What Sarcasm Really Does to YOU

What sarcasm really does to you
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I happened upon an article today on a psychology site about sarcasm or “revealing personal hostility in the guise of joking”. While this might seem to relieve the one doing it, it is not a relief for the one who has to hear it. Actually, it bites. Seriously. I suppose those who are stuck on sarcasm feel they are telling the truth in a way the other will accept, or they are reflecting a demeaning belief of another person just to “get it out“. Believe me, there are a lot better ways of getting things out, like telling the truth just as it is. There is nothing more refreshing than someone being humbly honest.

The main point I want to make this time is not about the person who ends up putting up with sarcastic remarks but the one making them. Since we live in a universe that is pretty set on causing us to reap what we sow, I would be hesitant to be demeaning or sarcastic to anyone if I could at all help it. You see, the universe and universal law are set as standard but it does not have emotion or feel a sense of humor. There is nothing emotional attached to a sarcastic remark when “heard” by universal energy.

The intention is everything. Since sarcasm is really the intent to harm emotionally or demean someone, the universe hears the remark as demeaning with no guise by any form of humor. Reaping what we sow happens anyway whether a person wanted to disguise things wrapped in humor or any other way. The universe receives the intention, the demeaning, and the mean remark, all without humor or emotion. Are you seeing what I am getting at here? The sarcastic person is the one who will eventually get hit with a universal lesson on the behind if they don’t catch the lesson ahead of time.

Do yourself a favor if you live to be sarcastic and humble yourself now. It’s either that or you will receive the results in life exactly according to what you put out there.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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