The World Needs Empaths

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Empaths are those who feel others’ emotions and feelings at a deeper level than most. This might be displayed in flashes of experiences that most people had long forgotten. In this case, the empath is processing residue from those experiences and cutting karmic cords in those experiences. Or an empath might feel the feelings of another that go far beyond compassion to the point of crying tears with them. This helps release pressure in the energy field of a human being who is processing more internal pain than they need to handle.

An empath will feel the physical pain others are enduring and can apply energy healing either in person or by distance healing. This aids the healing process for another and will help their heart to open up to more life experiences again.

An empath will also feel and sense world events that might be disturbing. Sending love, energy, compassion, healing, and positive visualization can send messages to those who are bent on chaos to help in changing the aura area to love.

If you are thinking or believing that there are some who are too sensitive, think again. Being in an empathetic state is one of the highest roles of world service there is. Don’t attempt to stop an empath from feeling their feelings. It won’t work. Their natural state of being is learning to cope with crying others’ tears, feeling the world’s pain, and helping to process healing.

How can you help an empath close to you?

When they need rest, LET THEM REST

Don’t bring more of an emotional burden upon them than they already deal with.

Understand that life is not always about YOU. Sometimes life has to be about others who need the healing compassionate boost from empathetic people.

Remember empathy is a place of service to others and a way to filter the world’s energetic love deficit. When an empath is processing, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Don’t place more upon the empath than they can bear at any given moment. YOU will then be the one who stops the healing process and are subject to karmic issues in your own life. Let a healer heal and tend to your own issues instead of putting them upon one who is working internally hard to gift the rest of the world with the healing energy and compassion that is much needed.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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Be a Tears Wiper Blade

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Everyone has tearful moments. Sometimes those moments last much longer than many of us like them to last. They are what they are; release of internal pain. Tears are like nature’s emotional pressure valve and the best way to keep emotionally free.

There are times when tears last more than a moment. These are seasons in life when someone’s emotional release valve has more than it should have to bear. Every now and then our valve release system gets clogged or even over-taxed.

Although we don’t want to interrupt someone’s release of painful experiences we do need to be one who chooses compassion over neglect. If we can train ourselves to be tear wiper blades we can be that compassionate cushion someone needs to get through some of the more pressured releases that can ultimately be harmful to their health and wholeness.

Yes, we need to learn to become tearful wiper blades for those who need us. Take a look around and find the one who is closest to you and dedicate yourself to wiping their tears. We can strengthen each other and help one another rise one woman at a time, one person at a time.

Choose to be a healer and a beacon of hope to those who have no one willing to be that wiper blade during times of tearful trouble. Give to those who need your time, your energy, and your compassionate healing.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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It Used to Be…

Something came over me today about how things “used to be” in this world. Sometimes we take for granted that “this is how it is now” and forget who we are or were. So things started flooding into my mind about how things used to be. I felt a little sad until I realized things can change for the better, always. So here is my list of “used to be” things :

It used to be when someone lied not only did they apologize when it hurt someone but they were expected to apologize. It’s called accountability.

It used to be people valued their position in their job so much that they treated those who worked for them with respect. They knew they would not be where they were but for those who worked hard to keep them there. It’s called integrity.

It used to be when we called someone they called us back, not leaving a text, a voicemail, an email, or an excuse. It’s called mature communication.

It used to be we helped someone when they were down and lifted them up. It’s called compassion.

It used to be when we reached out to someone they responded in love instead of ignoring our hearts. They genuinely wanted to help. It’s called responsibility.

It used to be people would right a wrong by being upfront and apologetic. It’s called honesty.

I’m sure I could go on with my “used to be” things but I will leave it open. It’s food for thought, right? When we were in kindergarten we shared our cookies with those who did not have any. Why can’t we share supplies and food with those who need it? When we were in kindergarten we didn’t understand “hoarding”. hmmm

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

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The Difficulty of Being Alone

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When I write my blog posts, I mostly get my information spiritually for others. Sometimes my writing is about myself. Tonight, this blog is for me. It is because my heart is aching, and it feels like no one would want even to come close to understanding. None of us can ever be an inspired person all the time. Life is just like a bowl of mixed nuts, all filled with different things that we end up eating along with everything else.

As I think back on some of the good things I have accomplished in life, I feel proud. There have been some great times and good moments that I cherish and hold dear. There have been some intensely sad moments when I thought my heart would break in half, but it did not. God has always been standing by with the glue gun to make sure my heart gets put back together whenever the need arises.

I think of those I have counseled over the years, the emotions I have calmed in others, and the situations I have brought people through, and I have to wonder why I never have the pleasure of being heard and comforted when the time arises. Do I appear too confident or together? Lately, I do not feel that way. Maybe I put out the air that I do not need anyone. It could not be further from the truth. We all need one another.

Sometimes I think of Karma and wonder if maybe there is something, I did to attract a situation where I always have to stand alone when things are the hardest. Can it be I tread on waters so torrential that no one else dares tread with me? Sometimes my heart is too sensitive. It’s what makes me compassionate. Sometimes my heart feels like It is going to break into a thousand pieces, like now.

Regardless of what the reason, I have felt almost invisible for the last seven years or so. My expressions of distress are met with things like, “I’m sorry to hear that,” or ” I hope you feel better soon.” Then the door is shut. As long as I have no uplifting words for someone else, there is nothing left to say.

I think to myself; I can talk to God and all the spiritual support I have. Tonight, I need more than that. We all come to a crossroads where someone who truly has mutual compassion is necessary. Suddenly I feel very alone. I am not lonely, just alone. There is a difference, you know. I can be alone for long periods and never feel lonely. Yet there are other moments I wish I had not walked the road I have. It appears to be a dark alley, and all along, I thought it was a bright tunnel filled with lights and guidance.

When guidance is not enough, yet God is enough, sometimes I need Him to send me some earth angels. I feel like my heart is hurting so much it can be heard all across the world and back, and yet all I get is an echo and then silence.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry

Compassionate Listening


The silence of the morning hours are the most precious moments I spend. It’s the time when I pray and meditate with God to connect with the pulse of creation and wisdom. In that silence this morning the message I heard was how powerful a person is while being a compassionate listener. To truly hear the heart of another with no condemnation or judgement is to be the greatest gift to this world.

Compassionate listening is to be silent while someone else speaks and truly hear the heart of that person. This is true of groups of people as well. We don’t have to agree to listen and hear. We don’t need to judge or even come to a conclusion, expression, or solution. Sometimes people just need to have someone listen and to be heard. When we listen to understand we become an ambassador who connects hearts instead of repelling them.

The greatest honor is to be trusted with the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of another. The greatest gift is to listen without judgement. It is in that context, in that moment, we become the greatest ambassador of love ever.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


Characteristics of Love: Love Does Not Boast and is Not Proud

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I lumped boasting and pride together because I think they like to hang out together. Have you ever been at a gathering and overheard someone talking about their latest accomplishment or success? This is different than sharing great news. Boasting and being prideful has an inner working of the heart that states someone believes they are better than others. None of us really have to be too discerning to know when another is doing this. It comes from desiring either attention or praise.

Boasting can be very subtle sometimes. When we give to others, make an impression and then go around and tell everyone, it’s not very flattering. Boasting is just plain self centered. For instance, when someone boasts of their good works afterward it reveals a heart that only wanted some form of credit and definately is in need of inner healing. This is not the intention in which any of us should be giving.

Pridefulness is right up there. In fact, boasting mostly comes from pride. Our goodness should be naturally seen and not purposefully exposed to be seen. Pride can get pretty ugly. Have you ever tried to have a discussion with a pride filled person, or even spend time with them? It is alright to be proud of our accomplishments and even display them! This is not the same. Remember, it is the intention of the heart that is the focus. True boasting or pridefulness comes from either attention getting or feeling one is better than others in some way. Pride oversteps boundaries and has a sense of entitlement. Someone who is filled with pride believes they are entitled to better things than others. Sometimes those who have a sense of entitlement believe they even deserve more. It’s ugly all the way around and not true love.

Boasting and pridefulness will judge others as smaller or more insignificant. Sometimes a person with these issues will believe they are smarter, more wise, or even more gifted. Pride and giftedness do not mix at all! A gift comes out of the fountain of humility and never pride.

Real love, Godly love, is not like either of these. Love gives out of kindness and compassion. Love is happy within itself for accomplishments and has no need to be displayed for attention; which would be a sign of the need of inner healing. There is no pride of life in Godly love. God- love is humble, admirable, and can be sensed as so good!

When someone who has accomplished much but has God- love they glow from the inside out for all that has been done or achieved. God- love does not lord itself over others or think higher of itself. God- love extends a higher seat to those around; wishes, hopes, and prays for those whom it comes in contact. God-love displays the light of God, a heart of Oneness, and a spirit of Unity. It comes from that inner temple where God resides and not the human ego self. When true God-love is present between two people in relationship it gives to the other with such joy without looking for something in return. It is a humility and holy presence that is a gift that goes into eternity.

(Remember nothing is in perfection. We are in a learning process. So as you read, let things soak in, and discern, remember to learn and not judge yourself or others)

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

Characteristics of Love: Love is Kind

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Kindness shines its light as a reflection of love especially during times of distress. As I explained in a previous blog post, there is a difference between being “nice” and being kind. Kindness takes compassion and empathy. It fulfills its power by giving to another without expectation of anything in return. It is an act of generosity and empathetic giving with no motive of being “seen” or to gather points for the ego. Kindness is unconditional love.

Kindness is a characteristic of love that can only be without conditions attached to it. Love, in God’s fashion, is tremendously kind. This means when others are at their worst or at their best. There is no condition accept the willingness to give and receive. It’s great to be nice to others but to be kind shows depth of understanding. Kindness comes from the place inside of us where God resides. It is the Light and reflection of God and God’s character.

Kindness does random acts, since it really does not have the need to be acknowledged by its giver. In fact, love and kindness can be quite healing. Take a look at the world around you today and take note of where there is a need for healing. Can you perform an act of love in the form of kindness today and maybe every day? How about in your closest relationship when it is the hardest to give?

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for anything you might hold yourself hostage to. Be kind and give to yourself unconditionally and without reservation. Give compassion and goodness every single day by self care and self love. Then you will understand what is needed outside of yourself as well. Give love to another as you have given to yourself and as God has given to you. It is a healing cycle that never ends. We always receive back what we give out from any direction that destiny decides to send it. In the realm of eternity there is an eternal act of kindness, compassion, giving, and love.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry

Sometimes We Just Need to Be Heard

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I began this blog a bit more than 4 years ago. It was because expression, communication, and my voice are always my strong place. I might seem unassuming to those who first meet me but don’t mistake my quiet presentation at first glance, as one of a shy demeanor. I’ve learned there are moments to be silent and times when rockets need to flare out of my mouth because the subject matter is just that important to me. Bottom line, if its important its going to get expression from me. It might not win a popularity contest for me but I’ve come to a point in life where having the integrity to stick to my boundaries out weighs anyone’s thoughts about me.

I have thought about the reasons I often speak the way I do, and at the times that I do. I’ve learned the answer from having sessions with my clients. There are times when we need to be heard or our guts will pour out, fall out, or even explode out. We sure don’t want the latter! The human heart needs expression just like an artist needs a canvas and paint. Our expression is our paint and the subject is our canvass. Sometimes I know I paint with precision and others I know I need to splash the paint all over and in every direction. Its all expression. Without it and without being heard, we are a bottle with a cork stuck in it ready to give way any moment.

Nothing is more frustrating or more degrading than to speak and not be heard. Its like sound that bounces off of a piece of stone and floods right back into the gut. It creates a sort of tidal wave inside of me when this happens. Being heard is important but being heard and understood is even more important. I am not talking about agreement. I am talking about understanding. I truly feel that understanding is one of the greatest gifts that can be given over to communication. Talking to someone who will not hear or understand is like talking to a brick wall. Very frustrating. I’d like to take a battering ram and create a break in the brick in those cases. Hearing and understanding is a part of compassion within communication.

I like to speak my mind, that’s for sure. Even if no one wants to hear it. Even if no one agrees with me. Even if there is no compassion or caring. There are moments when expression needs to convert to communication. If you have no one to communicate with, consider a pouring out session with me. I kid you not, you will feel so much better. Listening and hearing are two other things that are my best friends within communication skills. A lot can come to light and more understanding even if its just to hear yourself express your thoughts. You would be amazed at what the unconscious mind will feed into your conversation.

If you need to communicate, let me hear you, “Sign me up”! Don’t allow your stuff to become an exploding volcano. Take it easy on your body and allow tears to flow but more than that allow communication to flow like a river. Illumination will come from it and compassion will be the gift you can receive.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, Phd

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Do You Know the Difference Between Listening and Hearing?

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Living in a world filled with noise and distraction, its hard to remember to listen when we need to; but do we really hear? There is a huge difference between listening and hearing. Listening is what we take into our ears and process with our brains. Hearing is listening but also adding the heart, compassion, understanding, and emotion. When we hear we bring depth into our understanding of a situation or conversation. It is so important to actually hear while communicating with others. Hearing brings empathy while merely listening just transfers information.

It takes some practice if you have not been good at hearing or have not understood this. Meditation is one way to practice hearing. This is because we have to divert the thoughts running through our heads continually and draw them back into focus. A person with focus is someone who hears well. Hearing also heightens intuition. Someone who hears will intuitively know more about the conversation than just passing knowledge. We should be looking for depth in conversation not just making noise.

You will find your relationships will improve by practicing hearing. That means we honor the other with our whole self and not just our mind. We hear with our heart, compassion, empathy and understanding. So many are misunderstood because of merely passing knowledge and not truly hearing another in a conversation.

Your love life alone will improve just by becoming someone who hears well. Hearing brings honor. It means we are taking the time to truly pay attention with every part of us. In that way we honor others while we are conversing with them. If you really want to show someone they have value to you, then do more than listen. Truly hear with your heart. We are meant to have depth as people. Once again, this takes practice. Sometimes we don’t even realize how little heart we put into our conversations with others, especially in a world filled with technology that can be so impersonal.

Challenge yourself to be personal! Be a person who hears and not someone who merely listens! Watch how much your relationships will improve. Hear to have understanding, and then communication with compassion!

Loving you from here!

Dr Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


The Empath and the Overflow

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Being an empath is a very delicate balance in life. It’s more than having empathy for others, its about actually feeling what they are feeling. We can’t help it. It just is something that is a part of our DNA. How it happens, I really don’t completely know. I just know it is a gift, but a hard one to keep balanced.

Empaths are highly sensitive people. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing! It makes us sensitive to spiritual things, to the hurt others go through, and to the condition of the world. Personally, we are sensitive to just about everything. This can be medications, caffeine, weather changes, even things that “go bump in the night”. We are healers, explorers of truth, and those who teach and heal because we love it. It is our life’s breath. That is the good part of being an empath. This world needs us!

The hard part is we are also overstimulated by those who are overstimulating. We can even become tired and even adrenally fatigued if we are not careful. We are bombarded with an overflow of information in every single given day. Sometimes the only answer is to shut down and be alone for awhile. This does not mean forever, just for a time. We need a “time out”, from the overflow of continual communications, world events, noisy chatter and problems that often become more overwhelming than they need to be.

An empath’s compassion makes us a valuable asset but we can become exhausted from too much shot out at us at once. So, we need boundaries. When I take clients it’s great because our sessions are limited to one hour at a time. That’s a pretty good limit for just about anyone. Afterward there is a regeneration time. We can only give out of the overflow of what we have, or we are diminished to give anything. In order to have any overflow, we need rest, recovery, alone time, quiet, meditation, and spiritual time. It is a must have. If you have an empath in your life, understand this. If you are an empath, help others to understand this. It is actually important for survival.

Loving you from here,

Dr Jenine Marie Howry