Love is an Invitation

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Put action behind those words! Did you know when you tell someone you love them it is a call to action? Yep, it certainly is. Yes, love is felt in the heart but when not given expression it really has nowhere to go. Love is a river that flows from the heart to the subject of its desire. It makes no difference who it is directed toward. Your love might be for a friend, a child, a romantic partner, a spouse, a family member, or even an animal.

It’s amazing to me that often we give our animals more of our actions than people. Not that our pets and animals are not deserving but people need affection too! We need support, conversation, affection, companionship, laughter, sharing tears, and more. If it is too much to handle then the subject of our love is not love at all. Love brings a desire to be an active participant in someone’s life. I don’t believe there are degrees of love, just love. Love pretty much stands on its own and your actions will speak volumes as to what your true feelings are, not only to you but to those you claim to love.

On a more grand scale, if your deepest desire is love for humanity then “charity” will be the action you display. Charitable acts of love are the highest acts we can ever display in this world. If it is a relationship love then presence, support, and affection are what we display. You can always tell where your greatest loves are by the river of life and action toward them. Just follow the river and you will see what your true heart will reveal to you!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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