Lower Blood Pressure With Reiki

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 1.2 BILLION adults who have high blood pressure across the globe. There are various ways medical professionals help their patients to deal with their hypertension issues. Hypertension occurs when too much pressure is placed upon blood vessels. Over time the elevated pressure can damage the internalContinue reading “Lower Blood Pressure With Reiki”

Can We Let Everyone Choose Their Own Beliefs?

To live in a world where there are so many different ways of believing is such a blessing. Do we all have to believe in the same way to be connected? Nope! The beauty of belief is we have a choice. Every day we are given a choice to believe the day is beautiful orContinue reading “Can We Let Everyone Choose Their Own Beliefs?”

Metaphysical Walk on the Beach With Me Video/Audio #4 Breathwork for Triggers

Don’t you just hate those moments when emotional responses arise from triggers that come from life or someone in our lives? It’s time to release and manifest the life of our dreams! Do you want that? I mean, do you really want that? If you do, continue my series of metaphysical walks on the beach,Continue reading “Metaphysical Walk on the Beach With Me Video/Audio #4 Breathwork for Triggers”

The Value of Trusting Yourself

One of the tell-tale signs of a heart that has been violated or hurt is the tendency to examine everyone that steps their way. TRUST is a valuable gift. It’s even more valuable when we give it to ourselves FIRST. When we trust ourselves we are pledging to honor our own boundaries, create a secureContinue reading “The Value of Trusting Yourself”

If it Was Real Love Would They Have Left?

I listened on the phone to a woman who was sobbing as she expressed her fear and pain. I’m an empath, so I could feel the pain in my chest as she tried to settle down long enough to even talk. Her life had fallen apart in one instant. Little did she know, it hadContinue reading “If it Was Real Love Would They Have Left?”

Universal Law-The Law of Reciprocity and Living and Gratitude

Originally posted on Life Lessons by Jenine Marie:
Photo by Ian Beckley on Pexels.com God created our universe to be faithful! Universal law will never fail you! All you need to do is know what they are and how they work. Then work on them in your life! You can literally create anything you desire.…