Truth About Energy Healing: Reiki Energy Healing (Part 4 of a Series)

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“There is a scientific study that integrative medicine including energy healing, relaxation techniques, and guided visualization are effective in the healing process of the human body. Modern medicine is taking another look at the mind, body, and spirit connection to health, wellness,  and healing.” Dr. Jenine

Through much study and research I have found that energy healing has been integrated into the medical community more these days than ever. Doctors, nurses, hospice care professionals, and medical assistants, have been known to use traditional Usui Reiki energy healing within their practice. There is only one reason this is true! Energy is an effective healer!

Our bodies contain energy centers and pathways that connect to every organ, every cell, and every process of the body. This same energy is found outside of our bodies as well. Energy can be felt by those who practice Tai Chi, QiGong, Usui Reiki and Energy Yoga, just to name a few. The word Reiki literally means “soul or spirit energy”, or “Universal Life Force Energy.”

Energy work has also been known to affect and balance the processing of neurotransmitters in the brain and body. What good news for those who suffer from anxiety , depression, or sleep issues! Energy work invokes deep relaxation and penetrates into the organs, tissues, and metabolic functions of the physical body. It can balance emotions, assist in finding and healing soul scars and create an overall sense of happiness and rejuvenation.

Energy work, although having some connections with Eastern traditions, is not a part of any religion. It does not have a doctrine, rules, or restritions. Individuals of every faith can benefit and even those who have no faith at all. Energy does not require for anyone to believe in it to be effective! It just “is” and exists on its own merit. It works within the context of where a person is in life at the moment. There is nothing to do to prepare for it and lifestyles do not have to be adjusted to receive it. But, life can be radically changed by it!

Traditional Usui Reiki sessions can be life changing! Connect with me soon for more information or to schedule your Reiki session or energy emotional release session soon! You will be delighted and so glad you did!

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Spiritual Directional Counselor

Life Coach

Usui Reiki Master Healer

Holistic Practitioner

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Disclaimer: Energy, spiritual, or metaphysical healing is not a replacement for medical and psychological care but a compliment to them. Please seek your doctors care for chronic or emergency issues. Dr Jenine does not operate as a clinical counselor but spiritual directional counselor and life coach. This is not a replacement for clinical therapies but an accentuation of them.

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