Sometimes We Just Want to BE

Dr. Rev. jenine Marie Howry, PhD

With each passing day and every passing year, I become more aware of how precious life is. Humanity has learned this lesson lately with the onset of a global pandemic. We did not see that coming, did we? I know I didn’t. Today I am sitting with myself. I realize this notion might sound strange, but I feel like there are some days we need to process. I hope as the day progresses, I will have concluded as to why it is so essential for me to just “be.”

As the rest of the world goes on with all of its living, my day will be spent reflecting. I’m shaking my head because this one blindsided me too. There is always something set before me to do. We all have that. I am aware of all of the things I can get accomplished. Yet, life stopped me today to just let me be a person and nothing else. So that is what I am doing; nothing.

Maybe we are going through some cosmic shift or something? I don’t know about that. I know I am frustrated with all of the attitudes out there in the world, and today I don’t want to have an opinion of any of them. I want to be me, with no plan, with no view, with nothing even to learn. Maybe you want to do the same?

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


  1. KK says:

    I agree, some times, we need to be with the self. But we must hope for the better. Stay happy and blessed!

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    1. Thank you, I will!

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