Be in Control of Only What You Can

3mgegup4bt78vr3gk0af88b0u2782134.jpg-finalWe often think or believe that if we can control, manipulate, or change the environment around us then our lives would be better. For some reason, as people, we tend to believe that our lives are a result of what is outside of us and not the inside of us. It is true that a favorable environment makes things a whole lot easier, and God loves to give us favor! It is awesome to have it easy, be around those who are like minded, and buzz through life that way. This will not always be what we get though. We live in a world of different people who make different choices, and create different environment around us. Bottom line, we will not always agree and life will not always be a breeze because of it.

Our road to peace is paved with opportunities to change and control only what we can. That means we are given the gift to be able to work on ourselves. This does not always feel good but it is the way to more gracious living. Our outsides challenge our insides to make decisions which change our personal outcomes. In the process even our outer environment can also change, but this is not always the case, so we can’t base our decisions and reactions according to them. If we choose to focus on controlling our inner temperature instead of trying to set the outer thermostat then we are given the opportunity to focus on the peaceful things outside of us instead of what is not working.  It is all a matter of perspective. If we concentrate on what is hot outside our insides will focus on what is hot. If we do the opposite then we will see the opposite.

It seems simplistic, and it truly is, but that does not mean it is easy! We can all spend a lifetime learning to master the control of our inner temperature! Be sure when you have overcome one situation this way, another will present itself and it usually is harder. Looking at those who spend most of their lives working on the inside of them, we can see who has achieved the most peace and the most control over their own lives. Nothing is completely within our control because we live in a world of continual changes. Controlling our own reactions to those changes can make all the difference in the world though! Quiet contemplation of how our road map should look from the inside out can help plan for those moments that might seem way out of balance and control.

Remember today that you can not change, control, or manipulate, those things around you or people you encounter to make it more suitable for your desire. You can only change, and be in control, of yourself. This means how you view things, respond to things, and act around them. When encountering the undesirable temperature, take a step back, consider the choices between either inner peace or chaos. Choose either one but be prepared to go around the same mountain every time you choose chaos. Its a process, so be good to yourself. Be patient and kind and loving to the person you are first and the rest will follow on the outside of you as well. We are atmosphere changers and we can affect our surroundings for the better, but we have to be willing to take control of our own lives in order to make the rest more peaceful!

Peacefully yours,

Jenine Marie!




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