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Everyone eventually becomes concerned about age and maintaining youth. We can tell how important this is to women just by going through the blogs and videos about how to keep young looking and vital in this world while getting older. I know men have their own concerns as well. I used to think ahead and wonder what I would be like as I aged. Now I know some of that equation. Sometimes I get asked what my secret is for me looking younger than my age. I think it is just plain old genetics. What I have been contemplating lately is what makes me young on the inside. The outer shell can become cracked and a bit wrinkled but the inner self is what keeps us young at heart.

What helps keep us feeling young?

One is movement. I have so many exercise programs that its laughable. I have them here, there, and just about anywhere they can be downloaded or kept. The strange thing is I have discovered just turning on music I love and just dance to it until I feel done. No timer. No plans. No kidding!

Another thing that creates a youthful feeling is nature. There is something about looking out at the world or being in nature that creates a feeling and desire for child like play. The rain is especially inspirational. I have memories of jumping in puddles and laughing out loud. Who says that can’t be done at any age?

Then there is cooking things that remind me of my childhood. I loved to make crepes, cakes, and chocolate chip cookies. Just thinking of the smell creates a feeling of youth and great memories!

I remember to gift myself. I see this in two ways. One is to give myself the gift of love, healing, and sometimes even material things. The other is to be a gift for others. Just writing things in this blog creates a feeling of youth and importance to me.

Loving to play with my cat creates youth in me. I have always loved animals. I believe they are given to us all for healing, emotional well being, and simple pleasure. Finding the pleasure created by animals is just an amazing youthful feeling.

I embrace what I see on the outside of me. This is the hardest part. We are bombed with images of what a woman should look like and there is no way any of us can keep up with those images. Comparison makes us feel older and less useful. Being who we truly are from the inside and out is what creates a feeling of purpose and youthful gain. Sometimes I look at the wrinkles that are working their way on my face and I think to myself, I have them because I have laughed, cried, and lived life. That is a good thing!

Staying young at heart is not hard. I love to create things to wear, purses of the past, and buy vintage things. They keep me feeling like I am living in my youthful past only in the present. It is drawing that experience forward and keeping those items sacred. They are a part of me and embracing them keeps me feel youthful.

I pray. I meditate. I sing (when no one is listening). I love. I am honest with myself. There is one person we can never hide things from and that is ourselves. I and God know the inner workings of my heart and soul. I am honest as I can be with what is going on inside. Those are the things that eventually show on the outside if not dealt with.

Smiling and laughing is a great way to stay youthful and happy. We create our own happiness. All of the muscles of our face determine how we feel. Try it. Smile and you can not be unhappy. It is impossible. Smiling creates a feeling of happiness and also youth.

Can you come up with some of your own?

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD 


Do We Have to Age Gracefully?

pexels-photo-972278.jpegI was visiting my favorite drug store here in Paris, TX to grab a few things I needed for the week. A lovely lady with a very modern hair style with some awesome red highlights helped me at the cosmetic counter when I was ready to be rung up. Before she gave me the total I asked if they take AARP, which is an organization that gives benefits and discounts to older people. She proudly said they did and in fact she noted she would have to get one of those, (an AARP card).

Suddenly a huge smile hit her face as she let me know she was 56 years old! Wow, she sure did not look it. I would have never known. In fact, she looked in her late 30’s or 40’s. Since she shared, I was happy to share my age. She returned my complement, “Wow, you sure don’t look that age!” I don’t mind my age. I just don’t want to FEEL my age. I still think I’m in my 30’s but certainly know I am not after all the life I have lived through.

As I drove off, I thought to myself, “Age is a state of mind, not an amount of years that have been lived.” In my mind, I am still as young as when my kids were growing up. Now they are grown. What could ever stop me from being as young as my thoughts can create me to be? It’s true, the body changes after a certain age, but we don’t have to feel older. We can feel as young as we desire to believe we are. I have heard of people finishing college in their 80’s or running marathons in their 70’s. Can we really overcome any physical obstacles that are placed upon our chronological age? If its true that we live from the inside out and our thoughts create, then our bodies should follow suit and be as young as we believe we are. In other words, nothing should stop us from keeping as active as we can and vital as we believe we are.

Do we really need to “grow older gracefully” or can we decide we are as young as we feel? What is YOUR choice?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD.

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