Truth About Energy Healing, Light, and the Body, Mind, Emotion Connection (Part 2 of a Series)


Let There Be Light! 

Take your finger and put it on your forehead between the eyebrow area. Deeper inside this area in your head is a gland called the pineal gland. (Eastern culture calls this area the third eye.) This little wonder creates the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is sort of the feel good neurotransmitter. It helps to regulate mood, sexual desire, digestion, memory and sleep. Melatonin helps with the sleep and waking cycles within your body. Without balanced quantities of these amazing little guys, our bodies get out of whack. We can become depressed, not sleep right, have memory issues and more.

For such a little gland, the pineal gland carries a lot of importance, and guess what? It is benefited by SUNLIGHT. Taking in natural sunlight into the eyes is very important because this helps stimulate this amazing little gland, and will benefit the brain and mood. I read once that the pineal gland has some similar tissues as the retina of the eyes. Basically without natural sunlight we are not balanced, growing, happy, or even healthy. Aside from stimulating important amounts of vitamin D, natural light stimulates our bodies, and the pineal gland into making these important neurotransmitters. While definitely not wise to stare into the sun, it is very wise to look out into the sunlight and spend time in the light.

If you work in an office all day with artificial light, take a nice walk in the fresh air and sunlight during your lunch or breaks. Your body will thank you! Jesus had said when the eye is full of light the whole body is also filled with light. This can be taken in a couple ways. One way can be light or Christed light, and another can be our  physical/emotional health benefits. When the eyes take in sunlight, literally our whole bodies are filled with light. When we think of it, we need the same stimulation as plants do in order to grow.

If you are angry, emotionally drained, feeling depressed or not sleeping well, then chances are you are lacking natural sunshine. When looking out into the sunlight set your intention to draw that light into your eyes, body, and pineal gland. Breathe deeply while doing this process. Oxygen helps to circulate the blood more effectively, so breathing deep is important. Send the light with your intention throughout your body. Then do something that is also quite amazing; smile. When you smile, the muscles used in your face will help stimulate happy feelings. You can not be unhappy or depressed while smiling. Sometimes we have to force ourselves but after a lot of practice it becomes a good addiction. (Not to mention you will bring smiles onto the faces of many others you encounter during the day.)

Breathe the light deep through your body and let it circulate through the entire body and then down through the feet. This is called grounding. Light stimulates the energy centers of the body that eastern cultures call chakras, or energy wheels. These energy wheels affect every organ and system of your body. I know it sounds strange to some but give it a try for over a week. Extend to a month and it can become a habit. Bringing in light and using intention to circulate it can be very powerful and healthy.

Repeat Jesus’ words as an affirmation “When the eye is filled with light the whole body is filled with light.”  Did He know something that we missed in our western culture? Possibly. Let your whole being be filled with light, just as God has stated from the beginning, “Let there be light!” All creation depends upon it or there would not be such an emphasis upon it. We need both light and darkness for a healthy sleep cycle.
If you find you are having trouble sleeping you can supplement melatonin. These supplements can be found in most drug stores. OR, you can eat melatonin stimulating foods. Christ light is holy light. Spiritually, the light of the world is within you and when you are aware of this, the benefit will be wisdom, power, and good health. Don’t forget, your body, mind, emotions, and spirit are all connected and one does not operate without the other.

Loving you from here,

Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

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