speed, the universe responds to your love desires. The energy creates an energetic imprint that will send you the same love desire you have sent out. It does not read your emotions; it reads the energy of desire and passion accompanied by your thoughts. Your thoughts create when your vibrations become equal with the love energy you manifest from within you.

Manifestation always starts with love and love’s frequency. When two people create the same love frequency, they become one within manifestation and send the same thoughts forward into the universe. This action draws the object or subject of what is desired faster than when one chooses to manifest. Bringing God presence into manifestation is bringing the highest frequency of all; God-love frequency! Now that is powerful! Consider all that God created and manifested out of great love! Don’t forget God, who is pure love!

If you don’t believe it is true, give it a try yourself! See the beauty and miracle of manifesting for your own life! Consider high-frequency desires. Low-frequency examples are lust, greed, envy, jealousy, spite, etc. Higher frequencies are love, desire, passion, charity, giving, etc. Give manifesting an energetic practice daily, and it is incredible what you can bring into your life and the lives of others! Keep a vision within your mind of what you are manifesting and be very clear as to why you are. You will hit the target every single time!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie