The Lilac Center for Healing and Enlightenment

Image by Dreamstime

Ever since I received a very extensive channeling in 2004, The Lilac Center for Healing and Enlightenment, and all of its details have been on my heart. In 2006 I created the healing center and was very successful until life circumstances interrupted the work and caused the closing of the healing center’s main office. I have never lost the vision and still believe all things have a reason and a season in life. Whatever is meant for me will come to me for the sake of many. My heart has been in love with this project for a very long time. Right down to the details of the type of structure to the landscaping and interior healing spaces, I have the dream held tightly as a work and a purpose I was born to complete in this lifetime.

I am holding on to the details and the healing structure as much as the building. The home above is only somewhat of the vision explained to me. I am forever reaching to make the healing center a reality in physical form. Until that beautiful day, I keep moving forward. As long as it takes and whatever it takes, the time will come! I am excited to reignite the flame I have always carried for this beautiful sanctuary of love, healing, hope, and restoration!

Please join me with the intention for the manifestation of this dream!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

The Lilac Center for Healing and Enlightenment

Life Lessons By Jenine Marie

*** image courtesy of Dreamtime. It is a photo that resembles the vision I have had for The Lilac Center for Healing and Enlightenment

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