Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!


“Whatever you water will be what grows in your garden.”

Aren’t you glad that God created nature to be standard and something that can be depended upon?  I know I learned a lot from growing a garden at my home. Its so easy to neglect the plants if there is no routine to water them. They eventually die.

Its the same with us and in all things. What you water today is what will grow tomorrow and onward. If you water negative thoughts, continually think of problems, or focus on fear, then that is what will grow in your life. Or, you can choose to nurture and water faith, love, and the good things that are happening in life. Consider what is right in life instead of what is wrong with life, then the good things are what will grow larger.

Affirm: “Today I will water the things that are good, the things that are working, and all that is right in my life. I will think upon good things as God has instructed and good things will be what grow in my life’s garden.”

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

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