Reiki Healing and Christianity

I am reblogging this post to invite all interested to my Patreon account where I am beginning video teaching for Reiki Master Healer. This embraces a great deal, including energy balancing, meditation, Reiki precepts, the truth about Reiki, hands-on healing and more! So lets go!

Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

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In my current research, I have found more and more medical professionals are recognizing the value of Reiki in healing ailments. Counselors and therapists are recognizing the value of Reiki healing for their patients with anxiety, depression, and emotional scars from the past. The one area that is now beginning to see the value in Reiki is within the realm of religion and belief.

Those of the Christian faith often struggle with the question of whether Reiki is right for them or not. Yet, most Christians accept medication for mental illnesses and physical problems. Also, where would we be if individuals were not trained as surgeons when an appendix is about to burst? Regardless of religious belief, an appendectomy can save someone’s life! At some point in history, Christianity has learned to accept that sometimes God heals through the hands of a surgeon, medications, and other scientific…

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New Classes Coming Up!

I am so happy to announce my course for attracting a love relationship for women over 40 is officially complete! Actually, a woman of any age can go through the video course material on Patreon. I will add the link below.

I have more classes coming. Next up I will be starting with energy healing basics and transition into official Usui Reiki Healer training for certification or enrichment. All certifications will be through the International Association of Reiki Professionals. There is a cost for that portion but I will go into the information when the time comes.

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I will be posting videos ahead of time so there will be plenty of content, from energy healing to self-hypnosis, to law of attraction (manifestation) classes. I will be interacting with the Patreon account, so questions can be asked and answered at any time.

I look forward to providing you with great content you can learn from and even create your own practice if it is Usui Reiki!

This is a great value! So much more cost-effective for you. I will still have private sessions if they are needed!

Much love,

Jenine Marie

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Can We Let Everyone Choose Their Own Beliefs?

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To live in a world where there are so many different ways of believing is such a blessing. Do we all have to believe in the same way to be connected? Nope! The beauty of belief is we have a choice. Every day we are given a choice to believe the day is beautiful or not. If it is raining and rain bugs you then you can choose to find the good in the rain or not. If you believe there is a God in a religious way that is your right. If your view is more expansive, that is your right as well. It’s truly an amazing facet of choice. It’s a freedom that we all love but are not always aware we love so much until someone tries to steal it by attempting to change the way we look at things. I find that hilarious in and of itself! Who can convince the entire world to believe the same way all of the time? I have an answer that reflects the best I can do. “No one can.”

What makes us unique as humanity is our diverse ways of thinking and believing. If we were all the same globally then the beauty of that diversity would be taken from us. Can we ever learn to accept our diversity? It’s hard to say since we are still finding it hard to accept our physical diversity let alone our spiritual diversity. Everyone has to be “the one” who knows it best, reflects it best, and sees it right. Why can’t we all be right for our own selves and let each one, or each group, just enjoy what they believe?

If we have to create anything, let’s create a love garden where God is amazingly diverse and gives us the choice to believe as we desire. I think this is practical and spiritual. No one is above or below anyone else. We are all equal in the eyes of the One who created us. I have to confess, I do have a little bit of frustration inside of me at the moment. When I listen to someone speak in the terms of “us and them” it really disturbs me. My idea is “let God be the truth” and go from there. We all see that truth through the eyes of our experience and desire. If it serves us, then let it be!

Maybe we can just love one another as Jesus loved and loves us. I think Jesus gave sound advice when he left the earthy world. Jesus has had an open love and one of acceptance and depth. It does not mean He loved everyone’s actions but it does mean He loved and loves, everyone. Let it be so. And so it is!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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Metaphysical Walk on the Beach With Me Video/Audio #4 Breathwork for Triggers

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Don’t you just hate those moments when emotional responses arise from triggers that come from life or someone in our lives?

It’s time to release and manifest the life of our dreams! Do you want that? I mean, do you really want that?

If you do, continue my series of metaphysical walks on the beach, this time with breathwork, release, and visualization for healing. This is so helpful when triggers happen. When life changes as we manifest our dreams we feel deep labor pains from an old life shifting to a new one! Get some guided help with this video! If you have not seen the first 3 videos, no fear! You have them all uploaded on YouTube for you! Look forward to the next video coming up as the sun sets down below the horizon and anticipate the dawn of a new day! While you are on YouTube feel free to subscribe for more content! Namaste!

I am loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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Are You Concerned About Rising Gas Prices?

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Rising gas prices. Do we have to go there? (Don’t get me started on the rising cost of food items!) We would have to be living in an episode of “Night of the Living Dead” to not notice the cost of gas has risen just a touch. Well, maybe more than a touch! Can we say “Ouchy” when it comes to paying at the pump these days?

While gas prices have risen everywhere there are statewide areas where prices are a little less than others. After coming back from a road trip that involved crossing several states, I decided to find out just where the price sting is the biggest and where prices remain a little more moderate.

Traffic jam in New Mexico

After experiencing looking at the back of trucks in New Mexico for what seemed like a lifetime, it became obvious how important our cost of fuel has become. America is moving product. I saw trucks from Walmart, Amazon Prime, mattress companies, food products, and more. The rising cost of fuel will always cause the rise in shipping and ultimately products we often pay for.

If you want to know where your state stands within the national average go to Gas Buddy and see it all in color! You can also give MapQuest a try and see how much in mileage it would cost your particular vehicle to travel to certain areas of the USA. If you are on a budget, determining your travel habits will certainly be affected by gasoline costs for any trip. Don’t forget other modes of transportation also use fuel!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

The Value of Trusting Yourself

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One of the tell-tale signs of a heart that has been violated or hurt is the tendency to examine everyone that steps their way. TRUST is a valuable gift. It’s even more valuable when we give it to ourselves FIRST. When we trust ourselves we are pledging to honor our own boundaries, create a secure place of presence, and rely on our own capabilities before any other. Love is the area where we tend to get caught up in trust issues. Why wouldn’t we? It’s the most powerful essence there is in the universe! It is GOD essence. When we love and trust ourselves we extend that gift to others. It is THEIR business if they violate our trust and the sacredness of the relationship. If we are on solid ground with ourselves and with God no one and no action from them can shake us. If we don’t do this inner work to heal the breaches caused by others we tend to not trust anyone. That leaves us to lead a lonely and despaired life. Personally, I like to keep my circle small. If I decide to expand from there then I do so. I know when my circle is enlarged beyond my capacity to cope because that looming mistrust comes to grab me again. It’s a simple solution. I go back to my smaller circle of people. I find great value and healing that comes from smaller interactions with others. Don’t forget to build your foundation for yourself first before questioning the hearts of others. Examination of a heart is their own business and God’s business.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

If it Was Real Love Would They Have Left?

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I listened on the phone to a woman who was sobbing as she expressed her fear and pain. I’m an empath, so I could feel the pain in my chest as she tried to settle down long enough to even talk. Her life had fallen apart in one instant. Little did she know, it had been falling apart for some time. She was just not informed of it. When it all finally hit the fan, her husband she had been married to all of her adult life had told her he was leaving her for another woman. In fact, he had been seeing the woman for awhile.

They had been together through raising children, buying a home, planning for retirement, and family vacations. They fought battles when the kids rebelled against them, prayed while they were sick, held one another through unexpected funerals and celebrated every joyous event. Now all of that became a blur as she vented her feelings to me with tears rolling down her cheeks. I had invited her out for breakfast the following day; her heart was so broken she could hardly fix herself meals.

I wondered how someone went from being involved in the life they built with another, to starting all over later in life. It was mentioned he stayed for the sake of the children. I think its a very noble reason to stay, don’t you? Giving children a good life is wonderful and they deserve the best from both parents. The only part the husband had left out was he was planning to leave without his wife’s knowledge. She was hit like a ton of bricks with the news.

Her children were all off living their adult lives, and her husband was packing his bags. On top of it all, the house would have to be sold during the divorce so she was going to have to leave the home she spent over 25 years putting together. She kept asking me why he could possibly do such a thing? I can’t say how this happened but what blurted out was, “If he truly loved you as a husband loves his wife, he never would leave.”

They had many years together, building and creating a family. I can’t completely believe he had no love for her at all. What I can say is someone who truly loves another might have moments of reconsideration during arguments or hard issues, but the idea of living without the other never really enters into the mind of one who loves without conditions. The woman continued to sob and tell her story. I realized it was himself he was not loving. His actions had very little to do with her or lack of love for her. It was a lack of love for himself that guided his decisions at that time.

It’s hard to understand this, but we reflect in our lives the feelings we have within ourselves. We display our inadequate feelings and wounds by the decisions we make a long the way. When our lives go unhealed, and wounds unattended to, we create a mixed up mess.

She made it through her ordeal. In fact, she did better than she ever imagined, just taking one step at a time. He, on the other hand was stuck in yet one more relationship he wanted out of, not realizing the person he had left was himself.

We do ourselves a great disservice by leaving our inner wounds unattended. This does mean we need to dig a bit into the past and let our voices express the pain and sorrow created through our interactions with others.  We owe it to ourselves and others to heal from the inside out. Otherwise we make decisions out of the lens of the holes in our hearts instead of making them how of wholeness. Make a decision today to heal the hurts from the inside out. Your life and those around you will thank you!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph. D

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Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

We all have choices in life as to what we do and choose our way of being. I like to consider myself as someone who is always in the state of becoming. That way my options for renewal are always open. Our lives shift, we shift, and we grow. At least that is what we are supposed to do!

Along with our growth comes additions, subtractions, and reflections on new things. More or less, out with the old and in with the new! I believe our ultimate goal is service, no matter what form it takes. My places of service are with my business, my blog, and my YouTube channel. Wherever I land, I consider myself unique and always evolving.

Here are some places to venture to find out more about my services and some links to explore to find out about…

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Yoga, Yoga, And Even More Yoga For Your Health!

I thought I would reblog this since its such a great service for a small monthly subscription1 Yoga, meditations and more!

Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

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My first personal interest in yoga was when I was about 18 years old. I needed my yoga practice to offset my already busy work schedule. I needed energy, flexibility, stress reduction, and just plain old time to myself! Can you relate to this? As time went on, my yoga practice came and went according to my filling schedule. I had a renewed interest when children came along. The first thing I wanted was to be back into my nice work clothes, not to mention my jeans!

During a very stressful marriage break up, yoga became an anchor for me. My mind, body, and spirit needed the practice to keep balanced when my emotional footing was not as stable as I would have liked it to be. I have to admit my practice still was off and on as time seemed to constrain…

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Universal Law-The Law of Reciprocity and Living and Gratitude

I need my own inspiration today. Does this happen to anyone else?

Life Lessons by Jenine Marie

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God created our universe to be faithful! Universal law will never fail you! All you need to do is know what they are and how they work. Then work on them in your life! You can literally create anything you desire.

This segment, and part of a series, is on the Universal Law of Reciprocity and having an attitude of gratitude. Find out what this amazing law can do for you and how you can use it to change your life!

Live your life with knowledge, understanding, and creativity. Your life can turn around from any difficult situation. You only need to know how to do it!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry, Ph.D.

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