Do You Live According to Other’s Expectations?

Expectations from others are hard to keep up with. Everyone has a different opinion of who or what we might be. This is hard for those who are people pleasing types. It can cause our thoughts to go one way, and then the next, creating a great deal of confusion on our life’s journey. WhatContinue reading “Do You Live According to Other’s Expectations?”

4 Ways Anger Can Be a Good Thing!

I think most of us know when anger is not a good idea. Those are the moments when it is out of control. Anything out of balance can destroy instead of enhance. For example, a lit candle is beautiful but a fire destroying a home is devastating. Water can be soothing but a flood thatContinue reading “4 Ways Anger Can Be a Good Thing!”

Do You Need to Be Set Free From a Controller?

Control is not the same as command. A person who is in command of their life is one who knows their boundaries and expresses them. A commanding person is like the general of their own life. That person knows what they want in life and knows what they don’t want, so they let others knowContinue reading “Do You Need to Be Set Free From a Controller?”

Be in Control of Only What You Can

We often think or believe that if we can control, manipulate, or change the environment around us then our lives would be better. For some reason, as people, we tend to believe that our lives are a result of what is outside of us and not the inside of us. It is true that aContinue reading “Be in Control of Only What You Can”