Update on My New Course!

If you are a woman age 40 and over who is looking for a love relationship you will not want to miss my new upcoming course on how to attract that love relationship into your life! Stop attracting the same dysfunctional, narcissistic, unreliable relationship in different bodies! You deserve the best relationship ever. Even more,Continue reading “Update on My New Course!”

What Wise Women Know

Wisdom is like a right to passage for women. It’s the moment when we realize all of the stored valuable lessons we have learned over the years have more value than we can place upon them. In a biblical sense, wisdom is described in the feminine persona; “Wisdom is a woman”. The book of ProverbsContinue reading “What Wise Women Know”

What Women Really Want in Relationships

Let’s talk about all things relationships when it comes to women! This post is about what women want and desire from the outside that carries them on the inside. I am speaking of soulful desires and maybe some of them can be considered rights as well. We fight battles, often silent and sometimes spoken loudlyContinue reading “What Women Really Want in Relationships”

Do You Have a Good Relationship With Yourself?

When we ponder relationships, we don’t often consider the relationship we have with ourselves. We do, in fact, have a self-relationship. We all get an image of our personal relationship with ourselves daily. Acknowledging our self-relationship can bring a lot of insight and healing when we choose to be honest with ourselves. Please don’t underestimateContinue reading “Do You Have a Good Relationship With Yourself?”

What to do When The One You Have Loved No Longer Loves You

It is an issue that has plagued relationships since the beginning of time. One day someone wakes up and realizes their love given has or is no longer going to be returned. All of the time and moments that have been put into trying to bond with someone have now seemingly been wasted. First, IContinue reading “What to do When The One You Have Loved No Longer Loves You”

The Haunting of a Relationship Ghoster

When I was little, I had this massive curiosity about ghosts and the hauntings that went with them. True confessions, I still do! The type of ghosting I am writing about here is not the house haunting, chain-rattling, howling kind. Although, relationship ghosting does rattle chains. Let me sum the experience up in one wordContinue reading “The Haunting of a Relationship Ghoster”

Relationship Magic

There was nothing more sweet than watching the romantic dances between my mother and father as a young child. I would peek around the corner just to watch them dance to their favorite music, lights dimmed low, and serenity on their faces. Life was not always serene with them but there were those sweet momentsContinue reading “Relationship Magic”

The Challenge of Hosea

Hosea was a prophet to Israel canonized in the bible as a part of the old testament. In his time he was the only prophet God appointed to Israel and was challenged with bringing Israel back to God as they worshiped false gods. Hosea, whose name means “salvation” was told by God to marry anContinue reading “The Challenge of Hosea”

Characteristics of Love: Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (Forgives) and MORE!

I’m almost at the end of my series on love as it is described in the bible. I think this one is harder for most people than the rest, but it sure is not hard for God. Love keeps no record of wrongs. This means true God-love forgives, but more than that. It also meansContinue reading “Characteristics of Love: Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (Forgives) and MORE!”

Have You Been Stricken By Cupid’s Arrow?

For some reason we always associate a heart with an arrow sticking through it as a symbol of someone stricken by love. It does actually mean that but even further, it means a heart that has been tormented by a love that has caused agony. The picture doesn’t have much appeal anymore does it? WhoContinue reading “Have You Been Stricken By Cupid’s Arrow?”