Meditation for Lower Blood Pressure

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This is no kidding! If you want to help lower your blood pressure then learn meditation techniques. It has been found those who practice meditation on a regular basis can lower their blood pressure and even lower the amount of medication they take. This interesting study was written in an article by Allison Aubrey, a correspondent for NPR news, called, “To Lower Blood Pressure Open Up and Say ‘OM’.”

In Aubrey’s article she cited a study on meditation and the effects on those with high blood pressure and on medication. She wrote, “It helps increase the formation of a compound called nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to open up. This, in turn, lowers blood pressure” (web).

Using meditation for health purposes whether emotional or physical has nothing to do with religion or faith unless those things are incorporated by those who are involved in the practice. There are many videos, audios, and suggestions on the web. I have personally found that meditation helps me focus better and helps my discernment and intuition. I find the practice relaxing. Meditating can also help positively reprogram the mind and the neurological path- ways of the brain.

Adding positive affirmation to meditations can mindfully help change or renew the mind and also redirect one’s life. When modern medicine supports and ancient practice, it is worth taking a look at. Agree?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

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Reference: Aubrey, Allison. To Lower Blood Pressure, Open Up and Say ‘OM’. npr. August 21, 2008. Retrieved May 16, 2018. Web. 

Do We Have to Age Gracefully?

pexels-photo-972278.jpegI was visiting my favorite drug store here in Paris, TX to grab a few things I needed for the week. A lovely lady with a very modern hair style with some awesome red highlights helped me at the cosmetic counter when I was ready to be rung up. Before she gave me the total I asked if they take AARP, which is an organization that gives benefits and discounts to older people. She proudly said they did and in fact she noted she would have to get one of those, (an AARP card).

Suddenly a huge smile hit her face as she let me know she was 56 years old! Wow, she sure did not look it. I would have never known. In fact, she looked in her late 30’s or 40’s. Since she shared, I was happy to share my age. She returned my complement, “Wow, you sure don’t look that age!” I don’t mind my age. I just don’t want to FEEL my age. I still think I’m in my 30’s but certainly know I am not after all the life I have lived through.

As I drove off, I thought to myself, “Age is a state of mind, not an amount of years that have been lived.” In my mind, I am still as young as when my kids were growing up. Now they are grown. What could ever stop me from being as young as my thoughts can create me to be? It’s true, the body changes after a certain age, but we don’t have to feel older. We can feel as young as we desire to believe we are. I have heard of people finishing college in their 80’s or running marathons in their 70’s. Can we really overcome any physical obstacles that are placed upon our chronological age? If its true that we live from the inside out and our thoughts create, then our bodies should follow suit and be as young as we believe we are. In other words, nothing should stop us from keeping as active as we can and vital as we believe we are.

Do we really need to “grow older gracefully” or can we decide we are as young as we feel? What is YOUR choice?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD.

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Do You Have Anxiety, Panic Attacks, or Stress? Breathe On….(Two Videos)

pexels-photo-321576.jpegI can’t believe myself at times when I check my body and realize I have held my breath or have forgotten to breathe completely. Stress, anxiety, and just plain life, can cause us to shallow breathe. It is so important for us to breathe correctly for vitality, ease in life, and regulation of our bodies organs, especially the heart. In these two videos I talk about belly breathing and also what is called Ujjayi breathing. Both help open up the throat space, bring ease and tranquility to the mind, soul and body.

In the book of Genesis God breathed His breath into Adam and life began. Breath is life! Bring life to your body, senses, and organs by breathing correctly! Enjoy!


Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC


Have You Ever Tried Mindful Eating?

pexels-photo-390403.jpegHave you ever noticed that in America we eat like we are in some sort of marathon eating event? I sure have. It’s like the eating race began years ago and it slowly programmed us into always being in a rush. “Let’s grab a quick bite to eat,” we say, as we run off to gulp our next meal, barely talking to one another.

Take being in a restaurant for instance. It’s like the rules have changed. We are rushed in, brought our food, asked about 100 times if we need anything else, and then as we drink our after lunch cup of coffee the bill is being stuffed under our noses. Let’s analyze this for a moment. We go into a place to eat and we PAY for the table, the food, and the service. Part of going out is the fellowship and the ambiance of being out in a place where food is prepared for us. Somehow the restaurants have taken over how fast we have to eat and be done.

We are geared toward being in a hurry. They want to fill our table as soon as possible and if we linger we are bombarded by continual interruptions from a waitress who has been taught to do this to us (no judgement here).

In Biblical times and in ancient Egypt, a meal was a blessing and a sacred time to spend with others we love and to honor God. Whole festivals were created surrounding the harvest of the grains for their meals. Offerings were given to God in gratitude for all He had supplied them. Meals were an event to be languished over, with laughter, fellowship, and the food was to be savored.

Somehow we lost the ball on this practice. We gobble our food down and before we know it we are filled with much more food than we really needed. No wonder so many suffer from intestinal and GI problems. Our food never has the opportunity to be broken down properly by the body because it gets stuffed into us way too fast. This also leads to overeating.

Eating is meant to be a slower process. I want to introduce to you “Mindful Eating”. This means taking the time to savor every bite of our food, chewing it adequately before swallowing, and eating only until we are full. You see, the saliva in our mouths is the first process of digestion and the breaking down of food. Eating slower and more mindfully helps to create adequate saliva for the digestion kick off. Eating mindfully and slower allows us to use all of those great taste buds that are in out mouths. We are meant to really taste our food!

Then comes the swallow. When eating is done slowly it also allows our stomach to produce the stomach acids needed to further break down our foods as we eat. The other great affect of eating slowly is that we eat less because we have the sense that we are fuller faster. Our brains have a place inside that tells us when we are full and then we stop eating. Eating slowly allows that trigger to happen more effectively and we tend to get full faster and eat less food. If we gobble too much too fast, our brains think we still need to eat more and we end up over eating before it has the chance to tell us that it is enough!

If we practice mindful eating we don’t need a diet. Our bodies tell us when we are hungry and when we are full. Its really easy. Just listen to the signals. I can imagine the look on a waitresses face after telling her I am mindfully eating and I might be here longer than expected! Actually, it does not take that much more time. In fact, you will be full faster and more than likely ask for a doggie bag and be on your way.

Next time you are out, give this a try. Eat mindfully. Savor ever bite. Be thankful for what God provided and allow your taste buds to really relish the flavor of the food! Allow your body to naturally do its job and you will see that your eating habits will change. Your body has been created to tell you when to eat, when to stop, and what foods it really wants and craves. Listen to it carefully and you will never speak the word “diet” again!


“Today, I will mindfully eat my food, taste every bite, and be thankful for all that God has supplied to me. I will allow my body to tell me when I am full and when the next time to eat is. When I am hungry my stomach will rumble. When I am full, my brain will shut me off and I will push away the plate. Today, I will take a step toward better digestive habits and pay attention to what my body is asking for and what I do not need. Let my bodies intuitive gifts guide me in my eating habits.”

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie Howry


Tension Headaches? I’ve Got Your Natural Remedy

downloadI can’t think of anything as hard to deal with than a tension headache. Well, there are things I guess that are harder  like natural child birth but at least with that there is a reward. The tension headache rewards no one. I used to have them quite a bit and have tried a lot of things. Of course prayer is the first solution but after that try this:


Boil 3 cups of water

Add 2 tablespoons of fresh ground ginger

Allow to steep for 5 minutes

Add natural honey to taste

Ginger is a great remedy for inflammation which is usually a tension headache cause. Lay down and rest while you sip your mixture and plan to spend some time just resting your head on a good pillow where the back of your neck and shoulders are supported.

Breathe deeply a few times and let a lot of relaxing air into your system and then blow out and completely relax ! Surprise! After some rest your headache should be gone. Give this a try!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

** Steeped ginger recipe from FIRST for Woman , January 2017 issue

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Did You Know How Coconut Oil Can Kill Mouth Bacteria? Here are the Benefits!

coconut_oilI was never so happy to discover that coconut oil has so many benefits for our bodies! Please see my post on the benefits of coconut oil! The Benefits of Coconut Oil .

Now I have discovered that using coconut oil as a replacement to mouth wash is so good for us! All that is needed is to take a spoonful of oil in the morning after brushing your teeth and swish it around like mouthwash. Do NOT swallow it because it removes bacteria from the teeth, gums, and tongue. You don’t want this in your stomach! The point of it all is to eliminate a lot of the mouth bacteria that eventually ends up in the stomach.

Swish it gently for anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Then spit it out and rinse your mouth. Here are the benefits:

  1. Cures bad breath
  2. Keeps bacteria from entering into the stomach from the mouth
  3. Helps avoid skin eruptions due to lower bacteria being ingested.
  4. Gives a bright shiny beautiful smile
  5. Keeps gums safe from gum disease
  6. Will help major skin problems such as  rosacea, psoriasis, and facial breakouts!
  7. Will bring more energy and health over time
  8. Good for heart health

I like to cook with coconut oil and I also take a tablespoon of it daily and swallow. It is good for digestion and bowel issues.

Here is to your health!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

For more information about coconut oil for mouth cleansing please see this website

Ten Reasons You Should Use Coconut Oil in Your Mouth Every Morning!


Are You Depressed and Anxious?

photo 3 (4)1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. (Genesis 1:1-2).

Do you ever feel formless and void sometimes? I know I do. Sometimes between seasons that change in my life I can get this glazed over look like I am somewhere in another realm waiting for life support. Or then there are the times when I know I need to be writing a message and I just stare at the computer screen wondering where my mind is. I was sure it was there the last time I looked!

All kidding aside, feeling formless and void can also be a serious thing. According to the National Institute of Mental Health there are over 40 MILLION people in this country that suffer from anxiety type conditions alone. In 2014 over 15.7 MILLION adults were diagnosed with a form of depressive disorder. The mental health bills in this country are up over a staggering $100 BILLION  or more. Folks we have a serious problem in this country!**(Freedom and Depression Association of America). Can you agree?

Along with these statistics, comes a lot of shame among those who have suffered and some have suffered in silence. It can be hard to be a Christian and have this type of diagnosis. After all, aren’t we supposed to have the answers, be filled with joy, and positive affirmations? Of course we are supposed to have faith, and joy is certainly obtainable. God does have the answers. Sometimes they are miraculous healing and sometimes He works His miracle through modern medicine. I’m not saying that all medicines are good for us, but for some, medications for anxiety and depression can mean the difference between a functional life, or sometimes death. This is serious!

We can take some refuge in the storm knowing that God Himself hovers over the face of the deep. The depth of our soul can be filled with torrential storms that only He can help calm. Darkness can try to take up residence there but God will speak light into those areas if we allow Him to!

3And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. (Genesis 1: 3-5).

God speaks into our very being. He lives inside of us! If you struggle with anxiety and depression, allow Him to speak “Let there be light” into the dark spaces because He still creates the same way He did from the beginning of time. The change can be the difference between night and day!

If you need medication with your faith, please do not hesitate to get an evaluation from a good medical professional! You might just get your full joy back! That is what God wants for you! Don’t go a single day without the ability to smile! God wants the best for you and so do I!

Dear Jesus, By the power of Your name, I speak light into the darkened inner places in each one. As You hover over the face of the deepened spaces of our being , bring  to the storms of life, and level the hills and valleys. Lead each one to a balance needed to function well. Take the stigma and shame from Your children regarding depression and anxiety. Bring compassion into the churches for those who often suffer silently! I proclaim “Silence no more” in Jesus’ name, and heart, amen!

Freedom does not have to be hard,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching– 800-421-1765

**Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Do NOT Eat These If You Have a Struggling Thyroid Gland

thyroid-glandMost of the time when I do research for good healthy habits I am searching for foods and things I should be taking in. I’ve discovered that sometimes I need to take a look at foods to avoid. I was kind of shocked when I discovered there are foods a person would need to avoid for the purpose of keeping the thyroid healthy. The thyroid is that butterfly looking gland that is right below the Adam’s apple in the neck. Having a troubled thyroid can really mess with a person’s health and sense of well being. The thyroid regulates calcium and also how tissues use proteins. Keeping the thyroid healthy will keep your body working and serving you well.

**Some foods to avoid if you struggle with thyroid issues.

Let me begin with some of the foods NOT to eat if you struggle with thyroid issues or you are concerned about keeping a healthy thyroid.

Cruciferous vegetables – such as cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts (cooking reduces the effects on the thyroid. Cruciferous means “cross bearing” because of the shape of the leaves when growing).

Pine Nuts, Peanuts –  Can block the absorption of iodine

If you are on thyroid medications-These can be used but after a period if medication has been taken. They do not have to be avoided all together.

Soy and soy products– these can block the absorption of iodine

Also walnuts and some fibrous foods can block absorption of thyroid medications

I think knowing about things that help us to be more healthy is a gift to ourselves and to others who know us. The body is God’s Holy Spirit temple and to keep it in good working condition is a holy thing to do.

Let me pray for you!

Dear Holy Father, I ask that You give wisdom to those who are seeking to take better care of their bodies. For those who have not, I ask for a revelation of Your desire for them to be in the best shape of their lives. Bless each one with a powerful health emotionally, mentally, soulfully, and spiritually. Together we give You praise, and we worship You in Spirit and in truth with our minds, our emotions, our spirits, and bodies. Baptize each reader with a greater revelation of You and the love You give. In Jesus’ powerful and mighty name and heart, amen!

Healthfully Yours,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

Please also search my reference for foods good for the thyroid gland below.


What Foods Are Good for Thyroid Function 

***This information is not to be a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.


Is Caffeine Making You Feel Sick?

Avoid-Caffeinated-BeveragesThere are times when I often thought there can be nothing better than the first cup of coffee in the morning. There is a sense of “ahhhh” that some how takes place with it. I always looked forward to that morning moment with God and a good cup of coffee with stevia and some low fat creamer. I think it has been an addiction of mine since I was 15 years old. The strange thing is, I never really completely liked the taste of coffee. It seems to just be that first cup that is so mesmerizing but the following ones never ever tasted as good. Of course there is that idea in our heads that we need a good cup of coffee in the morning to get us started. The honest to goodness truth is that our bodies know how to get started without it. It was not until recently that I started to explore the adverse effects of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Once I read enough about it, I was convinced that the consumption of just one cup of coffee per day was enough to mess up my already struggling metabolism. I came to a point where I was absolutely exhausted inside and out. The fear of what was happening led me to explore a lot of different things that could be effecting my health. Coffee and caffeine was just one of them.

Caffeine can be found in coffee, tea, chocolate, soda drinks, diet aides, and sometimes even pain relief medicines for things such as headaches. (The strange paradox here is the caffeine induced headache)! I’m not real sure why I seem to be more sensitive to it than others but I know I am in that group of caffeine sensitive people. Honestly, after reading how it effects our bodies, I am leaning on the side of cutting it out as much as possible even if I were not sensitive to it.

Here is what happens when a person takes in caffeine:

Caffeine immediately causes brain cells to fire faster and this stimulates the fight or flight reaction in the body by telling the adrenal glands to kick in some energy that is needed to keep the body moving. The adrenal glands then release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone regulates all of the other hormones in the body such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Caffeine “tells” the brain that the body is under stress so the adrenal glands will produce more cortisol to be released. Cortisol triggers the blood pressure and heart rate to rise in preparation for whatever is stressing the body. The problem with this is the adrenal glands are continually in a state of emergency to supply the body and it causes adrenal burnout, anxiety, depression, and unwanted weight gain. Caffeine effects the sleep cycle and also causes the liver to release glucose thinking that the body needs more energy to deal with stress or activity. This makes blood sugar levels spike higher suddenly and then drop to a sudden low. Bottom line, the excess cortisol can make a person gain weight, become more anxious, and experience blood sugar high and lows that are real hard on the bodies system. Caffeine Effects on the Adrenal Function

Tell me: Are you truthfully enjoying that roller coaster?

If you are trying to lose weight consider this: Using caffeine and stimulants for dieting does NOT help you in the long run. Those spiky energy drinks might feel like they give you a boost but in the long run you are ruining your adrenal function. This can actually make you gain weight instead! Nothing is as effective as good old fashioned exercise and a proper diet. Please remember this!

For me this was all a huge eye opener. It sure put a change in my “coffee in the morning” routine. I also stopped drinking tea that has caffeine and eating too much chocolate. I certainly have felt better because of it. (Green tea extract also spikes the heart rate and blood pressure too!) Just a bit of a warning here though. If you think you want to stop consuming anything with caffeine, please figure a way to do this slowly if you consume it often! Caffeine withdrawal can cause the most horrible headache, not to mention other symptoms. I think the headache is the worse part though!

You can make your own choice; I had to. My choice was to feel better because I was struggling with my health. Weigh in all of the positives and negatives about using things with caffeine and make that decision wisely. I guarantee that your body does not need it and will function well without it, including waking up in the morning. You might even wake up feeling more energized because now your adrenals are working better and not over exhausting themselves.

If you want to stop consuming caffeinated things you might even struggle with the emotional attachment to the beverage or food item or you might even struggle with the habit you have created when you consume them!

Let me pray for you for release!

Father God, I lift up this reader and ask that You give wisdom and strength in order to take the first steps to release them from caffeine use. I call out against the addictive influence in Jesus’ name and state “You must leave now”! Please give Your child peace in this decision and grant full restoration of health from any adverse effects that caffeine has created. As always, we love You Father for the wonderful delivering God that You are! Amen.

Thank you for letting me pray for you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

**Thank you to Livestrong for information on the effects of caffeine use.

*** This information is based on research and is not a substitute for medical advice.




The Magic of Magnesium

428420_384456001663077_62980852_nIn my latest quest to feel better after a period of illness, I have discovered the massive health benefits and needs of magnesium. I had been having horrible migraine like headaches, muscle weakness, and loss of good sleep. Along with these, constipation and horrible heart palpitations as well. Strangely these symptoms and more can be an indication that there is a magnesium deficiency. This very important element is involved with over 300 bodily processes and is much needed for the absorption of many other vitamins and minerals. Magnesium is involved with the nerves, muscles, and bones. Every area of the body needs it for good health and function. Who knew? If you have not studied nutrition you might have missed this important element. I recall those good health and nutrition classes in high school we always had to take but never had I ever learned the benefits of some vital minerals and vitamins for good body function. When the body breaks down and one becomes ill, believe me, we have to study beyond the usual visual aide of all of the essential food groups. Taking care of our body is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and others. It is the temple of God’s Holy Spirit and our very soul depends upon it functioning well.

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself(1 Cor 6:19)

Magnesium can help heal a lot of things we struggle with including depression, anxiety, heart issues, muscle aches and twitches, bowel problems, bone issues, and more! Why in the world would we not be aware of something so important to our lives and good health?

Ok, so here is the scoop on how to get more magnesium into your life. Include a lot of these very essential foods, to name just a few,  for good health benefits:


Green leafy vegetables

Brown rice and quinoa



(You can find a better list in the article link below: “Top 10 High Magnesium Foods”.  

Pregnant women especially need magnesium so it is always included in pregnancy multiple vitamins, along with iron and proper amounts of calcium.

“Every organ in the body, especially the heart, muscles, and kidneys, needs magnesium. This mineral also contributes to the makeup of teeth and bones. Magnesium activates enzymes, contributes to energy production, and helps regulate levels of calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, vitamin D, and other important nutrients in the body” Magnesium: University of Maryland Medical Center.

I had written a previous article on the health benefits of coconut oil, especially with bowel issues or constipation Health Benefits of Coconut Oil .  Magnesium also helps with these issues as well.

You are only given one body. The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is to take good care of it and help others to the same! Cheers to good eating and good nutrition!

I hope this has helped you in some way!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

Additional References:

Health Benefits of Magnesium

Top 10 High Magnesium Foods

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