Knowledge is Waisted if Not Used

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Isn’t it great to just “know” things! We have so much access these days to a wide range of education, knowledge, and spiritual wisdom. If you were to peek inside my library today you would find out I am evidently the queen of capturing knowledge in written form! Don’t even get me started on how many ebooks I have! What can I say, knowledge has been a quest for me since I was a little girl!

Education has been almost a vocation for me. I am one of those people who just has to “know.” When I was a single mother of five children I was advised to spend my time educating myself. That is exactly what I have done! I keep educating by reading, doing classes, and doing online exploration. I am a curious soul but I also want to be sharp even into my old age.

Yet, here is the kicker. We also obtain life experience knowledge and information we have learned from simply living. I don’t mean to make this seem easy because for most of us life has never been easy all of the time. So when we take formal education, knowledge explored, and combine it with life experience it’s time to make sure we are giving out of the knowledge obtained. What use is it all if not shared with those who need it!

For me, I had to create 3 facets of my business to reflect a few areas of my expertise and also interest. I don’t know if it is a blessing or not to be multi-faceted when it comes to life experiences and giving out of them. I think a multi-faceted person is a diamond, a rare gem, and one who can address just about most things in life. In order to make all of life’s experiences worthwhile, they must be shared, given, taught, advised, and revised. We are always a gem in the making but we are also created to make more gems!

Feed your soul by feeding other souls as well! Life is worth living when we actively participate in society and our human family. What a gift we all are! Let’s share as much knowledge and life experience as we can, ok? Even if we have to create business ventures to do so! (Something I love to do is collaborate in business!)

Loving you from here!

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie

**The best advisor EVER! Hope to connect with you soon 😉

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