Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!

Keep your eyes, and mind, on what matters and what is happening now.  I never felt such a release as the day I was advised that the past no longer even exists accept only in my head. It’s so true! Its a non existent element of our life experience that we hold inside of ourContinue reading “Here is Your Weekly Wisdom!”

Re-creation of Good Childhood Memories for Healing and Joy!

Recently, I posted an update on Facebook asking what my friends fondest childhood memories are. I think we focus so much on the negative in life when looking back that we tend to forget some of the great things that have happened in life. When I look back to my childhood I can remember beautifulContinue reading “Re-creation of Good Childhood Memories for Healing and Joy!”

Some Memories Are Just Too Precious

Back in the 90’s I was a struggling mom with five children. I was married to someone who was not very supportive of our family and often was gone for long spurts of time. Faith is not even a strong enough word for what I needed to have. My older son was about 12 yearsContinue reading “Some Memories Are Just Too Precious”