Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!

“Love is established through doing. Nothing grows when allowed to become stagnant.”~~ Dr. Jenine Marie 


Today, remember that love is an action word. True love works through doing whether it is self care or for another. “I love you” loses its meaning when no action is behind it. Without doing and action they are words that fall on hardened ground. The greatest love is charity. Giving out of pure caring is the strongest action you can do for anyone!

Affirm: Today, I will actively seek out one person who needs my love in action, building them up, not pressing them down. I will give out of a heart of real love, not just in words but also in actions. I also will remind myself that I deserve the highest love as well. I will spend precious moments today giving to myself things that create pleasure and happiness in my own life. I know these are the ways of God.

Loving you from here!

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 

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