Be Powerful By Knowing Body Image Lies

Rev Jenine MarieIn this world there is always a shadow side to every glimpse of light. Nothing can ever be completely exposed or even true. Knowing what is true is very powerful because truth is powerful. Along with this is also knowing what is not true. Knowing what the lie is and exposing it can always mean a sense of more power in life.

For instance, let’s apply this to women’s body image. Can you imagine already how healing it is to just go through and list what things are simply not true? Take a look at how our society exposes women. Through media publications, and transmissions, we are set up to believe lies when it comes to what a woman should look like. We are blasted with images on a daily basis, of women who are touched up and altered so as not to expose the truth of what they really look like. We get to see airbrushed versions of who a person is.  The images have the cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, bags, puffiness, and added pounds subtracted from the equation. I once saw an expose on how some photographers can actually make their models appear 10 pounds lighter. Let’s not even get into the new apps we hear about that can be used on a cell phone to create a slimmer image of us when we capture ourselves in a selfie.

We are all daily bombarded with lies when it comes to image and for some reason we are supposed to think this is better for us. So many women struggle day in and out trying to look like the models that are presented to us every day. I always admire when I read articles on real people who model themselves just as they are. Let’s face the truth here ladies. We will never look like Victoria Secret models because they are all touched and air brushed. We don’t airbrush ourselves every day so let’s look at the lies the media feeds to us.

  1. Cellulite is bad bad bad and unsightly. I feel like this lie is out there so we will try to buy creams and solutions to help get rid of cellulite. So do any of these things ever really work? Let’s be honest here. We are stuck with this stuff and nothing about it makes us less desirable.
  2. Women need a flat stomach. This one is the most frustrating lies I have ever seen. There is no possible way that the average woman has a perfectly flat stomach. Why do we try so hard at that new diet and exercise program when the visual image of what we are trying to achieve is often truly not possible. For some, this flat tummy might be something they naturally have right now. For me, who has had five children, one by C-Section, it is literally impossible. There is no need to be perfectly flat in the stomach area to be acceptable as a woman!
  3. Wrinkles on our face make us look old. This is nuts! Wrinkles do not make us look old. A person with lines and wrinkles with a great outlook on life will always look young and vibrant. Oldness comes with a state of mind and not outward appearance. Anyone can look old and run down, even when they are not that old. This goes to show that in the same respect anyone can look younger and be more vibrant even with the wrinkles that come from living. Laugh lines are not a sin, they just mean we enjoyed life!
  4. We have to be a size 5 to be appealing to others. The amazing thing about all of the differences we have in people in our world is what makes it interesting. If we were all the same size then life would be boring and so would women! Marilyn Monroe was never a size 5 and she was considered to be very alluring.

I think by now my point can be taken here. I am sure many other lies can be exposed, but to do that would mean to write a book. The point is, that if we can expose what the lies are then the truth can shine through. We all know what the truth does; it sets us free. Beauty is not only just in the eye of the beholder on the outside of us, but it is in the way we behold ourselves as well. We have all been created in the image of beauty and beautiful we all are! There is none who has been a mistake. God is a perfect God and He creates perfection even if we tend to think it is imperfect. Maybe we need to start seeing the perfection in what He created and then we will change the way we present ourselves even in media. This subject is such a hard one because just touching on part of it is not enough. There is a depth of despair that comes into play when we consider our body images. Can we even imagine a world where body image is not an issue? Sometimes I wonder if we can ever get to the enlightened point where we can accept ourselves as we are and stop trying to portray an image that no one can ever uphold in real life.

Today, don’t despair in your healing journey when it comes to body image. We all are going through it. My hope is that soon we can find ways to get through the healing together and through it we will change the rest of the world!

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry



Patching the Holes in Our Holiness

index5It truly seems like our society has forgotten what it is like to be sacred. Our work has become mundane and sometimes appears to be purposeless. We are continually pressed for time and the illusion is that time is running out somehow. Honestly, we have the same exact 24 hours in a day we always had but for some reason we feel pressured to complete our tasks in a lot less time then we used to. Maybe it is the advances in technology. Everything is micro rushed and even our driving is in a hurry.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this busyness we are draining ourselves more than we truly need to. When things are slowed down we tend to remember that they are sacred and appreciate the things and people around us. Its time to breathe ladies! It is time to remember that we are sacred in God’s eyes and the things we do are sacred as well. God’s word tells us to “be holy” because He is a holy God. If God sees our tasks as holy and sacred then we truly should as well. We are powerful when we know that we are holy in spite of our shortcomings simply because of the spark of God inside of us.

Our divine energy is absolutely drained out of us like leaky holes in a colander in our rushing to complete our duties “on time”. Think about this. When was the last time you stopped and took a real good look in appreciation of the things around you? You can not see or experience things you ignore. Do you really want to wake up one day and realize that so much of life has passed you by without truly appreciating that which you put your hands to the plow to create?

If every natural thing in the universe has been created by a holy God then it is all holy. We don’t have to go far to encounter this holiness because it is all around us and also in us all. When we see things as holy our respect will grow for those things as well. It is true that our world has a lot of horrible things going on in it right now. Our societies have forgotten what it is to be holy and respect that which God has made. There are so many evil holes that drain the life out of what has been graciously given.

I challenge you today to take some time for holiness, remembering that holy for us does not mean perfect, it means we belong to God. I also challenge you today to be powerful and slow down the process so you can enjoy the holiness that God created in this world and in one another. Create some powerful acts of kindness today and plug the leaks that drain your God given holiness from you. Your life will be enhanced and your spirit will rise to the occasion!

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry


unnamed23This is a very hard subject for me, because I have always felt like it was my job to help others feel better, find better solutions, and be more comfortable in life. To some degree that is true or I would not have studied human behavior, God’s word, other means of relaxation, stress reduction, and much more. I have a huge sigh here, because it is all so overwhelming when I think of all the hours I have spent on research and discovery regardless to what the source is. It was never ever time wasted. It has it’s purpose.

This is a very important subject, so please, if you will, “listen” very carefully to the heart and spirit in which it is written. I have personally spent a good majority of my life being the one who tries to make things better for others. I am the one who has been concerned when someone goes to jail, has stayed up all night praying for miracles for others, hidden in my room while others fight and duke it out, fought for the right to be understood in the midst of relationship confusion, surrendered to what brings others happiness, worried when those I loved did not come home at night, adhered to others’ doctrinal statements, and the list goes on and on. I’m hardly a martyr, so please don’t go there. The full truth of the whole deal is that I truly have loved them. I have loved those who gave birth to me, were raised around me, those I have married, those I have raised, those whom I worshiped with, prayed with, gone to school with, and befriended.  The journey has been worth it, no doubt.

Here is the point of the whole message. The only one I did not love enough was myself. You see, I always thought when I married Jesus and was ordained, that the point was I should give my life away. It has been a struggle ever since. This is an error though. A system of belief told me I have to give my life away. Jesus NEVER told me to sacrifice my own happiness, joy, well being, or self love, for others. His power, His message, and His love, is enough for all of us. My job is to point those around me to Him. It is their job to accept it or not. I can offer the decision for life changes, but I can’t ever make anyone take the decision or make the choices. As much as we love people and want them to be happy and whole, we do not have the power to create that for them. They have to do that with God themselves. It was not until everything inside of me was screaming to find out who I am again, that I really began the process of loving myself more, even though this was what I taught others. Interestingly enough, this change happened very recently after 30 years of being a minister.

I guess my point of this whole message is this: empowerment comes when we love ourselves enough to accept the strength God gives to us and grow into the whole person Jesus has loved enough to die for. He died when we were yet sinners. He died when we where flawed and broken. He died knowing we would make all of the mistakes we have made, and yet, He has loved us anyway. If we want to be more like Him, we need to love ourselves anyway. This means loving ourselves enough to find out what that means, and do whatever it takes to reach for our own personal destinies. Are we there for others when they need us? Of course we are! It is great to give our lives over to the things that have great meaning in life and serve our fellow man and woman! I have to ask this question though, “Is it better to give of ourselves when we are depleted, or is it better to give of ourselves when we are as whole as we can be”. Being whole is the only way we can give an image of wholeness to anyone.

Today I am gifting you with the message to “come after it from a place of wholeness”. Love yourself enough, the way God loves you, to heal from the inside out. Know you will never ever be perfect, and no one on this earth will ever completely agree with you 100% on things in your life. Be the very best you that you can ever be. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, to those who love you, and to humanity.

If you need or want help. I will do what I can to help you and give God the rest. Here is the deal though: you have to honestly want the message and the change. I can’t do for you what you need to do for yourself. You have to find the love that God put within you to bring you enough strength to do whatever it takes. Sometimes it feels like we go almost to the “pit of hell” on this earth for what we really want but the bliss of heaven awaits those who endure to the end! That is God’s promise!

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie (Still married to Jesus!)


Strength to Let it Go the Right Way

Rev Jenine MarieSometimes it takes all the strength we have to just keep our mouth closed when our hearts so need to express how we feel. After all, it is not a good feeling to keep things that bother us inside, not to mention it harms our bodies. There are times when I feel I have mastered “being slow to speak” and wait for the better moment to speak when my thoughts will come out better. I don’t always succeed at  this goal though. I do know that when I do wait there is a special reward that comes with it. God never gives us direction without some sort of good result when we have achieved the goal. Sometimes that reward is peace, which is a huge accomplishment. If peace were an island I would book a sail boat to live there right now.

Maybe the idea is to experience enough peace that we come to want it so bad that we will do anything to get it; even be slow to speak when the moment arises. I know that I love that reward even though I can fall short of obtaining it if I am not more careful. A type of empowerment happens when we speak our truth to others and sometimes when we don’t it comes at a difficult price. Achieving balance in this is really not easy but when it is obtained there is a huge reward on many levels. We have to want it bad enough. Once we want something bad enough we will act upon it even if it means keeping our mouth shut when we really need to.

There is a lot of reward in waiting as well. Sometimes things work themselves out while we wait for a more calm moment. That’s a huge bonus! Peace comes as a blessing. Bridling the tongue is a masterful art not to be scoffed at. Sometimes we are like a trash compactor of emotions from wounds of the past that have been stuffed down so much that even a tiny release of it can bring immediate destruction. I’m thinking the atomic bomb has nothing on compacted emotion. It can be a volatile situation.  Everyone needs a safe release. I don’t believe God intended us to not have that, but I do believe He empowers us to release it safely. I also don’t feel God intended us to only release it to Him, although that is a beginning. This does not mean I feel He is not powerful enough to take all of our pain, when I know He really is. Going to Him first can truly allow Him to calm the seas inside of us before they come out our mouth. It is true that “out of the heart the mouth speaks”. Part of our empowerment is speaking our truth though. We need others when we do this. Speaking it in a Godly ordered way brings it  out where it is safe and can be comforted by someone who understands. Obtaining understanding is a huge human need, in fact a lot of our difficult issues spawn forth through trying to obtain understanding of our hearts. As people, we feel like if we are not understood then we are not accepted either. Acceptance is real important to us. For some reason we wrap this all into a ball so we can determine if we are loved or not. True power comes in knowing we are loved no matter what but sometimes we need to dig through the trash compactor to find the place that will also accept ourselves enough to be loved as well.

All of these things are why I truly believe in good counseling. We all need each other. Counseling says that we love ourselves enough to heal and we love others enough not to wound them more.

Now that is powerful!

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Combining the Practical with the Spiritual to be Powerful

index5To be practical is to actually use something instead of just hold the theory of something. When we apply the practical to the spiritual we act on spiritual ideas or promises. Nothing spiritual can be used only in theory. Action is what makes the spiritual more powerful. Let me give you an example. A person can believe in love but without putting love into action by giving to someone out of that love, it is only still a theory but not an actual practice. Love is meant to be an action word and not a feeling. A person can believe in hope but without making an effort to step forward toward what is hoped for it is still a theory. There are miracles and things we do not “see” with our eyes but the Bible also tells us to “work out our salvation”. This gives us the understanding that action is desired in working along side the spiritual. Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. Belief is powerful. Yet, Abraham also made moves according to his beliefs. Abraham combined his belief with faith.

When accepting Christ as Savior, we express to Him and confess to Him. This is another example of how the practical gives power to the spiritual. There is divine healing in the power of the blood of Christ but our faith is the action we put forward in the process of healing. We are spiritual beings but we are also physical and have a soul. Our human existence is triune just like our God is triune. We are body, soul, and spirit. These all act together and work together in practical ways. No prayer can be answered without a prayer being set forth before God. Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. Jesus gave them an example in a practical way in order to connect with the spiritual.

I’ve had several people ask me over the years when God is going to send them a mate. God wants nothing more than to help to create happiness by giving us a mate. Yet, it seems very unfeasible to sit in one place just waiting for God to drop someone into our lap. Action is needed in practical ways. We need to do our part and have faith that God will do His. There is no doubt that God is powerful enough to drop someone right at our door. Yet, where is the lesson in strength, determination, or an exercise in our faith? There is no growth in remaining  stagnant.

Practical application of Biblical ideas bring us success and blessing. God wants us to have the blessings. Obedience is important! This is not the same as legalistic views that we have to do something in order to obtain God’s blessing or His acceptance. Being practical is being a partner with God in our living on this planet. God wants this relationship with us! We are definitely saved by His grace. Yet, even in that, we have created an action by believing on Jesus Christ, and confessing our sins to Him. Our response to our belief is an important part of our faith in God.

God gave us all His manual for living in the contents of the Bible. We can read it and understand His personality, nature, power, and add to the power of our belief. Reading and praying are both practical actions! God is as a parent to us all. As parents we always want to teach our children how to achieve things in this life. We love to bless them with good things, but to not ask them to participate in life in practical ways will stunt their growth. Parental love is not like this. Parental love has action and practical ways of having the children participate. Every child responds to rewards when they have done things well. We are the same with God. We become stronger when we apply ourselves toward a goal.

God asks us to pursue peace. We all desire the reward of having peace, but notice that we are asked to pursue. Spiritually we can always ask God for guidance as to what our actions can be. Sometimes He wants us to “be still and know He is God”. Still our practical application is “being still”. Spiritually walking with God is always an adventure, and it is meant to be! There is no adventure in not participating in the journey!

My desire for you today is to find the practical actions that go along with spiritual beliefs and walking in the Spirit. My hope for you is to achieve the strength that God wants you to have so that you can climb to the mountain tops! The view is beautiful from there!

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie

Be Completely You!

Rev Jenine MarieWe live in a culture that is comprised of so much diversity. Honestly I think it is what makes us so interesting as a people. There are so many things we can learn and people we can learn them from. Personally, I love learning and experiencing other ways of life, diverse foods, customs, and ideas. On one hand it makes me feel like there are limitless options out there for me, and there are!

Yet, we can get lost in all of the differences if we don’t be careful, especially if there is a tendency to be a people pleasing person. I can’t think of anything more frustrating when others feel we should conform to their image of what or who we should be. I believe most people have good and honest intentions but they don’t always know what is best for us.

There is a huge power in being the person God has created us to be! We are uniquely fashioned to operate in this life as we are and we are completely loved as we are as well! Knowing who I am, and whose I am, has brought me a great deal of empowerment when it comes to making decisions in my life! God did not intend for us to be human clones of each other. It is our uniqueness that makes us interesting! In our society there can be a tendency to morph into others ideas in order to fit in and be accepted. God loves and accepts us right on the path we are on and just as we are. There is always room for improvement but it is our personal improvement we are seeking. There is not even enough energy in this world to give our power toward being as someone else is. Our greatest empowerment is in being completely ourselves. God created us for destiny, and although we jointly are involved in destiny, we all have a personal part in it.

You do the world justice in being the most powerful you possible! You were made with God’s spark of creative mystery inside of you and life will be powerful if you stay the course in exploring what that means. God’s created universe will back up your plans to become completely and powerfully yourself! Keep the ship guided toward your passion and you will drive right into your most powerful and confident you!

Sincerely Yours,

Rev Jenine Marie


How Men Can Be Supportive

Rev Jenine MarieThe most confident of women still need the support of the men who surround them. As much as we do not like to admit this, the men in our lives have a strong pull regarding our self image, confidence, and successes in life. Even God tells us to not be unequally yolked because if two do not agree then they can not walk together. There is nothing more disheartening than to be partnered with someone who is set on defeating us. It’s hard enough in this world when we are bombarded by so many elements that cause us to always be in the spiritual battle in order to continue to thrive, let alone have it in our own home or own lives.

Having a man in our life who positively supports us and our endeavors is a real important thing. It is better to not have anyone then to live side by side with someone who knocks us down so much that we have to continually strive to just get by that we seem to never go any further in life.

Aside from instructing women to make good choices in life, I want to address the men for a moment. After all, creating more aware and supportive men can give us all a better chance of having one who is.

Here it goes! Men, you do not make yourself look bigger, more confident, more desirable, more successful, more powerful, or even more “right”, but stomping your woman down! I know it can be very easy to slip into what you perceive as the headship mode and lay down the law according to what you want and desire. Allow me to interject a little secret here, “This will not empower you in the long run”! There might be a false sense of winning the battle, and we all know how important that is to you! We know that men are designed to win the war for us, but be very careful where you wage your war! Your battle is never with us. Your battle is outside of us in order to protect us. Not only that, trying to conquer your woman will only defeat you in the long run! STOP FIGHTING HER! She is not your enemy! You were given a special gift by God in the partner and wife you have been blessed with. Women were created from the side of a man in order to stand by his side. If you smash your woman, you have just destroyed your greatest ally! Do NOT do this! Let me give you just a little advice here if you humor me for just a moment. (Don’t check out here, it will be worth it in the long run)!

Tell her you love her every day! I know she “knows” this, but she also needs to hear it.

Talk about the good things that she is. It will not lift her or you up to complain about her to others. After all, look at is this way; she certainly does not shed good light on you or your choices if you make her look bad by your complaints about her.

Be supportive of her goals and allow her the space to accomplish her dreams. Remember her goals are also your combined goals. Taking away her power will not make you look stronger. It actually makes you look weak, not to mention it is unfair.

Be genuine in accentuating her beauty both inside and out. See her for who and what she really is, a gift to you from God. You will never give her more confidence by comparing her to other women, allowing your eyes to wander elsewhere, criticizing her choices, or not allowing her to be herself.

When you are together in other places, always let her know she has your support, even when your attention has to be on other things or other people. Show her she adds to your successes and compliments your life by not ignoring her in the crowd.

If you want her to stand, stop knocking her down! You will never help her to become better or stronger if you are the one who is acting as her enemy. A house divided will not stand! If you want support from her, then make sure you do not destroy the support system. She will rise to the occasion every single time for a man who empowers her instead of taking away her power!

These are just some things to get you started. I can mention more, but I think you have the idea. If you are building together, don’t bring it all down by stomping on your building partner! If you support her empowerment it will empower you as well. Remember she is strong enough to arise to any occasion. God has given her that when He made her. If you always try to break her, eventually God will empower her to leave you and it will be the greatest mistake of your life!

I’m being honest here. We live in a society that takes away the value of women in so many ways. MEN do NOT be one of them!

Lovingly yours,

Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Be in Control of Only What You Can

3mgegup4bt78vr3gk0af88b0u2782134.jpg-finalWe often think or believe that if we can control, manipulate, or change the environment around us then our lives would be better. For some reason, as people, we tend to believe that our lives are a result of what is outside of us and not the inside of us. It is true that a favorable environment makes things a whole lot easier, and God loves to give us favor! It is awesome to have it easy, be around those who are like minded, and buzz through life that way. This will not always be what we get though. We live in a world of different people who make different choices, and create different environment around us. Bottom line, we will not always agree and life will not always be a breeze because of it.

Our road to peace is paved with opportunities to change and control only what we can. That means we are given the gift to be able to work on ourselves. This does not always feel good but it is the way to more gracious living. Our outsides challenge our insides to make decisions which change our personal outcomes. In the process even our outer environment can also change, but this is not always the case, so we can’t base our decisions and reactions according to them. If we choose to focus on controlling our inner temperature instead of trying to set the outer thermostat then we are given the opportunity to focus on the peaceful things outside of us instead of what is not working.  It is all a matter of perspective. If we concentrate on what is hot outside our insides will focus on what is hot. If we do the opposite then we will see the opposite.

It seems simplistic, and it truly is, but that does not mean it is easy! We can all spend a lifetime learning to master the control of our inner temperature! Be sure when you have overcome one situation this way, another will present itself and it usually is harder. Looking at those who spend most of their lives working on the inside of them, we can see who has achieved the most peace and the most control over their own lives. Nothing is completely within our control because we live in a world of continual changes. Controlling our own reactions to those changes can make all the difference in the world though! Quiet contemplation of how our road map should look from the inside out can help plan for those moments that might seem way out of balance and control.

Remember today that you can not change, control, or manipulate, those things around you or people you encounter to make it more suitable for your desire. You can only change, and be in control, of yourself. This means how you view things, respond to things, and act around them. When encountering the undesirable temperature, take a step back, consider the choices between either inner peace or chaos. Choose either one but be prepared to go around the same mountain every time you choose chaos. Its a process, so be good to yourself. Be patient and kind and loving to the person you are first and the rest will follow on the outside of you as well. We are atmosphere changers and we can affect our surroundings for the better, but we have to be willing to take control of our own lives in order to make the rest more peaceful!

Peacefully yours,

Jenine Marie!




When the Time is Right

There is a power in knowing the right time for certain things in life. We can always recognize the wrong time; usually after the fact. It can be harder to recognize the right time for things. God tells us that there is a time and a season for all things under heaven. Through this statement we can know that God has order. We see the seasons change in different ways but rest assured they always change. Good timing for things creates good balance as well. A step out of time causes a stumble and a lesson. This can be good as well, but usually not the preferred route. Blessings are good anytime and usually a surprise but being powerful and ordering things takes wisdom and faith. Consulting God for a sign or wisdom as to the correct timing is a strong productive thing to do. Hearing Him and taking His cues as to timing might be harder but for those who stay tuned to His voice and His ways will always know His response. God’s word can be great guidance toward ethical and moral decisions. He is the morality creator. If we take all of God and apply Him to our decisions, listening, watching, and understanding his word, then we will always be in step with the right timing in life!

May God grant you powerful discernment to know the timing of all decisions in life! Hear Him, see Him, and know His word, in order to know His season for your decisions and movement in this life!


Rev Jenine Marie





Know Who Your Enemy Is

unnamed23I had to think long and hard before deciding to finally write this post. I believe the spirit of instruction won in this case. At any rate, there are a few things I feel are important to clear up if we are going to be powerfully confident. Knowing who our enemy is and who it is not can make all of the difference in the world when we are in battle. Before the battle even begins we really need to survey the situation before taking action. After all, doesn’t God ask us to be slow to speak? This more than implies that we really need to watch our step before we take it.

I recall hearing a story a long time ago about a married couple who were locking horns regarding a rough marital situation. It appears that this couple was caught off guard by a concerned friend who popped in on them unexpectedly only to find them both armed against each other with anointing oil and the scriptures! Can you picture the steamy scene here? Apparently they were each preparing to cast the devil out of the other one! Before you laugh too hard, it really does not fall to far from how battles tend to play out between our inherited family members as well. Doesn’t it seem sometimes that we are so busy finding fault in one another that we forget who our true enemy really is?

It’s true that Jesus fought the devil in the desert using the scriptures as His sword and it certainly was, and is, the appropriate way to fight our adversary. The scriptures do provide us with a fair and powerful defense when we need one. The question begs to be answered though, “When do we need one”? Let me bring it forth this way, “Have you ever been in a difficult conversation with someone who is a fellow believer and all they can seem to do is shoot scriptures at you because they feel the need to defend themselves”? I can’t think of a more frustrating way to have a conversation with those who are supposed to be our family. How can there be an exchange of ideas or even hearts when someone is too busy using the scriptures as a line of defense all of the time? In all honesty, I would rather have someone cut to the chase and come out and say what they are really thinking instead of having me try to interpret the meaning they are placing on the scriptures. A heated conversation is truly no place to cause confusion. God is not the author of confusion.

We are supposed to use scriptures with one another but the Bible tells us to use them to encourage one another! How can we ever encourage anyone if our battle scriptures are used against one another? Battle scriptures are supposed to be used against our true enemy; the devil. He is the only one we need to defend ourselves against in a heated situation. Although, the scriptures are supposed to be used to teach us how to live and behave on the playground, I am not sure God intended them to be used as arrows against one another. In the spirit of teaching, I can certainly see where they should be used for instruction, but not in an exchange with one another where people are seeking for understanding of each other.

A lot can be remedied when we understand who our true enemy is, and it is not supposed to be each other! We are human and we do come up on situations where we encounter difficult moments, misunderstandings, and conflict. This is normal, and again, it is human. It is important to handle those situations as scriptural and meaningful as we can. Yet, there is a way to be scriptural and not spout off the scriptures like we are dropping bombs into enemy territory. Those things are better reserved for “battle in the spirit time”. Remember we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. Our scripture battles are better left for the true enemy of our soul and all of his divisive soldiers.

Our great gift to this world is to show wisdom as a warrior! We wrestle against the torrents of the enemies web in the spirit world and we find the best ways to settle conflicted situations through combinations of mercy, grace, and discipline, in the natural world. It’s a balance act that bears some practice to perfect it!

Be powerful today by knowing who your true enemy is and ask for wisdom, not to react, but to act accordingly!

All blessings be yours!

Rev Jenine Marie