Finding Confidence Through Discerning Anger


Anger is a very tricky emotion sometimes. God has given us the ability to be angry and yet it seems like the world always wants to stop us from feeling it. In all honesty, anger has a real God given purpose. Without it we would find it much harder to discover the places inside of us that hurt. Anger expresses our emotion of feeling slighted, stepped on, rejected, hurt, and many other things. Sometimes our anger can reveal things that we never realized were there in us. Anyone who lives in this world will experience things that will potentially cause emotional issues that can fester deep inside the inner parts. Often these things live in us until something or someone comes along to bring it to the surface. If we stop anger from happening all together then we stop our ability to discover those things that anger will reveal in us.

God tells us to “anger but sin not”. This means basically, “By all means be angry, but do not allow it to flow out of control or get out of balance”. If anger can be used to mindfully bring forward an important issue that needs to come to the surface so it can be dealt with, then it is anger well spent. The hard issues come if the balance of anger goes beyond its true purpose. Once anger has revealed that there is a problem that is coming up, then the real tricky part is to allow it to just simmer enough to uncover it.

The next time anger comes to the surface, by all means express the issue because it hurts you more not to. Then mindfully stop and examine the issue that is behind it. Ask God to help you discern what the anger means and why it is present. Really, anger can be your confident friend if you allow it to. Not all anger is bad, so keep that out of your mind. No guilt for expressing the truth of what is inside of you, even if the truth seems a bit misguided. This is what life is experienced for! You will find a new confidence in this process and a new empowerment as you learn to use your God given emotions to bring real healing to yourself and others!

In addition, never go to bed angry! Meditate, pray, and allow yourself to be settled before sleeping. Keeping anger inside all through the night will cause terrible issue in your health. This would be anger out of balance! Keep yourself on even keel. Learning to manage the waves of life’s emotional ocean is a very lofty endeavor, but well worth the journey!

God’s blessing upon you!

Jenine Marie

Ephesians 4:26 (American Standard Version)

26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

Confidence Through Brokenness

Rev Jenine MarieI’m not sure how it works when empowerment comes shining through brokenness. I can only say that I am so glad that it can and does happen. There is a God given miracle that comes through tears, struggle, and a broken heart. Maybe it is because those are the times when we turn our hearts to God the most, or the moments we seek something higher than ourselves. Either way, or regardless to how it happens the reality is that it does happen. There is a shining moment when everything in life takes a huge shift. Sometimes the circumstances have not even changed yet, it is just the understanding that they will change. It is the power that comes from the knowledge that things will become brighter and better than they were before just in the light of the release of frustration and struggle.

Think of all the times you struggled in your own soul. The emotional train wreck alone is enough to send someone packing from the things of life on this planet. Yet, every single time there is a powerful rescue if you choose to look for it. We are powerful people. You are a powerful person. This truth can never be realized unless there is a struggle and growth period involved.

Sleep soundly and well in the knowledge that dramatic change is taking place in your life! There are moments in life that seem to suck the air right out of us, but without them we would never know how radiant the bliss is when transformation comes. Even more amazing is that the transformation will always come!  The next time there are internal struggles over external things, take some time to reflect on the transformation. The miracle comes through turning life over to the power Who is always faithful to you. Our universe was created with set standards. Those things that are truth will never change. Take your broken pieces and put them on the altar of hope for awhile. Wait for the powerful transformation to begin as you reflect on speaking your heart to the One who always cares, is always there, and will always support you! God never fails. He is confidence through brokenness.

Confidently Yours,

Jenine Marie

Matthew 5:3-4

3“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.…

Take On a Dose of Integrity


Everyone in this world seems to love being in a place of influence. I think it is human nature to want to be “the one” for someone or others. Influence can be a powerful thing, and it does not always mean a person needs money to achieve it. Influence can be done through a simple dose of walking in integrity. To have integrity is to walk in honesty and sound moral principles. It also means to show we can be trusted. A person who has integrity is one who others can trust and count on through any weather. If you have a friend you can trust, then you have a great treasure! If you are a person who can be trusted, then you are a great treasure!

Powerful confidence comes through walking in deep integrity. Confidence does not mean perfection. Please keep this in mind! Perfection is not ever obtained in this world as long as we are here in our current state. According to scriptures in the bible, someday “perfection will come” in the personified as our Christed Light and then “we shall be like Him.” Until then, we will fall, and we will fail. The main thing is to keep on getting up. To continue to get up when things fall apart shows excellent strength and integrity!

It seems as we seek meaning for ourselves in this world, our illusion is the most excellent movers and shakers are those who cheat others. Ingenuine people never prosper even if it appears they do. Those who walk with great integrity receive the most significant rewards, are the most fulfilled, and are the greatest treasures to humankind.

If you want to influence this world, then allow integrity to be your banner! Everyone on this earth seeks out those to follow, emulate, and become apart of influential groups. Our honest and trustworthiness within our sense of community and compassion always speaks loudly for our reputation. If you want to be one who has a good reputation as one of this world’s most influential people, then take on a dose of integrity and follow integrity’s ways. You will never be sorry!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

Confidence Through Power Prayers

Praying WomanAny time spent in prayer has to be the most sacred time of a day.  We don’t often turn to prayer unless there is an issue we need to address with God regarding ourselves or others we love. God loves when we pray, and in addition, He loves to bless our prayer time with His goodness! Communication with our maker brings everything into perspective. I know that recently when I went through something challenging it was a real blessing to be able to stay in contact with the One who knows me best and to also enlist others to go to Him on my behalf.

I can’t exactly explain what happens when I personally know that others are praying for me through a challenge. It’s a mystical thing and in all honestly I really don’t care as much to know how it happens as to just know that it does happen! Empowerment and confidence come through prayer and connection with God and others who know God as well!

It can be real easy to just say prayer does not work but that idea has to come from those who have not faithfully tried it. My challenge to you today is to find powerful confidence through connection to the highest loving power there is! Spend every morning talking to your Maker and make it quality time. Follow up by an evening of prayer and listening before bed. Prayer is transformational and very powerful!

I guarantee your efforts will never return void. It’s God’s promise to you and to those who come to Him with a heart in faith. Look for Him in answers and in blessing each day you connect. You will see Him in all you encounter! Be powerfully confident, be in prayer!

Love and blessing

Jenine Marie

Truth and Acceptance Without Judgement

It can be easy to go through life with a judgmental eye and see fault in everything we see. The problem with this is we end up not loving anything at all. Our lives become dis-empowered and filled with dissension. A heavy cloud of continual judgement brings grief to the soul. If you are not a believer of this reality try going through life for one full day and pick apart everything. An experiment of the negative is enough to show anyone what zaps our power and love more than anything else.

Adding truth to our lives is important. If it were not for truth about things we would not be walking in reality. No one faces a giant without knowing the truth of a situation. So, where do we draw the line when truth is not exactly positive? We can learn to walk with acceptance of what our circumstances are without judging it one way or the other. A person can actually act as an observer about life and know, or report, the truth of a situation without feeling the need to condemn it all. Acceptance is empowering because once something is accepted we can deal with it in more of a mater of fact way. We can’t judge it and make it negative and feel empowered through it.

In God’s eyes “all things work together for good” so if we want to walk in that truth we need to learn how to activate acceptance in our lives and situations. Quiet contemplation with God on His truth regarding our journey will bring ease on the path.

If you want to be empowered and confident in the things you do, then learn the art of  acceptance in all things and then work through them one step at a time. Judgement will inevitably bring failure in the midst of things and certainly not a good attitude about them. To walk in acceptance of the truth is to walk in love. So love yourself today and don’t judge the truth, the process, or the outcome!

I pray for you to walk an empowered and confident life today! Laugh, cry, pray, and gather to pray. Don’t deny the truth of what occurs in life but embrace it all, knowing that the outcome will be for your good!

The Power of Confidence Through Rest

Peaceful Power“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:28-29 (NIV)

There is a gentleness in God that brings complete rest when we allow it to happen. We are invited to lay down our burdens at the throne room and release ourselves from the strains of life. During this time we give over our burdens and allow rest to be our power and confidence. We can never be confident when we are tired, weary, and pressed down. A confident soul is one that allows itself to be free and to rest from life’s troubles.

When we are bogged down with so much in life that it becomes too hard to handle our confidence and power in life will be zapped as well. The old adage, “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today,” is not always the best advice. Sometimes the best thing to do in some circumstances is nothing. At some point we have to know that the highest power is working on things for our better good.

So, my dear sisters, go and find your rest when you need it! Your confident life depends upon it! We never have the opportunity to see miracles if we are always at work in situations and acting as our own god. Sometimes we need to step aside and allow ourselves to be confident in the God who made us unique and powerful! Yes, we are powerful!

Powerful does not mean we always have to be moving, doing, and acting. Sometimes power sits quietly and waits for some of the storm to pass. The words “Be still and know that I am God” can be the most powerfully soothing words that there is! So, be good to yourself! Take some time away, and allow time for all things to be made new! God has promised you that this will happen! Believe it!

Rest in the power of confidence in God when life’s storms become more than you can handle yourself!


Jenine Marie 

Powerful Confidence Through Personal Support : Women Need Women!

Have you ever heard the expression, “No man is an island”? I think most people have. No woman is an island either, nor should she ever be! Granted there are times when we really need to step aside and take some independent personal time away from everything and everyone. We need that mind space to figure out life sometimes. Even Jesus went off on His own to seek, pray, and meditate. I believe that sometimes He just plain needed rest! Hey, don’t we all!

Women grouped together are like a bouquet of wild flowers!
Women grouped together are like a bouquet of wild flowers!

Yet, there is something so ingrained in women that causes us to take great pleasure in congregating! Since the beginning of time, the men went out to hunt to bring back the provision and the women stayed behind tending to the home, the family, and to each other. I’m sure that they all stuck together in order to protect those home fires, and each other, while the men were away. Otherwise the animals might ravage the homestead! I truly believe that women were designed to be in groups and when we don’t congregate we are not as powerful as we are when we do! No doubt about it, women need women.

Can you see the scenario in the village as the men go off to kill their prey? The women put the children to bed then hover over the fire to talk about how they can better secure their families. I am sure during the course of the night the subject of their men came up from time to time. Alright, maybe more than from time to time!

Aren’t we like that though? Don’t we sharpen one another when we stick together, gather together, and work out life together? It is also very true that women can be our worst adversaries as well. Why do we do this when working together makes us much more powerful? This is the deal; there are many more women in the world then men. Women instinctively try to eliminate the competition! Our ingrained fear of being lost in the crowd,  over looked for relationships, or left behind, cause us to work against each other. Just consider how we feel when our men look at another woman in the store! We get ANGRY! Then we take it out on our man, on the woman he looked at, and on other women! This is not the only thing we compete about, but you get my drift! Before you become ashamed of our gender, consider that this is really not our fault. We tend to be protective and territorial about the things we love. God made us this way in order to preserve the family unit and the human race. If we did not care about our loved ones, families, and relationships, then the fiber of our families would break down. We are the glue that holds these things together!

So, what is our answer here? It is very simple. We need to acknowledge that we have this personal possession rivalry, set it aside, and decide that we are more powerful when we work together then when we shove each other aside. Becoming angry over things that we can not help will never get us anywhere. We are more powerful when we are personally supported by one another. Do you agree with me here? I hope so, because I am on a tangent with this. We have to get over ourselves so we can get under our barriers and lift ourselves and each other up!

If you are a woman who really wants to find lasting success, then you have to be one who is an ambassador to women! This is the only way to have the lasting powerful success as well as confidence we are all looking for! Women are great at lifting each other up when we decide we want to be. Consider this; when we help everyone be confident and successful then we all will have that power among us. Our men are wonderful, but they don’t understand us the way we understand each other! We are lifelines to one another!

Are you ready to be an ambassador to other women and what can you personally do in order to sharpen iron with another? We can all achieve powerful confidence through personal support of one another! How do we think that diet and fitness programs work so well? Its the buddy system of personal confidence and success!

Tell me; what ways are you willing to lift up other women as well as yourself? Inquiring minds really want know!

Your ambassador in confidence!

Jenine Marie 

Can Women Be Powerfully Confident?

“I am praying for the confident woman to arise in you to be an over comer regardless of circumstances”. Rev Jenine Marie

I’ve heard it said that there is nothing more attractive in a woman like confidence! I suppose this is very true. Self assured women can be very magnetic! I also believe that confident women are very powerful and have a power to draw others to themselves and draw good things to themselves as well. I feel, as women, we all seek a confidence that will some how magically wipe away our fears and insecurities. In fact, I believe many of us pray for this.

In reality our confidence does not mean that fear is absent. Most of the time fear is present to warn us from things that bring us harm. The trouble comes when we let our fears run rampant enough to rule inside us. I have come to believe that confidence is not the absence of fear but comes out of a transformed way of how we think about it.

It might seem a lot easier to ask God to remove our fear. Honestly it is highly unlikely that He will magically do this, because it is more beneficial to allow us to overcome it and develop a new relationship with it.  So, how do we do this? Sometimes it is a matter of learning to not react to our fearful thoughts and learning how to act in a way that allows fear to propel us forward.

Believe it or not, it is highly possible to do this and find a way toward a more secure confidence. Nothing ever comes completely easy or we would never grow in life, so this might just require some work , some faith, and some dedication. Would you like the kind of powerful confidence that comes from learning how to overcome fear and insecurity? If you just nodded your head, “Yes”, then stick here with me. We have some good discussion to get into!

Before you think that this will mean one formula is revealed and that takes care of everything, consider all of the scenarios you might have to apply it to. The possibilities can be endless! My hope and prayer is that some of women’s main insecure issues can be brought to light in this blog and how to build a new relationship with those fears in order to be an over comer of them. Instead of reacting and over reacting, let’s learn to act in a way that resembles the Spirit of God in us as women! Let’s learn how to be powerfully confident in a way that not only lifts us up but other women with us!

Does this sound wonderful to you? I hope so! I have a mission in life now to lift up women to a new place of confidence that will bring powerful transformation in life. Before I go further, realize that this takes togetherness. It takes faith in God, faith in ourselves, and faith in one another. Can we live in a world where women stop mistrusting one another and begin to work together with each other on transformation? I really believe so! If you want to find powerful confidence for yourself and help bring it to others then stay around for awhile and invite others as well! A new transformation is waiting!

Sincerely and prayerfully yours,

Jenine Marie