God and the Universe Are Like a Mirror. Every Lie Will Be Exposed

Would you like to see yourself more clearly? Easy peasy. Everything about you is reflected back to you. In many ways, this is a pleasure if you are seeking the good things about yourself. It’s not as easy when the junk comes flying back into your face. (And we all have junk). Some of the worst junk are things that are composed of lies. We lie every day of our lives, just some more profoundly than others. We lie to ourselves when we procrastinate, think we are beyond God’s Universal eye, and many other scenarios you can come up with.

The very worst kind of lie is the intentional one. Whenever we do things with “intent” it puts out there in the universe our desires. If the intent to lie is there then our desire for lying comes back to us. (Usually through other people). It’s why so many who lie intentionally have to continually lie more to try to hide the original one. Just as Adam and Eve were in the garden, every man and woman is exposed to the light of God, Source, the Universe, or however you identify a higher power.

When we are working on manifesting things in our lives, we do so with intention. Intention works whether we desire to put it out there or not. Intentional doing means it is done on purpose. The best way it works is for our purpose, yet a lie goes against our purpose. In fact, the first great cover-up we often hear about was the encounter with Adam and Eve in the garden that day. Have they been memorialized for an eternity? I am inclined to think so. Their intention was coupled with passion, lust, and then deceit. Of course, they have it coming back on them many times over. They did receive some redemption; a covering. That’s grace. Yet, their “confession” had to be pulled out of them. It’s not like they had a sudden awakening and saw themselves within the lie they created.

The point of reading stories like the one of Adam and Eve in the garden is to LEARN from them. Many of us have strong intentional lies that need to be dealt with before they are cycled through eternity. That’s a long, long time! This is not a ‘hell and damnation” speech it is one of deliverance and release. Warnings and wisdom can’t be given to us enough. A lie will destroy everything you desire to manifest. If we keep covering it up then the day it is exposed will be a day always remembered.

Many of us have worked so very hard to achieve what we have in life and are darned proud of it. Do we really want to ruin that with a lie on our heads? Where is forgiveness, you ask? Forgiveness is in facing the truth. Only love and truth can counter a lie. Forgiveness and grace are huge power in life but it comes with a consequence: self-exposure. It’s often called confession but it’s the same darned thing.

Do you want to manifest your dreams and visions more clearly and easily without the threat of it all coming down on you one day? Get real with “what lies in your life.” If it’s a mega lie, a megaphone universe will expose you one way or another. We often lie to ourselves and make excuses but the universe has no emotion attached. It just gives what we give out. Maybe giving the gift of honesty is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. A lie for a lie, honesty for honesty. That’s how it works folks, like it or not.

So please, don’t lie in business if you want an upstanding and continually profitable business. Don’t lie in your personal life if you don’t want those lies coming back on you in many different ways. How many people do you interact with? Ok, wow. Think of lies as arrows coming back at you and see them all coming from many directions. They multiply like river rats and they will rat you out every single time! Don’t let a lie become a curse.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry


Manifest the best!

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