Comfort and Success in Daily Habits

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Every morning without fail, I go about the same routine. I love to wake up slowly. It is just my thing. I stumble to the coffee maker half awake and grab that warm mixture I create every day. Then, without thinking, I get into bed, meditate, write, read, or be as I drink my coffee. This is my time to be me. It’s a habit I have created over a long period of time, and I don’t deviate from it much.

Most of the time, when we talk about habits, we think of bad ones. There are good ones too! In fact, I have found the good ones can become a great comfort. They are just like a security blanket because we know they will be accomplished in the same manner we always do. We can count on them, and we don’t have to think about them. Habits don’t need will power to accomplish them. They are automatic conditioned acts and responses we have created over time.

 We only become aware of them when something comes along to interrupt them. One morning I woke up, and the ice maker was spewing water all over the kitchen floor. The line had broken, and I grabbed towels right and left, attempting to ensure the water was contained until it could be attended to. The one thing I noticed more than anything was my morning coffee and meditative time was interrupted. Had nothing unusual happened, I would not have given it a second thought.

Usually, when we want to make changes, we think we need will power to do it. Maybe it’s a new diet or exercise program. Or, it might be a new direction we want our life to go. Will power is not what we need, though. Will power never works. Only habits work. Whatever we want to accomplish has to be made into a habit, or we don’t do it. It has to be so automatic that we don’t even notice we are doing it unless it is interrupted, just like my coffee time.

I have heard it takes 21 days for the brain to establish a new habit. It has to be done every single day the same way it was the day before. It might take less time or even more depending on differences in people. The conditioning is the same, though. Some might liken this to classical conditioning in the field of psychology, and that is pretty much what it is. It does not have to be complicated, though. Just choose a new habit to work on and commit to it daily. It will become a daily routine over time, and you will do it without even thinking about it.

So, forget the diet will power or whatever it is you think mind over matter will accomplish. Just do the same thing daily for a period of time until you see the result. It will come! If you brush your teeth daily, have coffee and meditate, enjoy some time out in the sun before your shower, without even thinking about it, you can find another thing to add, and your life will be happier for it!

Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD


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Truth About Energy Healing, Light, and the Body, Mind, Emotion Connection (Part 2 of a Series)


Let There Be Light! 

Take your finger and put it on your forehead between the eyebrow area. Deeper inside this area in your head is a gland called the pineal gland. (Eastern culture calls this area the third eye.) This little wonder creates the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is sort of the feel good neurotransmitter. It helps to regulate mood, sexual desire, digestion, memory and sleep. Melatonin helps with the sleep and waking cycles within your body. Without balanced quantities of these amazing little guys, our bodies get out of whack. We can become depressed, not sleep right, have memory issues and more.

For such a little gland, the pineal gland carries a lot of importance, and guess what? It is benefited by SUNLIGHT. Taking in natural sunlight into the eyes is very important because this helps stimulate this amazing little gland, and will benefit the brain and mood. I read once that the pineal gland has some similar tissues as the retina of the eyes. Basically without natural sunlight we are not balanced, growing, happy, or even healthy. Aside from stimulating important amounts of vitamin D, natural light stimulates our bodies, and the pineal gland into making these important neurotransmitters. While definitely not wise to stare into the sun, it is very wise to look out into the sunlight and spend time in the light.

If you work in an office all day with artificial light, take a nice walk in the fresh air and sunlight during your lunch or breaks. Your body will thank you! Jesus had said when the eye is full of light the whole body is also filled with light. This can be taken in a couple ways. One way can be light or Christed light, and another can be our  physical/emotional health benefits. When the eyes take in sunlight, literally our whole bodies are filled with light. When we think of it, we need the same stimulation as plants do in order to grow.

If you are angry, emotionally drained, feeling depressed or not sleeping well, then chances are you are lacking natural sunshine. When looking out into the sunlight set your intention to draw that light into your eyes, body, and pineal gland. Breathe deeply while doing this process. Oxygen helps to circulate the blood more effectively, so breathing deep is important. Send the light with your intention throughout your body. Then do something that is also quite amazing; smile. When you smile, the muscles used in your face will help stimulate happy feelings. You can not be unhappy or depressed while smiling. Sometimes we have to force ourselves but after a lot of practice it becomes a good addiction. (Not to mention you will bring smiles onto the faces of many others you encounter during the day.)

Breathe the light deep through your body and let it circulate through the entire body and then down through the feet. This is called grounding. Light stimulates the energy centers of the body that eastern cultures call chakras, or energy wheels. These energy wheels affect every organ and system of your body. I know it sounds strange to some but give it a try for over a week. Extend to a month and it can become a habit. Bringing in light and using intention to circulate it can be very powerful and healthy.

Repeat Jesus’ words as an affirmation “When the eye is filled with light the whole body is filled with light.”  Did He know something that we missed in our western culture? Possibly. Let your whole being be filled with light, just as God has stated from the beginning, “Let there be light!” All creation depends upon it or there would not be such an emphasis upon it. We need both light and darkness for a healthy sleep cycle.
If you find you are having trouble sleeping you can supplement melatonin. These supplements can be found in most drug stores. OR, you can eat melatonin stimulating foods. Christ light is holy light. Spiritually, the light of the world is within you and when you are aware of this, the benefit will be wisdom, power, and good health. Don’t forget, your body, mind, emotions, and spirit are all connected and one does not operate without the other.

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Weekly Wisdom! Don’t Allow Negative Surroundings Affect You


I love to wake up happy, don’t you? There is nothing better than a morning cup of coffee, some meditative time, and enjoying the sunrise. Appreciating the best things in life is one of the greatest keys to happiness. Love what you have, live what you love!

In the midst of just trying to get along with the rest of the world, there is always that gloomy negative person, or people. They happen. Somehow they just have not received the memo that the key to having more happiness in life is the appreciate it, be grateful for it, and give love instead of heartache.

Today, and this week, don’t allow negative people to rain on your parade! Love the life given to you and be in joy no matter what. Soak up the beauty of life like a sponge and not the negative junk that happens around you. God shines in you, so let all of that God love light shine stronger than any garbage the world wants to dump into your lap.

Loving you from here,

Dr. Rev Jenine Marie Howry

Here Is Your Weekly Wisdom!


“To have joy one must share it. Happiness was born a twin.” – Lord Byron 

Can you remember times when something amazing happened and the first thing you wanted to do was to share it with someone special? There is something about sharing our joy and happiness that makes it larger and brighter when shared with others. True joy and all of its fullness comes from giving it to someone else. There is a special bond with those we share our joy with. Remember, you are an atmosphere changer. You can bring joy to those who need uplifting and within that giving you also lift yourself higher.

Today, make it part of your plan to share something joyful with someone special or even a stranger. They might not be a stranger for long!

Loving you from here!

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC

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Re-creation of Good Childhood Memories for Healing and Joy!

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nRecently, I posted an update on Facebook asking what my friends fondest childhood memories are. I think we focus so much on the negative in life when looking back that we tend to forget some of the great things that have happened in life. When I look back to my childhood I can remember beautiful sunny days playing in the yard, running around with our family dog, and our big old house we lived in with so much to explore. I loved to pretend I was making tea on the heater vents on the floor and serving it up to my dolls with lunch.

No one experiences only negative things, although many of us have had a lot of hard things happen. Yet, I guarantee if you focus real hard on the positive and good things that were a part of childhood you can find some good ones! I still love the rain hitting the windows in our older house we just purchased over a year ago, just like I loved the rain hitting the windows of the old house I began my early days in.

Replicating the good memories and living some of them out brings back peace and some childlike feelings like when we ran through the grass on Easter morning anticipating the events of the day! Close your eyes for just a few moments and find some childhood memories that were wonderful and see where you can find them or reenact them in your life today. Having a childlike spirit brings joy and carefree days in our lives.

The Bible teaches us to come to God with a childlike spirit. A sense of wonder and wide eyed innocence can not only enhance faith but bring a more fancy free feeling as we travel through life. Think of maybe doing some things you used to do when a child. Take a trip to the zoo, plan to travel to Disneyland, spend the day at the beach finding shells and letting the water chase you as you run through the sand.

Recreate meals that were served at family gatherings that were fun and enjoyable. In Biblical times, gathering for meals were considered to be a sacred time. They took time with their meals, prayed over them, and spent the rest of the evening dancing to music and playing like children. Somehow we have lost this in our society and we really need to bring it all back!

What happened to the days when the neighborhood got together for a block party, roped off the area, and shared a large buffet together with great food and conversation? This happens more rarely these days than in the past. Since when did we have to be so distant and separated? I remember summers riding go carts with the boys up the street and having water balloon fights on the grass.

These are the things that have made life worth living and worth remembering. These are the things that should be recreated in life. Children have a faith that is strong and innocent. Work toward that childlike faith and your relationship with God will even soar on eagles wings!

What memories will you recreate today? Think of all of the possibilities!

In laughter and joy,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry