How You Can Activate the Power of Gratitude Into Your Life

Gratitude is one of your ultimate power players in life. Having gratitude draws grace upon your situations, issues, and circumstances. When the Universe grabs onto your gratitude it sends back more for you to be grateful for! Would you love a nice river of graceful gratitude in your life? I know I would! When IContinue reading “How You Can Activate the Power of Gratitude Into Your Life”

A Better Bread Option for Better Health and Less Inflammation

White flour is a HUGE culprit for triggering inflammation in the body. If you struggle with arthritis or any inflammatory issue, white flour is the first thing that should be thrown out of your diet. Even if you do not have any condition that is inflammatory, white flour STILL will trigger an inflammatory response inContinue reading “A Better Bread Option for Better Health and Less Inflammation”

What Dealing With Covid Has Taught Me

As I look back upon my life, I can not remember an illness as frustrating as COVID-19. I come from a generation who endured the mumps, measles, chickenpox and missed the old smallpox epidemic. The diseases of the past were irritating, except for some of the more life-threatening diseases. I feel very blessed to haveContinue reading “What Dealing With Covid Has Taught Me”

Want Some Stress Ease? Medicinal Tea with CINNAMON! (Repost correction)

*** This is not meant to be in place of medical advice. Please seek advice before trying herbals and any interactions with your medications. I am not affiliated with this brand nor do I receive funds for any promotions. Skullcap is known to be beneficial for insomnia anxiety tension inflammation spasms Personally, I love medicinalContinue reading “Want Some Stress Ease? Medicinal Tea with CINNAMON! (Repost correction)”

Addictions Are Not for the Weak

Yesterday I was going through some photos of those I have known of who have struggled with addictions of many kinds. Most of them are no longer here on earth. Some still are and struggling. Then there are those who feel they have it “under control” only choosing a new addiction to supply their needs.Continue reading “Addictions Are Not for the Weak”

Fitness and Being Fabulous!

About 11 years ago I found myself going through a lot of personal life transition. During that time I went into the caregiving industry, caring for seniors in their homes and helping them do things they could not do for themselves. I was shocked at how many pretty healthy seniors needed someone to help themContinue reading “Fitness and Being Fabulous!”

Amazing Uses for Bergamot Essential Oil

These days it seems I am always looking for ways to naturally assist my body processes, contribute to better health, and overall ease in life. One very essential item I found I can not do without is Bergamot Essential Oil. This oil is extracted from a tree through cold pressing and has a delightful citrusContinue reading “Amazing Uses for Bergamot Essential Oil”

Did You Know How Coconut Oil Can Kill Mouth Bacteria? Here are the Benefits!

I was never so happy to discover that coconut oil has so many benefits for our bodies! Please see my post on the benefits of coconut oil! The Benefits of Coconut Oil . Now I have discovered that using coconut oil as a replacement to mouth wash is so good for us! All that is needed isContinue reading “Did You Know How Coconut Oil Can Kill Mouth Bacteria? Here are the Benefits!”

Do NOT Eat These If You Have a Struggling Thyroid Gland

Most of the time when I do research for good healthy habits I am searching for foods and things I should be taking in. I’ve discovered that sometimes I need to take a look at foods to avoid. I was kind of shocked when I discovered there are foods a person would need to avoid forContinue reading “Do NOT Eat These If You Have a Struggling Thyroid Gland”

Is Caffeine Making You Feel Sick?

There are times when I often thought there can be nothing better than the first cup of coffee in the morning. There is a sense of “ahhhh” that some how takes place with it. I always looked forward to that morning moment with God and a good cup of coffee with stevia and some lowContinue reading “Is Caffeine Making You Feel Sick?”