Weekly Wisdom: Are You Nice or Kind?


Not long ago a friend and I had a discussion about how different it is to be nice vs being kind. The conclusion was a nice action is just that; doing something nice for someone. Being kind on the other hand is an act of deep caring. Being nice takes some effort but being kind happens with our whole being. Our hearts and emotions are tied to our actions. I can openly say that being kind takes a deeper love and commitment to that love.

This is a plain and simple message this week. I think it’s depth is better pondered on your own. Are you being nice or are you being kind to others? It can be possible to be both or be one or the other depending on the circumstance. Yet, kindness should be a way of life. It takes being kind within ourselves. Without that kindness we can’t give it either.

Let your kindness roots grow deeper this week. Remember we are in this life with one another.  Meditate on the difference and work on practicing deep kindness. You will be happier for it and will receive kindness in return.

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Published by Dr.JenineMarie

Course Creator, Reiki Master Healer/Instructor, Metaphysical Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Author, and owner of Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC DBA Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

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