Natural Anti-Aging Cacay Oil Has High Vitamin A (Retinol) and Skin Improving Properties!

61Ze-ux9ZgL._SL1500_Like many women (and men too!) I am always looking for products that are natural and can help reduce signs of aging on my face, neck, and other areas of my body. Many women turn to Retin-A, which is a prescription medication for facial wrinkles and aging skin. The issue is that Retin-A can be very harsh on the skin and actually burns and causes it to peel. Many who use Retin-A have to use small amounts at a time in order to  work up to the benefits and not cause a bad reaction.

Since I LOVE natural things I began to research what I can use for my face and neck that would not be as harsh on my skin. The idea is to improve skin, right? Then I learned about Cacay Oil and its natural ingredients that help aging skin. In fact out of all the oils that can be used such as sweet almond, rose oil, castor oil, or argon oil, Cacay has the highest amount of natural vitamin A, also called tretinoin. It is a retinoic acid that helps improve the signs of aging on skin. It also has high amounts of vitamin E which is great for fine lines and wrinkles.

One of the more fascinating affects of Cacay is its ability to improve the look of scars and stretch marks as well! It also gives a beautiful shiny and improved look to hair, hands, nails and will improve skin anywhere on the body. Cacay is now becoming the “go to” oil for improving aging skin. It is determined that improvement should be seen within 2-3 weeks. Every woman wants to improve the look of the skin on her neck. This oil is great for that as well!

I am going to give you a couple Amazon links. One is more higher priced and the other a bit lower. I would not go any lower than these because of the quality of the oil you are buying. The oil should last you SIX months just putting it on your face and neck. Only small amounts are used at a time but make sure you use it up within that time. Oils are not meant to be kept for long periods of time. Here are the two Amazon links!

Cacay Naturals Face Oil, 100% Cacay Oil. Best Anti Aging Oil for the Skin    Price $38.90  (This is the product I am trying )

Another option

Amazon In Out Cacay Oil, Anti Aging for Skin   Price $19.99

** I am an Amazon affiliate. Please consider using my links if you decide you want to purchase or try this product. If you have Amazon Prime you could receive free shipping as well! Thank you!

Give it a try and see for yourself! Let me know the results after a few weeks! I would love to see what the oil has done for your face and skin!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Reference for more reading: Natural Living Ideas


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