Symptoms of an Imbalanced Throat Chakra

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Hello and Namaste!

There are so many ways your throat chakra can tell you it is out of balance. Some of the balancing issues can be remedied very easily. First, let’s look at some of the dynamics of the throat chakra!

The throat chakra is a whirling vortex of energy that moves in circles like a whirlpool around the throat area, the higher heart, the facial area, and, a little above! This powerful chakra is much more important than most of us give it credit for, so please pay attention!

Our chakras are beautiful vortexes of energy which contribute a great deal to our overall health and well-being. Energy is virtually a part of EVERYTHING! The throat chakra (another name for energy-wheel) is a part of speaking our truth, voicing our powerful opinion, bringing out what the heart is feeling and sensing, contributes to the health of the area it inhabits, and is attached to!

When out of balance, you might experience these things:

Horseness of the voice, sore throats, emotional shyness or inability to speak what is on your heart or mind, over-speaking your truth to the point of insulting others, no filter, sinus issues, ear issues, eye problems, aching heart due to lack of full expression, insecurity, difficult decision making, dishonesty and more.

Since, “out of the mouth the heart speaks, when the throat chakra is out of balance, we tend to not be able to express correctly, or in balance. When we can not speak our hearts correctly, we can suffer from depression or life problems.

I created this video for balancing the throat chakra, but it is by no means exhaustive! It is the beginning of balancing and some possible reasons that might be an issue for you! If you are experiencing symptoms that might be due to an imbalance, you are more than welcome to schedule a live zoom call with me for an energy-intuitive throat chakra balancing! You can schedule by going to or calling 832-484-8306 and leaving a detailed message for me! I would be happy to assist you in any way that I can. I do charge for this. My rates are on the SERVICES page of this site! When in doubt, ASK!! I love what I do and feel I provide a very good service. Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there for more content to come!

Here is the video:

I am loving you from here!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

** Reiki and energy healing is meant to compliment your medical professional advice or your counselor, and not replace them! Sending love to you!

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