Today I am Grateful for My Husband. What Are YOU Grateful For?


This is not a blog post I expected to write, but, I do believe with all of my heart that gratitude is one of the more powerful healers on this planet, aside from love. I also believe gratitude is a part of love. It’s a part of loving others, having compassion, and loving ourselves. No matter what is happening in our lives, there is always something we can find to be grateful for. There is almost a magical power that goes along with being grateful. It means we have appreciation for the blessings we have been given. Having gratitude also shifts focus from the tough things to the things that are greater and more important.

Today, I am sharing some things I am grateful for concerning my husband of almost 4 years now. We don’t always see things eye to eye. Who does? When two people come together to create unity with each other they take two separate lives and attempt to meld them into one. This is not easy and it is not meant to be. There is no growth in the easy things, only in the hard ones. I often have said that “Hard places are Holy ground.”

My focus for this moment comes after a lot of reflection. Of course, I can say all of these things personally, and privately, but making things public has a power all of its own. Most of the time I only open certain areas of my life when they have a message attached to them. It’s how I have been created and part of my purpose on earth. It’s not easy either, just like relationships of any kind are not easy.

I want to get back to what I am grateful for though. Are you ready for my launch? Good! I was hoping so! Today, I am grateful for my husband; all he does, and all he cares about. I am especially grateful for whom he cares about, because he would give the shirt off his back for someone who needed it. My late son was like that as well. They have many things in common, like determination, intensity, extreme passion for things they care about, headstrong, and yet giving.

I have not had the privilege of being married to my husband all of  our lives, so I can’t speak into everything. We both came with baggage as we all do. We came back into one another’s life after 40 years of not being connected. We lost one another when we were 13. Such an impressionable age. A lot of baggage can be packed together over many years of just living life. Sometimes I often don’t know what the heck we are doing; and I say that with some humor right now.

There is one thing I have witnessed about him though. He gives his work and those he works for, and with, more than 150% of himself. Sometimes that is a hard thing for me because we are supposed to be married to each other. When I separate myself from our marriage for a moment, I see a man who cares so deeply for those who work for him and with him. I kid you not, the moment he gets home his phone is already ringing, dinging and making email noises. He does not work 8am-5pm. He works 24/7, and I am not kidding about that. He does this with his current employer and he has done it with his previous employment prior. The man’s heart cares for the people around him enough to give his off time to support their efforts and the efforts of the company that is so lucky to have him. Yes, he can be very intense, but that intensity is what makes him good at what he does.

When I watch him. I see a man who carries a lot with him aside from his computer, his phone, and sometimes his pride. I see a man who carries the hearts and lives of other people. I have watched a man who has hurt deeply when his intentions are misunderstood and someone who works hard to make the right decisions. He knows when he falls short of those right decisions and he admits them when he does.

We have had breakfasts on the weekends with his phone and sometimes lunch. We have pulled over to the side of the road on the way to do something together so he can take a call to help straighten out an issue. We have both been awakened at all hours of the night so he can address something that is going on with the night shift. I have heard his voice having a conversation upstairs in his office in the middle of the night talking to those who are working at night. I have seen him come home and sleep so he can work a night shift because someone else could not be there. I can imagine how much of the load he takes off of those who have hired him. It must be a lot, because I see so much of what he does when he is not at the office at work. At home, he is still at work.

So, with all of that said. I want to just put out my gratitude. Yes, it can be done privately. I know this. But maybe this is not something that should be private? He does not do the things he does for “kudos”, and honestly, I am not sure he gets many of those. He should though! Today, I am giving him some “kudos” because he deserves them. Today, I am grateful for a man who cares enough about what he does that he will not sleep if an issue has caused anyone grief. Oh, I appreciate what he provides for me as his wife as far as a home goes, and opportunities to find my business again. But this goes deeper and more broad than that. I appreciate the heart and hard work that I see in him.

Yep, he is intense, but what employer would want less passion than what he gives? I’m deeply proud of him and grateful to watch him as his phone rings, dings, pings, and whooshes emails! What does Tony Robbins always say? “Do things with PASSION!”

What are you grateful for today?

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry