If You Could Do One Thing That Would Change Your Life….?

At the end of 2014, I made a radical and unexpected move that changed my whole life. I left the state I lived my whole life in to move to Texas. It was radical. It was a raw moment. It was very unexpected, and it was completely the right move. Had I stayed where IContinue reading “If You Could Do One Thing That Would Change Your Life….?”

Are You Experiencing Awakening and Shifting in Life?

Are you going through some life shifts or spiritual shifts in understanding? Remember this is a part of your evolution and there is NO reason to go through it alone! Loving you from here, Dr. Rev. Jenine Marie Howry JenineMarie.com

Working Together on Projects that Change the World!

One of the greatest gifts we have in this life is our creativity. We all have special gifts and talents to contribute to our world. When we collaborate blending our talents and innovation we join forces to create excellence! Enjoy your creativity today and literally send out your gifted energy to attract those who willContinue reading “Working Together on Projects that Change the World!”

The BEST Love Attractor! Glorious Dawn: The Opening Lotus of Love Morning Meditation Video!

Well Hello! It just so happens as I went through some boxes containing treasures from the past, I came across my production of a morning meditation called “Glorious Dawn: The Opening Lotus of Love Morning Meditation”! I am so pleased to present the morning meditation to you on my YouTube channel along with a fewContinue reading “The BEST Love Attractor! Glorious Dawn: The Opening Lotus of Love Morning Meditation Video!”

Guidance Message: Unexpected Changes

Unpredictable life changes can come for all of us. This can feel like a crashing wave against a rocky shoreline or the gentle movement of a butterfly, signifying change. The key to unpredictable changes in life is to embrace it all with grace and dignity. This means keeping a neutral balance, not labeling events goodContinue reading “Guidance Message: Unexpected Changes”

The Closet Cleanout and the Energy Shift!

Repeat after me: It’s never a bad time to clean out the closet! Although, I usually like to shift things when the weather shifts. I have been noticing lately that my closet has been in deep need of sorting and clearing. There is a slight amount of dread that goes with this awareness and aContinue reading “The Closet Cleanout and the Energy Shift!”

The Pure Magic of Thoughts

If you have read my blog for any length of time you would have come across my ideas about how thoughts create our reality. These things are in my blog because its very true! Thoughts do create what is inside and outside of us! The amazing part is we all have control over what thoughtsContinue reading “The Pure Magic of Thoughts”

Law of Attraction: How to Improve Your Life by Attracting Differently!

Have you ever wondered why you attract the same types of people that are hard to be around? Or maybe there are wounds inside of you that you just can’t seem to get over. Sometimes we just want life to be better but don’t know how that works or what to do. Does the LawContinue reading “Law of Attraction: How to Improve Your Life by Attracting Differently!”