Judgment is Not Becoming!

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The very word judgment gives me a weird feeling inside. It shouldn’t because we all need to have “good judgment” in our life decisions. The judgment I am thinking of is when one person or group judges another as being inferior for some reason. Or judgment can also come through pointing fingers, belittling others, or inferring something that could not be true.

Lately, I have bumped up against a lot of religious judgment, just as an observer. We might as well call it what it is; all-out prejudice. I suppose I should say right up front that I am a firm believer in a God or Creator who lives and dwells in us. Whether we want to recognize that truth or empower it is up to us alone. I should also say I have a very expansive view of God and the power we are given through the Universal presence of God. I am not exaggerating when I say my beliefs keep me alive here on earth.

What leaves me feeling cold inside is “religious judgment.” I refer to the mentality that “my beliefs are better than your beliefs” kind of thinking. At times I have witnessed the “religious communities” state that those who have expanded awareness of God are arrogant and prideful. When I read comments such as “their god is themselves,” I slightly raise my eyebrows. I wonder if that statement sounds as judgmental to them as it does to me? Yet, those outside their “crowd” are considered to be wayward from God or have some “out of mind defect.” I would rather be out of my mind than out of my heart.

In the midst of it all, I wonder what God thinks about all of that. In the same breath, I think I can answer that question. Since God is love and no part of real love separates or judges, I believe the mirror stands on the other foot. Moral of the story? Take a good long look in your own looking glass before pointing fingers or questioning others’ beliefs. You might find that YOU are the one who has been the judge and jury, thinking it is on behalf of God. The last time I looked, God stood in God’s power.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

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