Air Fryer Chicken Recipe!

If you are mad about chicken, then this is the way to cook it! I never thought an air fryer would be so convenient for me! I assumed things would come out dry, but they don’t! This chicken recipe is great and only takes about 18 minutes! I use:

4 chicken thighs

And drum roll… Montreal Steak Seasoning!

Set the air fryer at 400 degrees

If desired, you can brush a little olive oil on them first to make the seasoning stick and the skin a bit more crispy.

Then cook for about 18 minutes or when chicken shows as done with a meat thermometer! That is it!

If you want to cook chicken fast, not have it come out dry, make it healthy for you, then use this easy recipe! For a while, I was not eating meat at all, but now I do. Since changing back, I have loved chicken and sometimes lean hamburger patties cooked in an air fryer!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

Air fryer at 400 degrees
Air fryer

Comfort and Success in Daily Habits

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Every morning without fail, I go about the same routine. I love to wake up slowly. It is just my thing. I stumble to the coffee maker half awake and grab that warm mixture I create every day. Then, without thinking, I get into bed, meditate, write, read, or be as I drink my coffee. This is my time to be me. It’s a habit I have created over a long period of time, and I don’t deviate from it much.

Most of the time, when we talk about habits, we think of bad ones. There are good ones too! In fact, I have found the good ones can become a great comfort. They are just like a security blanket because we know they will be accomplished in the same manner we always do. We can count on them, and we don’t have to think about them. Habits don’t need will power to accomplish them. They are automatic conditioned acts and responses we have created over time.

 We only become aware of them when something comes along to interrupt them. One morning I woke up, and the ice maker was spewing water all over the kitchen floor. The line had broken, and I grabbed towels right and left, attempting to ensure the water was contained until it could be attended to. The one thing I noticed more than anything was my morning coffee and meditative time was interrupted. Had nothing unusual happened, I would not have given it a second thought.

Usually, when we want to make changes, we think we need will power to do it. Maybe it’s a new diet or exercise program. Or, it might be a new direction we want our life to go. Will power is not what we need, though. Will power never works. Only habits work. Whatever we want to accomplish has to be made into a habit, or we don’t do it. It has to be so automatic that we don’t even notice we are doing it unless it is interrupted, just like my coffee time.

I have heard it takes 21 days for the brain to establish a new habit. It has to be done every single day the same way it was the day before. It might take less time or even more depending on differences in people. The conditioning is the same, though. Some might liken this to classical conditioning in the field of psychology, and that is pretty much what it is. It does not have to be complicated, though. Just choose a new habit to work on and commit to it daily. It will become a daily routine over time, and you will do it without even thinking about it.

So, forget the diet will power or whatever it is you think mind over matter will accomplish. Just do the same thing daily for a period of time until you see the result. It will come! If you brush your teeth daily, have coffee and meditate, enjoy some time out in the sun before your shower, without even thinking about it, you can find another thing to add, and your life will be happier for it!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


Rubin, Gretchen (2015). Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. Crown Publishers New York. Print.

You Have Relationship Choices

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Everyone, I mean everyone, has baggage in this life. Personally, sometimes I feel like I packed a full load of luggage and just called out “all aboard”! Seriously, we are born into this world as a free and pure soul with nothing written upon it yet. Sometimes I wish we could stay that way but there is no learning in that. The hard thing is our baggage attracts our experiences. In the case of relationships, we more than often attract the learning experiences than the more pleasant or easy ones. Iv’e concluded that life is not meant to be easy, but we don’t have to complicate it more.

What do we do when we have attracted the most difficult experience into our lives? Of course, we all have choices, right? The choice to roll with the punches is always there if learning is what we desire. Or sometimes it is healing we really need to receive. Or we can choose to leave it behind and opt for relationships that give us more ease and comfort. Sometimes they are the image of who we desire to be. What we put out there in our desires with intention and emotion are what we are going to attract.

We can learn from these relationships as well. They don’t all have to be the hard side of Karma. They can be the easier ride. Wouldn’t you rather sit on a nice fluffy cushion than a chair with pins and needles sticking out of it? I hate to be graphic but that is basically the difference in our relationship choices. Sometimes we have to leave the pins and needles behind us and opt for the fluffy cushion. Learning from someone who is amazingly giving and kind can be extremely healing.

If that is the experience you desire than go for it! Kindness is more than someone who is being “nice”. Kindness comes from the depth of someone’s soul, and from someone who cares deeply for us. We can choose this! I think sometimes we believe in our hearts we have no choices but choice is always there like a teacher and a friend.

Do you want the “balm of Gilead”; something soothing to your soul? Or, do you want what feels like a whipping on the cross? Again, its your choice. If you need help in this area of intention, you can set up a counseling or coaching session. Maybe set up a few! What else do you have to lose accept your unhappiness? You can attract more kindness toward you. Be kind. Set your intention for kindness. Meditate on love and kindness. Be grateful.  Be aware! Always look for the opportunities that you are being sent. Don’t miss your chance!

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Spiritual Guidance Counselor/Practical Life Coach



4 Ways Anger Can Be a Good Thing!

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I think most of us know when anger is not a good idea. Those are the moments when it is out of control. Anything out of balance can destroy instead of enhance. For example, a lit candle is beautiful but a fire destroying a home is devastating. Water can be soothing but a flood that ruins and takes lives is not so soothing. In the same respect, anger in its right place can be an asset when out of control it harms everything in its way.

So, when is anger an asset? Let’s take a look at this. It certainly is an emotion we are given and therefore it must have it’s place, right? Anger can tell us alot about how we feel about a situation. It can be a part of that gut intuition we have been given to discern and decide. There is a good anger. What about righteous indignation? We can be angry at racism, sexism, dirty politics, or when the neighbor next door throws their garbage over our back fence. Do you see where I am going with this?

Let’s consider how anger can help:

1) It can show us how we really feel about something going on outside of us or even inside of us. Anger gives revelation.

2) It can help us draw boundaries as to what we want in our lives and what we do not from others. Anger is a protection.

3) It can be a driving force to get us out and going when we have been complacent. Anger is a motivator.

4) It can show us where we have been hurt inside because of the response to what someone has done. Anger is a compass.

So, you see, it is not all bad all of the time. Being angry is not such a mortal sin. It has its uses and some are very good uses. Just like the rising ocean waves, just don’t let it get to high and like the fire that is only a flame, don’t allow it to get out of control!

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry


Do You Hang with a Telephone Gossip, or Dirty Talker?

road-people-street-smartphone.jpgIt is so true that we become like the people we hang around with or talk to. I have watched people transform in the wrong directions just talking to new people who bring out the worst in them instead of the best. This is absolute truth. If the words of your friends, connections, and others, are not edifying, you will become just like them. Ditch them!

Seriously! What you put out there is what you manifest in your life. What you listen to and engage in regarding conversation is what will also guide your life. Marriages are broken, families are separated, reputations are lost, and lifestyles go down the drain through bad connections.

Remember God’s words about hanging out with a gossip. DON’T DO IT! Everything they say to you and everything you say to them will become like a radio broadcast. Before you know it you have no idea why others start to avoid you. You stop getting promotions, people won’t like you, and you will wonder why. Watch your words. If they are changing and you are becoming more bold with things that are less than pure, you are talking to the WRONG people in your life.

You will then watch God and His created Universe only support and send dirty things into your life that will keep you from His best. Do you want this? Here is a suggestion.

Make a list of all of those you connect with on a regular basis and think about how interacting with them affects your life. Do they bring blessing or do they bring division between you and God’s blessings? If you listen and talk with a dirty talker then you will be pegged as one as well. Not only that, you will BECOME one.

Look toward those who have good hearts and pure minds. They are those who will be supportive when things are hard. There are a lot of good people and good choices to make out there. Make the good ones and watch your life be blessed and cared for!

**Talk to someone you can trust and will hold your confidence. These are those who you can let everything hang out and they are accepting, non judgmental, and support you no matter what. Stick with friends who will compassionately listen, laugh with you, and hope the best for you no matter what you have to share with them.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 

Re-creation of Good Childhood Memories for Healing and Joy!

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nRecently, I posted an update on Facebook asking what my friends fondest childhood memories are. I think we focus so much on the negative in life when looking back that we tend to forget some of the great things that have happened in life. When I look back to my childhood I can remember beautiful sunny days playing in the yard, running around with our family dog, and our big old house we lived in with so much to explore. I loved to pretend I was making tea on the heater vents on the floor and serving it up to my dolls with lunch.

No one experiences only negative things, although many of us have had a lot of hard things happen. Yet, I guarantee if you focus real hard on the positive and good things that were a part of childhood you can find some good ones! I still love the rain hitting the windows in our older house we just purchased over a year ago, just like I loved the rain hitting the windows of the old house I began my early days in.

Replicating the good memories and living some of them out brings back peace and some childlike feelings like when we ran through the grass on Easter morning anticipating the events of the day! Close your eyes for just a few moments and find some childhood memories that were wonderful and see where you can find them or reenact them in your life today. Having a childlike spirit brings joy and carefree days in our lives.

The Bible teaches us to come to God with a childlike spirit. A sense of wonder and wide eyed innocence can not only enhance faith but bring a more fancy free feeling as we travel through life. Think of maybe doing some things you used to do when a child. Take a trip to the zoo, plan to travel to Disneyland, spend the day at the beach finding shells and letting the water chase you as you run through the sand.

Recreate meals that were served at family gatherings that were fun and enjoyable. In Biblical times, gathering for meals were considered to be a sacred time. They took time with their meals, prayed over them, and spent the rest of the evening dancing to music and playing like children. Somehow we have lost this in our society and we really need to bring it all back!

What happened to the days when the neighborhood got together for a block party, roped off the area, and shared a large buffet together with great food and conversation? This happens more rarely these days than in the past. Since when did we have to be so distant and separated? I remember summers riding go carts with the boys up the street and having water balloon fights on the grass.

These are the things that have made life worth living and worth remembering. These are the things that should be recreated in life. Children have a faith that is strong and innocent. Work toward that childlike faith and your relationship with God will even soar on eagles wings!

What memories will you recreate today? Think of all of the possibilities!

In laughter and joy,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry



When Evil People Prosper

Businessman with megaphoneWe all have been affected by evil people in this world at one time or another. For some reason there are those who just don’t care about others and are into life for themselves. They are driven by evil desires and are overcome by demonic powers. The sad thing is most don’t know what is driving them or even care to know. They tend to go through life pretty much unaware and sometimes they are quite aware. It is a sign of the end times and the prophesied world we would live in.

2 Timothy 3: 2-5

“People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,  treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—  having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

It can be hard at times to sit back and watch evil people prosper, but it happens and there is nothing we can do about it, accept pray. When their evil touches us, we are called to forgive but as the Scriptures state we are to have nothing to do with such people. There is no arguing or reasoning with a person driven by evil desires. The demonic realm attaches to those who have evil tendencies.

Remember that things will be alright. God takes care of the vindication part when evil touches us. Our battle is not with flesh but with the evil powers in spiritual places. There will come a day that all of God’s people will watch and witness the vindication of God. So, when evil touches you from the influence of a person, don’t waste your time trying to make things right on your own. God has a plan for those who refuse Him and make the conscious decision to create havoc on other people’s lives.

The goodness of the Lord will yet be seen by all. He is our divine conqueror and the keeper of our peace. When we turn our hearts toward Him, the Bible says we are more than conquerors. Focus on the “more” part and you will yet see the goodness of God in this world as well as the Kingdom to come!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 

What Will a Good Marriage Cost You?

couple cuddle-saidaonlineI know this title is a strange question. I’m not going to go into dollars and cents. The subject is so much deeper than that and so much more important. My dear, to everything in life that is worth pursuing there is a cost. It makes no difference what that is. If there is something you decide you want more than anything else, you will pay a cost. Some of it will be your time, efforts, sacrificing other things, or maybe giving up one dream for a bigger one.

If you want something good, like a good marriage, its going to cost you. Before I go into some of what that cost might be, ask yourself an important question. How important is it to have a good marriage? How about a GREAT marriage? This question is the first one you should ask and is the most important. Why you ask? We guide our decisions and ultimately our efforts according to importance. If we want something bad enough, we will work for it no matter what it takes. We will jump hoops and go out of our comfort zone. We will fight the good fight and not even bat an eyelash when adversity comes along. I think you get my drift here. So, what’s the verdict? Do you want a good or great marriage bad enough to do whatever it takes? After you answer this question, you may proceed to some of what this will cost you .

  1. You will need to lay down your “right to be right.” A marriage is not about who has the correct answer. It is more about exchanging ideas and coming to  a happy medium within those ideas. Its about compromise more than it is about our need for “rightness”. You might even be right, at least to yourself. But remember, your spouse is not you and operates on other thought processes which draw from experiences you did not share before you were together. We all have different experiences, and our decisions can be guided by them.
  2. You will need to lay down putting anyone else before your spouse. I know, I know, sometimes you need gal pal time, but if your spouse will have to be slighted during those times then it is not a good thing to press at the moment. Decisions on when those friendship times should occur can take place through open honest discussion. After all, he will need his time without you as well. It just takes planning.  No one wants to sit around waiting for their spouse to get back after a day apart and one of you has taken 3 or 4 hours more than your time. I am not fond of waiting for someone, are you? Don’t disrespect your husband by making him wait and wonder. Even if you call, you are speaking to his unconscious mind that your gal time is more important. Not a good deal.
  3. Sometimes you will have to lay down your right to have your say. Some arguments are not worth having, so listen objectively and just “be there” for him the way you would want someone to be there for you.
  4. Give up your old guy friends from before you met him. Yep, I am serious. Another man has no business being in your life unless you and your spouse spend time with him at the same time and all have become friends. Even so, if that man is single, spend no alone time with him. Respect and guarding your marriage is important. You will need to lay down some other relationships and prefer your spouse over them.
  5. Flirtatious behavior is off limits to a married woman. Respect of your spouse is one of the greatest gifts you can give him, aside from love itself. In fact, respect is a part of love. That is why the word is often in the marriage ceremony. You know, “Will you love and respect…” If you feel the need to flirt with others you are doing this out of your own insecurity and that needs to be dealt with from inside of you! Don’t drag your hubby down that road with you. Go to God and get yourself a good dose of self esteem.
  6. Be prepared to leave some of your independence behind you. Your husband will need to know he is valued for what he puts into your marriage. Independent things for you both are good for you, just don’t make yourself so independent that he feels you don’t need him. We all desire to be needed and appreciated for what we freely give to another.
  7. Jesus said that there is no greater love than to lay ones life down for a friend and your spouse should be your best friend forsaking all others. If he is not then you need a friendship lesson. If he is not a good friend to you then maybe he needs one!
  8. Be willing to love when he is being or acting  less than love-able. Not everyone is in a great mood all of the time. You know that you are not. Your spouse won’t be either. Don’t take his bad mood personally and love him right on through it!
  9. Pray for and with your husband! A marriage that prays together stays together! Prayer is the power of God in your marriage! You could never underestimate this one!

I hope this gives you a good start. I know it might not be popular with your ego, but our first ministry is to our spouse, like it or not. It is what God has ordained. You can not minister to anyone else until you know how to do it with your family first and that means your spouse before anyone else!

PS, the exception to all of these is if you are being abused or mistreated. I have to add this in here because of the tendency for abused wives to become co-dependent husband pleasers in order to not be abused. This does not work out. Mutual respect is a major gift to a marriage that will work. If you are being disrespected then maybe you need to make a new decision. I’m a firm advocate that we teach people how to treat us. If you are being mistreated, never reward that behavior. Safely walk away from abuse. That one IS your right! 

Dear God, help us all to know and understand what the cost for a good marriage will be for us and help us to be better wives in the process! amen

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

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