Reiki Mastery

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What is Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) like? It’s like a warm summer day with gentle breezes or a springtime walk in the park where all of the trees are bowing to the energy of the wind. Reiki is a powerful energy friend that will charge and infuse a warm cup of coffee with powerful life force or move energy to the cell level within an individual’s body.

Reiki’s intention can send healing to someone on the other side of the globe and be present right with us simultaneously. We feel it, breathe it, bathe in it, and exist within it. We have life energy all around us and flowing through us like fountains of water flowing into a pool of healing and glistening empowerment.

Reiki can heal a heartache, balance our energy centers and move traffic when it’s backlogged. Reiki can whisper into the ear of one who is dearly loved and come bounding into our lives like a whirlwind when it is beckoned to move with great intent. Alignment is the word for the miracle Reiki brings. We can align with the Source of all things and attract what we need in life desire in life, and even discover some of the universal secrets in life. Reiki turns up the volume on our intuitive gifts and can help us to see more clearly with our third eye. We can send Reiki into the past to heal it and into the future to help construct it.

There are so many reasons to become a Reiki Master Healer in this world, but I think the greatest reason is love. To love humanity enough to heal ourselves and then heal others is the greatest gift of all!

Jenine Marie

Reiki Master Distance Healer

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